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How big is the MineZ Map?

Looking at a birds-eye view of the map, the coordinates of the corners of the map are:

Name X Z
North East -3200 -3973
North West 3946 -3973
South East -3200 618
South West 3946 618

And that means that the area of the map is 32,807,286 blocks (7146 x 4591).

Fun Facts

Minecraft is based off of the metric system. Therefore, 1 block = 1 cubic meter. 1,600 meters = 1 mile, so, 1,600 blocks = 1 mile. Looking at the MineZ map, walking from the farthest point West to the farthest point East would be 4.47 miles. Walking from the farthest point South to the farthest point North would be 2.87 miles. To put this in perspective, a straight shot from Grimdale to Portsmouth would equal out to about 1 mile of walking.

MineZ is set around 1000 years after the events of MineZ 2 (a garaged gamemode). The ruins of old MineZ 2 locations are hidden on the map, such as Asindia under Archaeological Dig Site, Helia under Shrine of the Dusk.

After the Origins update, the map changed drastically. With new builds, rebuilt locations and regions, it changed a lot. For those curious, a pre-Origins view of the map can be seen here.


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