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MineZ, based off of the popular Arma II zombie survival mod "DayZ", uses mobs to emulate the zombie apocalypse theme of DayZ, such as Zombies and Zombie Pigmen. However, in order to further simulate the abilities of the zombies in DayZ and change the difficulty and theme of survival, they are given unique abilities using server plugins to make the game more challenging.

This page contains all the current known mobs of MineZ, each with a small summary on their behavior, drops and how to fight them.



Zombies are fast and dangerous brutes - modified by the developers to be clever, relentless and deadly.

They often travel in packs, and run almost as fast as you can while sprinting, swim faster in water and they can also 'dive' to get to the player. They have poor vision, but can hear well enough to detect you, especially if you're sprinting and/or jumping. If you shoot a zombie with an arrow, all other zombies in the nearby vicinity will be alerted by the impact and engage you. The use of grenades may also attract zombies, whereas the use of a snowball will confuse all zombies and prevent them from attacking you for a short period of time. Use this to your advantage. A good way to avoid them is by sneaking. Sneaking reduces your Visibility, which makes the zombies less likely to spot you and eat your precious brains.

Unlike vanilla zombies, they do not burn in sunlight, take fall or fire damage (when ignited they have a chance of setting a player on fire). Zombies are capable of running at a player at sprinting speed, and can deal much more damage than vanilla zombies. They will also deal more damage the further North you go.

When a player is killed, they will leave a zombie called a Player Zombie. This zombie will have the original player's armor and sword equipped and show the player's head, as well as having the player's nameplate above it. Player zombies are capable of dealing more damage and can have more protection, based on the sword and armor they are wielding. When killed, they will drop everything that player was carrying in their inventory. When a determined period time passed from the player's zombie spawn, it may not drop the loot the dead player had.

Zombies have around a 5% chance to give you Infection.


Zombies have 3 kind of variants: Baby Zombie, Villager Zombie and Baby Villager Zombie.

Baby Zombie

Baby zombie.png

Baby Zombies spawn anywhere a zombie can, but are much rarer. They run slightly faster than zombies, deal the same damage but have half the health of a regular zombie. Due to this, they can be killed with iron swords Smite II or Smite III in a single hit.

Villager Zombie

This type of zombie only spawns in towns or locations in general, and spawn very frequently. When compared to regular zombies they run much slower but they can detect a sneaking player at a much further distance, meaning it is better to just either run from them or face them, as they're not much of threat but can take a player by surprise inside towns.

Baby Villager Zombie

Spawns in towns, but uncommon. It is the slowest zombie variant and has as much health as a baby zombie. One of the weakest hostile mobs in the game.


  • 25% chance to drop rotten flesh. File:rotten_flesh.png
  • Zombies from trapped chests can sometimes drop the contents of that chest when killed. They can also wear and wield the contents of the chests (i.e. military loot chests).
  • After killing 5 thousand zombies in a single life you used to be rewarded with a permanent speed potion File:speed_potion.gif in your spawn kit. As of the removal of Achievements this is no longer a live feature.

Zombie Pigmen

Zombie pigman.png

Zombie Pigmen were added to the game on November 30, 2012 by MrSnare and Lazertester. Zombie Pigmen are much more dangerous than Zombies so watch out! When encountering hostiles like these, use ranged weapons like bows or grenades if possible. If you have no ranged weapons, try your best to stay away from them.
Unlike Zombies, Zombie Pigmen take fall damage and they run as fast as in Vanilla Minecraft. They also do not wield any sort of weaponry.

Zombie Pigmen only have a half a heart of health. When killed, a zombie pigman will explode and spawn 4 baby zombies, and north of Z -2000, they have a small chance of spawning another zombie pigman in it's place. Their attacks can deal 6 and half hearts of damage on an unarmored player. The explosion itself can deal up to 4 hearts of damage on an unarmored player.

Note: When digging graves farther up North or using a Zombie Bow, there is a chance a Zombie Pigman might spawn! Either baby or adult.

Baby Zombie Pigman

Baby Zombie Pigman.png

Baby Zombie Pigmen were added to the game to spawn from a Zombie Pigman, but were later altered to just be a rare spawn up North. They're similar to adult Zombie Pigmen; they have low health, do large amounts of damage and explode when slain, causing a knockback effect with large magnitude and damage. The knockback effect from the explosion can knock a player into the air up to 20 blocks, so it is advised to dispose of them at a safe distance with ranged weapons.

Unlike Zombie Pigmen, they run and swim just as fast as a regular Zombie. Due to this, they can very easily overwhelm a player, killing them quicker if they're not careful.



Minez giant.png

The Giant (or Giant Zombie) is a boss mob located in the northern canyons of MineZ and inside certain dungeons. They are known to drop 'end-game' loot such as diamond swords, infinity bows, golden carrots and zombie heads. It is one of the most iconic symbols of MineZ. Giants are not affected by bows, grenades or splash potions. The Smite enchantment also does not deal additional damage to Giants, although hitting the giant while in the air (crits) do deal additional damage. Also bear in mind that Giants are immune to fall damage and fire, like normal zombies.

