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Inside the Cave System

The Cave System is a large span of caverns underneath the MineZ world, in the Snow Biome.

There are five known entrances to the cave system:

  • One is an entrance to Sirus in the ice biome south of the canyon and northwest of the Spawn Desert at X: -1185 | Z: -1510
  • One is at the bottom of the lake in the Clarce Mines, leading to Barathrum Caverns. It's designed to be an exit only - a grapple or a Phantom Blade is needed to get in.
  • Two in the Canyon in the northeastern part of the map. One near the Stairway at X: -1105 | Z: -2005
  • And another by one of the bridges at X: -445 | Z: -2535
  • The Ravine also acts as a cave system entrance, located at X: -300 | Z: -1300

Areas of Interest

There are currently seventeen notable places in the Cave System (four of which are dungeons), along with many other small structures and buildings:



Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • The caves are vast. Be sure to know where to go before venturing off into them.
  • Although the Zombie spawn rate is considerably low, it is very easy to die of starvation in the caves, so be sure to bring a decent amount of food.
  • There are small pools of water throughout the cave system that cna be used to refill water bottles, but be sure to bring more than one as in some places these pools are less common.
  • With enough food, the caves are the safest way to travel in the mid-map to northern areas.
  • When traveling through Wind Spire, be aware of several Zombie spawners in the area.
  • The caves are frequented by Shivers and Wolves. Zombie Pigman can also spawn anywhere north of Septus, from spawners at Wind Spire and Medusa Lake, and in dungeons.


  • The Ghost Ship has been seen a lot in the pools of water in the caves.
  • The empty cave near Tahosa contains a lava pool at the end. Right beneath the lava pool there's a secret water lake. Jump in to get to Cannibal Hideout.