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Grayvale, as seen from the east

Grayvale is an island city in the east ocean. The islands are connected by bridges, which sometimes require easy parkour to traverse. This place is a good source of everything, having a great quantity food, mid-tier military, and especially civilian chests.

Access to Grayvale is restricted. The easiest way to enter is to use a button on the door at the northeast docks, where the only mil_uncommon sits.

The prison of Grayvale can be accessed by flipping a lever hidden in the church, under the pillar below the iron bell. A secret passageway will open northeast that leads to the prison. To exit the prison, walk out the northernmost iron door.

General Information
Coordinates: (2450, -1850)
Location Message: The Archipelago Fortress
Number of Buildings: 9
Zombie Threat: Medium
Number of Chests: 49
Lootable Graves: None
Risk of Bandits: Low

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table

New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common Chests

Yellow dye.png Uncommon Chests 9
Antidote flask.png Rare Chests

Tool Loot
Wooden hoe.png Common Chests

Stone Button (S) JE5 BE2.png Uncommon Chests 7
Stone hoe.png Rare Chests

Food Loot
Beetroot.png Common Chests 1
Wheat.png Uncommon Chests 8
Pumpkin pie.png Rare Chests

Potion Loot
Potion Drink Health.gif Common Chests

Potion Splash Health.gif Uncommon Chests 2
Glowstone dust.png Rare Chests

Military Loot
Arrow.png Common Chests

Sugar.png Uncommon Chests 1
Ender pearl.png Rare Chests 18
Gunpowder.png Epic Chests 3
Diamond axe.png Mythic Chests

Room Loot
Gold apple.png High Chests

Cooked cod.png Low Chests

Loot Chests

  • Southern Waterfall Island
    • 1 food_common
  • Entrance Dock
    • 1 mil_uncommon
  • Entrance Tower
    • 2 mil_rare
  • Main Plaza
    • Southwest House
      • Upstairs
        • 3 civ_uncommon
      • Downstairs
        • 1 tool_uncommon
        • 3 food_uncommon
    • Southeast Barracks
      • 1 mil_rare
      • 1 civ_uncommon
      • 1 tool_uncommon
    • Hidden Room
      • 1 mil_rare
    • Northeast Forge
      • 1 tool_uncommon
    • Northwest Barracks
      • 2 civ_uncommon
      • 1 mil_rare
  • Throne Room
    • 2 food_uncommon
  • Training Grounds
    • 4 mil_rare
  • Parkour Tower
    • 2 tool_uncommon
    • 1 mil_rare
    • 1 food_uncommon
  • Shack Behind Parkour Tower
    • 1 civ_uncommon
  • Oasis Stands
    • 2 food_uncommon
    • 2 civ_uncommon
  • Church
    • Transepts
      • 2 pot_uncommon
      • 2 tool_uncommon
    • Towers
      • 4 mil_rare
    • Prison Cells
      • 4 mil_rare
      • 3 mil_epic

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • While entering, watch for other players already in the city. They can shoot with bows at players in the water or ambush from the corners of the entry tower.
  • A button is not required to enter Grayvale. Following is a list of ways to get in without such.
    • Most easily, a Weak Grapple can be used to reach the city from several points.
      • One way is by the same spot where the button is used. Either grapple to the grass, then to the bridge, or grapple all the way up the tower in one risky maneuver.
      • Grapple from the waterfall island to the training grounds. It may be difficult to latch the grapple.
      • Grapple up any of the steep slopes near the oasis island. The safest of these is the one with the single tree on top.
  • There's an escape hatch in the southwesternmost room of the prison in case of an emergency.
  • Parkour is required to get to some places in the city.
  • Falling from the bridges usually is not fatal; However, this forces the use of a button or grapple again.
  • The brewing stand is located in the main plaza, in the basement of the southwestern house.
  • With a large enough group (6-12 people) one can easily camp chests, defend the city, and stock up on supplies all at the same time.
  • The potion chests here are decent and great for looting drink 2s.
  • Desert Canyon Sanctuary is only ~800 blocks away. This is a great place to get everything needed for this dungeon.


  • There used to be a Void Echo here.
  • East of the church, there's a grave on an island with a sign reading: "Here lies the hopes and dreams of the Casual Chat TS."
  • Below the church itself, there used to be a sign that read: "Note to self. Sky cells." It could only be reached via grapple.
  • The original build was submitted to Shotbow by IamMclovin.
  • This location was rebuilt for the Origins Update in 2020.
  • Grayvale was rebuilt for Halloween 2021, dubbed Gravevale.