They share the same texture as zombies, but are twelve blocks tall. They are capable of dealing varying high amounts of damage.


They can use a special jump attack in which it jumps several blocks into the air, and lands, creating an explosive shockwave that knocks people back 15-30 blocks, does large amounts of damage, and inflicts a Slowness debuff. The closer you are to the giant, the higher the amount of damage it will do. If you get too close the Giant, it will kick you away. This attack deals 6 hearts of damage to an unarmored player. You can go into little corners to prevent the Giant from kicking you, but you are more vulnerable to the stomp.

When hit, it has a chance to spawn 1 zombie which will attack you. Hitting a giant multiple times in rapid succession is a surefire way to spawn many zombies at once. It's best to hit it 2 or 3 times, and then run away to deal with the zombies that spawned. To avoid taking serious damage when fighting a giant, it is best to run as far away from the giant as you can while it stomps. Following the Re-Code update, giants are now tethered to their spawn points in a 100 hundred block radius, meaning that giants who walk outside this radius will be moved back to their spawn point.


If you are fighting with other people, you may want to bring a healing kit, as you or your friends can whack the Giant and come back for a heal. You must still bring health pots just in case. If you are fighting alone, you will need about 1/3 of your inventory full of health pots, preferably splash or lingering potions of healing II.

When you're ready, run up to the Giant, and jump backwards, hitting the Giant as you land. This isn't the only method of attack, but it's a very efficient one. Note that zombies and maybe pigmen will spawn upon Giant hit, but keep hitting the Giant and when you get kicked/stomped, heal up and deal with the zombies while your friends take care of the Giant for a while (unless you are fighting solo).

When killed, they drop a large amount of rotten flesh, and 1-3 of the other items (there can be duplicates). The diamond sword is always at quarter durability when dropped.


Potential Drops
File:enchanted_bow.png (Infinity I)

  • Before the August 2015 update, Giants dropped half durability-diamond swords, and did not drop iron axes, golden carrots, or golden apples.
  • The Zombie Head Legendary Item was added to the possible drops in early 2018. This legendary was only obtainable in Devil's Respite; this makes the Zombie Head the only legendary currently found outside of a dungeon. Zombie heads have since been made exclusive to giant drops.
  • After the Re-Code Update, Giants stopped dropping iron axes and golden apples, and diamond swords started dropping with only a quarter of their full durability.

Wild Animals

Only a handful of animals can be found in the world of MineZ. Two of which are hostile and a single, passive one that only appears in one location.



Wolves are pack-based, hostile mobs. They attack anything they can hear or see, like the player and even Zombies and Zombie Pigmen. They can only be found in the Snow Biome, Cave System included.

They have increased speed, similar to that of a Zombie, and spawn in relatively large packs. They can often be seen fighting other mobs that spawn near them. Zombies will not attack them by default, however. Due to this hostile behavior, explosions can be heard often in the middle of the Snow Biome, possibly caused by a wolf killing a zombie pigman.

They can pose a big threat with their big numbers combined with their speed and size to unprepared players. It is advised to either throw snowballs at a wolf to distract it or lead it into a zombie. Then, finish off whichever mob survives the encounter. Alternatively, it is best to run away and bow down any wolves that may be chasing you. You can also get into a corner and start spam clicking the wolves, but this could be deadly as wolves have lots of health and take many hits to kill, even with an iron or diamond sword. It is best to avoid wolf packs as much as you can.

Wolves may drop rotten flesh upon death.



Although extremely rare, Ocelots can be found in the jungle biome, the biome where Agni Ignis is located at.

Hostile towards all mobs, similar to wolves, and a slight increase in speed. Ocelots do not pose much of a threat to the player, more often than not they'll be trying to kill zombies or getting killed by them.

Byesford Squid


A single, solitary squid, found in the depths of Byesford Labs, inside a glass container in Sector D-8. Also known as Subject 617, is the only living squid in the entirety of MineZ. Much like their counterparts in Vanilla Minecraft, it will slowly suffocate in its glass compartment due to faulty programming.

Dungeon-Only Hostile Mobs

During and after the Pre-Origins Update, more mobs were added into dungeons. Most of them modified with commands and others just simply taken out of Vanilla Minecraft.

