Bleeding & Infection

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Bleeding and Infection are debuffs that can afflict any player during their time in the MineZ world. While the chances of bleeding and infection are low, these debuffs are deadly and one should always be prepared to handle them accordingly. Be warned that bleeding and infection can occur simultaneously and consecutively. It can happen at any moment!



Bleeding can occur when taking damage from players or zombies. Upon receiving a hit that causes the player to bleed, they will be informed through a status message in the chat. Further messages are displayed in the bleeding player's chat whenever they take damage from bleeding.

While bleeding, one heart (Full heart.png) of true damage is taken and Slowness II for 3 seconds is applied every 30-40 seconds, and redstone particles resembling blood will fall from the bleeding player until the debuff is removed. This effect can also be seen by other players. The player can't die from bleeding, although it will bring the player to half a heart (Half heart.png). Even at half a heart, the Slowness effect from bleeding is still applied.

There are two methods of removing bleeding from a player. Once a player has been cured of the debuff, a message in chat will confirm that the bleeding has stopped.

The first method of removing the effect is by right clicking with a bandage. Normally a bandage will restore one heart (Full heart.png), however while bleeding a bandage will restore half a heart (Half heart.png) and cure the bleeding debuff. The second method is to be healed by another player using a bandage (Paper.png) and a healing ointment (Red dye.png) in a heal kit (Shears.png).

It is recommended to have two or more bandages at all times to avoid wasting other healing supplies.



Upon hit from a Zombie, Zombie Pigman or another player with the Infection debuff, the player has a 2.5% chance of contracting the Infection. The player also has a 5% chance of becoming infected upon consuming rotten flesh. Similarly to bleeding, a message will be displayed in the infected player's chat informing them of when they become infected or take damage from infection.

Infection causes half a heart (Half heart.png) of true damage every 10-20 seconds and causes Nausea III for five seconds each time until the debuff is cured. Infected players also emit transparent potion effect particles that are visible to all players. Once the infected player is reduced to half a heart (Half heart.png), they will no longer take damage from infection but will still receive the Nausea effect every 10-20 seconds. If an infected player disconnects from the server, they will find themself dead upon reconnecting to MineZ.

Infection can be cured in two different ways. A message will appear in the player's chat when they are cured of the infection debuff.

The first way to cure infection is by drinking an antidote (Milk.png), which can be found in loot chests around the world. The second is by being healed by another player using a bandage (Paper.png) and antibiotics (Lime dye.png) in a heal kit (Shears.png).