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Text walkthrough for main dungeon area
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The Alchemical Lab

The Alchemical Lab is a short, peaceful, yet complex mini-dungeon located at the back of the slums in Sirus. One can find the entrance by following the water stream in the slums all the way to its source. The dungeon revolves entirely around a unique puzzle mechanic in which the player runs between various crafting stations, trying to make ingredients for a potion. This potion is the Acid Vial legendary, which is both a useful tool in its own right and a prerequesite to acquire the Sirus Emerald Shard for the Emerald Quest. The Acid Vial is the only obtainable item here - there are no chests. If you do not need one, coming here is a wasted trip.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (1055, -1423)
Difficulty: 7.0/10
Number of Chests: None
Dungeon Type: Underground Laboratory
Zombie Content: None
Parkour Content: None
Puzzle/Trap Content: High
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: None

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Acid Vial Potion Lingering Poison.gif Right click to throw the potion and cover the ground in acid. When inside the acid, armor and weapons take heavy durability damage. Zombies take heavy damage and are permanently slowed.

Video Walkthrough

A rough, but in-depth tutorial with live commentary in english.

Text Walkthrough

Introduction (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • This first room is designed to show the player how the mechanics that form the backbone of the puzzle work.
  • At the piles of items to your right, punch the slime and coal head-blocks to pick up one sludge item and one coal item.
  • Throw the sludge onto the oak log at "Slime Processing" and punch it repeatedly to obtain a slime ball.
    • Some players have broken this mechanic by clicking too quickly, making the dungeon unbeatable. Playing in versions where CPS is capped at 10 (1.13+) should prevent this.
  • Throw the coal into the forge on the opposite side of the room.
  • Throw the slime ball onto the oak log at "Pressure Boiler" to obtain a gut sack after some time.
  • Throw the gut sack onto the oak log at "Gut Sack Processing" to obtain Caustic Bile.
  • Throw the bile at the granite rocks to destroy them and advance to the real challenge.


Lore Books

  • The following lore book is found on the shelves in the center of the main dungeon (located past the tutorial area) at (32, 86, 30) :

Research Notes - Hemlock


Research Log
My latest search for components and specimens has been...fruitful.
In my travels to Medusa Lake, I found a small hold sprouting different mosses and slimes,

but found something more curious.
I found a man who was in the process of turning to stone, he begged for me to help him somehow. I brought him back to my laboratory to see what I could do.

He says he traveled there in search of an artifact of some kind, and brought an emerald charm as an offering.
I've given him any concoctions I could quickly brew to slow down this ailment, but have begun work on something stronger.

  • The following lore book is also found on the shelves in the center of the main dungeon, though instead at (33, 84, 39) :

Travelers - Hemlock

A woman passed through in the last few days, asking for information on travelers passing through. I've brought her in and and talked with her.

She described two people she's searching for, and any information on them.

One turns out to be the man I've been refuging, named August. Turns out he stole something valuable from this woman. I've nearly slipped that he's hiding here, but have chosen to take this item for myself as soon as I can safely remove it from what remains of him.

Another is a young lady named Perci, who's gone in search for August. She's about to hit a dead end.
It's almost sad, I've agreed to help this woman by letting her use my equipment and alchemical supplies. A feigned remorse of sorts.