Name Image Dungeon Drops Damage Health Notes
Departed Shadow File:departed_shadow.png Shrine of the Dusk
Asindia Ruins
- File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png
(to full iron)
??? Departed Shadows are a cloud of smoke that move really quickly to the player. They deal 4 hearts per hit to a full iron player and when they get close, will give Blindness and Poison. They're actually invisible endermites, meaning their hitbox is really small and you have to shoot or hit at the center of the smoke cloud to deal damage.
Guardian File:guardian_nospikes.png Paluster Shrine File:raw_fish.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png
File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:half_heart.png Found in Paluster Shrine's boss room. They act just as regular Guardians do in vanilla Minecraft.
Elder Guardian File:elder_guardian_nospikes.png Paluster Shrine File:raw_fish.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png
File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Found in Paluster Shrine's boss room. They act just as they do in vanilla Minecraft.
Broken Legs File:wooden_sword_skeleton.png Aeternalis Crypt File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Broken Legs are found in the Tower room of Aeternalis Crypt. They carry a wooden sword and deal ~4 hearts of damage (to be confirmed)
Captain's Hand File:captain_hand_skeleton.png Ghost Fleet File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png On the main deck of the last ship in Ghost Fleet, you encounter two Captain's Hands. These monsters are in full chain and have enchanted iron swords. Not only do they seem to have more health, they move even faster than Zombies!
Fallen Guardian File:unarmed_skeleton.png Path of Light - - - In Path of Light there are four Fallen Guardians which sit behind cages in the wave room. These skeletons are purely aesthetic as they never leave their cages.
Fallen Hero File:unarmed_skeleton.png Aeternalis Crypt File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Yet another skeleton found in Aeternalis Crypt, a Fallen Hero spawns when you shoot the wooden button near the small pool of water in the 'Slow Door Escape' room. Like the Living Bones, they carry nothing.
Living Bones File:unarmed_skeleton.png Aeternalis Crypt File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Living Bones are found throughout the dungeon wherever there is a button near a grave or on a wall that doesn't need to be pushed. They carry nothing and are used as a small trap.
Lost Knight File:lost_knight_skeleton.png Aeternalis Crypt File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png The Lost Knight is found inside Aeternalis Crypt after the arrow shooting room where you press a button. This mob has normal speed and AI but wears chainmail and holds an iron sword.
Lost Soul File:lost_soul_skeleton.png Ghost Fleet File:Rotten_flesh.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Lost Souls are invisible skeletons found in the wave room of Ghost Fleet. They wear a purple enchanted chest plate and carry stone axes with a Sharpness enchantment. In the wave room they spawn in groups of 6 three times.
Lost Soul (Wither Skeleton) File:lost_soul_wither.png Ghost Fleet File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Ghost Fleet is the only location where Wither Skeletons currently spawn. They act as regular Wither Skeletons and do give the wither effect to anyone who gets hit by them. You'll find them near the TNT area of the main ship.
Peasant File:wooden_sword_skeleton.png Aeternalis Crypt File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png The Peasant is a weak skeleton that is found in the dungeon before the pillar parkour. When you push the button to spawn them in, 4 Peasants will spawn carrying wooden swords.
Rotten Shot File:rotten_shot_skeleton.png Ghost Fleet File:Rotten_flesh.png ??? File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Rotten Shots are found at Ghost Fleet on the masts of the main ship. They are there to try and knock you off as you climb the mast. They carry punch bows and wear chainmail armour with a leather cap.
Ruin Guardian File:ruin_guardian_skeleton.png Eclipsed Ruins File:Rotten_flesh.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png (to full iron) More than File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png In the Eclipsed Ruins you will find the Eclipse Guardian. It is a skeleton wearing full iron armour, iron sword and with an ender eye head. It is the boss of the dungeon, moves extremely slow and has a lot of health, taking up to around 1 minute to kill using iron swords.
Rusted Toe File:rusted_toe_skeleton.png Asindia Ruins File:Rotten_flesh.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Two Rusted Toes spawn in the houses inside the ruins, one in each, alongside with the Departed Shadow that spawns in the middle of the room. They are a reference to Shiny Toes, a mob which was found in MineZ 2.
Vanquished Raider File:wooden_sword_skeleton.png Aeternalis Crypt File:Rotten_flesh.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png Vanquished Raiders are the first Skeletons which you encounter in this dungeon. They carry a wooden sword and will appear when you fail the appearing parkour, walk back up the staircase and push the pressure plate to open the wooden door.


  • Wolves were planned for MineZ at some point but were completely scratched for unknown reasons. The same happened again for MineZ 2.
    • For the Re-Code Update, they were finally added to the game, alongside Ocelots and the Villager Zombies and babies.
  • Skeletons used to naturally spawn with the map every reboot on the canyons and the volcanic region. This was obviously unintentional and they were removed.
  • A distinct type of Zombie Pigmen nicknamed "Super Pigmen" by the community spawned on every server reboot east from Lazerville in a group of 4 and a single one northwest of Grayvale, near the canyons. They could be told apart from regular pigmen due to Strength potion particle effects coming off of them. They were also faster and stronger, dealing up to 4 hearts (File:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.pngFile:full_heart.png) of damage to full iron players and able to catch up to them, having a higher speed than Baby Zombies. They were removed as well.
  • Cows, Pigs and Sheep used to be anywhere but rarely on the MineZ world. The last sighting of a sheep was right next to Evergreen Manor after the rebuild was released. Cows and Pigs were removed from the game recently even thought they've been around for 5 years and were mostly accepted by the community. Their removal is mostly undetermined but it is believed they were removed to improve performance on the servers.