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Thirst and Visibility are mechanics added in to MineZ that are not found in Vanilla Minecraft. Unlike bleeding and infection, these mechanics cannot be remedied or removed, but their effect can be delayed or reduced. See the categories below for additional information about the mechanics.

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Thirst is an added mechanic similar to Hunger. It is indicated by the number of levels you have above your visibility (experience) bar, with 20 representing "full". Over time, a player's thirst will drain, taking approximately 15 minutes to fully deplete. Thirst will always deplete over time, whether you're moving or not, so it is not recommended to remain idle for long periods of time.

The only way to restore your thirst is to drink a water bottle (File:water_bottle.png). Drinking water will always bring your thirst back to 20, so it is recommended you only drink when next to a water source or while your thirst is less than 3. Always be sure to keep extra water bottles on hand as many areas do not have a source near them. The water bottle is a default item on the spawnkit for a MineZ player.

Should you reach 0 thirst, you will begin taking a heart of damage every second until you either drink some water or die of dehydration.


Visibility (represented by the experience bar) shows the range at which a mob will be able to 'hear' you or detect you. The higher the bar goes, the wider your detection range becomes. Movement will make the bar go up. Standing still while crouching will produce the least amount of sound, while sprint-jumping will produce the most sound. At night time, your visibility will decrease by a small amount. Certain items can make a lot of noise, such as Snowballs and Grenades, which are useful for either drawing attention to or away from you. Other items, such as the Zombie Head (File:zombie_head.png) can lower your visibility, or eliminate it completely. For escaping from zombies, it is recommended to throw a snowball at your feet as it will 'stun' the zombies for a brief moment, giving you enough time to get away. Shovels also work similarly. If you hit a zombie with a shovel it will stun them for 4 seconds.