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The Lore of MineZ is currently in the process of being rewritten. A large amount of the information on this page may no longer be canon in future.

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Byesford Labs Lore Books
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"In the beginning there was one, and his name was Hestril. His brilliance shining forward out into the empty void. Light rushed forward pockmarking the black nothingness, and at last the universe and its host of stars came to be. Yet this creation was empty - merely a blank slate with no authors. From himself he gave life to four others - gods of all elementsː Agni - god and goddess of the flames of life, Simoon - god of the wind, Therum - goddess of earth, and Pluvia - god of water. Together they created the earth and all of its wonders. However this creation weakened Hestril who had lost a portion of his brilliance. Yet the new earth beckoned, cooling from its recent creation."

The Lore is the story-line behind MineZ. It is not officially told yet, however the Lore can be hinted at and found in various locations of the map. Some of the evidence comes together, and some still needs to be solved. The main source of Lore in MineZ are the messages and books that can be found inside certain Lore Blocks. These are accounts by people in the MineZ world. The Lore is also explained in other forms of media, such as on the Shotbow YouTube channel.


Lore Blocks

Agni Ignis

Agni Ignis was the last stronghold of the mages, fleeing there when the plague first started, using the last of their magic to seal the city.

It was originally a city created for worship of the 4 elements. With so many refugees entering the city they could not ensure that the worshipers of Dentril would not infiltrate the city.

This led to the wall becoming breached and the plague overrunning the city.

Anemos Sanctum

Before you lies the ancient temple of the god Simoon.

Now it is but rubble.

In times of old, this place would have been filled with magic and tools of times long gone.

Axis Mundi

Before you lies the great library of Axis Mundi.

Before the Sealing of Hestril and The Great Banishment, this library was part of a great city. The city of Axis Mundi was the focal point of the world. Magic flowed through the entire city of Axis Mundi like water. It became the meeting point of humans and gods. Without the gods influence on the city, these mega-structures fell apart.

As the world grew more chaotic, these ruins, containing traces of magic, were spared.

The Before Times Volume 1:

Without the stability Hestril provided, the four god became corrupted as well. Tyranny was introduced to the land.

The four believing they should have absolute domain.

The Before Times Volume 2:

The gods became ruthless, laying waste to full towns of the world.

From the ashes, humans rose up.

The Before Times Volume 3:

The humans revolted, beginning a war with the divine.

At Grimdale, the capital of human settlements, they met.

The Before Times Volume 4:

From all corners, the humans surged to this bastion.

In this moment, the race of men were able to unite.

The Before Times Volume 5:

Mages of all beliefs worked tirelessly crafting each spire as one would simply not be enough to contain the powerful gods.

In a final act of defiance towards the humans, the gods released a plague upon the world, to serve as revenge for this horrible betrayal.

The Before Times Volume 6:

Without the influence of the gods, magic drained from the world.

Magic, which was deeply rooted into this world, which held it together, weakened.

The Before Times Volume 7:

As the plague advanced, and the magic waned, the world began ripping apart. Great ravines began forming across the world, as it was torn.

Eventually the seal will weaken, and all will be destroyed, only to be remade again.

These are odd skeletons like you've never seen before. They look really old.

These books all seem to be boring... Get to the action novels!

Have you ever looked at something for so long that you forgot about it?

That's what we're doing right now.

Some of these books don't even make sense.

How to tie your shoes

You wanna learn how to tie your shoes? It's a very easy thing to do. Just sit down and I'll give you the scoop... What's that, you think to yourself? It's called the loop-de-loop. You put a lace in each hand.

You go over and under again, take your loop-de-loop and pull and your shoes are looking cool!

The Art of Banditing Step 1: Don't speak of Banditing.

In the waning days of the great schism between Dentril and Hestril, the followers of Dentril launched an assault on the people of the world. In an effort to buy time for the civilians of the world, the Archmage of Agni Ignis, Nikoali, sacrificed herself to put up a barrier and offset the vile magic of Dentril. Her sacrifice was not in vain and allowed the four gods to seal the two away.

The Giants came from lands far away, wanting the lush grassy plains to be their home... They soon came to outlive the lands they desired.

Byesford Castle

After Hestril's Torment was transferred to the land, mortality was stricken from people.

It was here at Byesford Castle where the races worked advancing science in an attempt to cure the undead.

With magic no longer available, it was a lost cause and the laboratory below was eventually overrun.

Byesford Labs

Subject Z-87 was captured and contained by Byesford scientists.

This creature devours anything in its path, from zombies to animals and even people. They attempted to tame this creature so it could be used as a guardian for Byesford.

They were unsuccessful.

It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who go into battle.

Desert Canyon Sanctuary

Before you lies the sacred sanctuary of Therum.

This place serves as a reminder of the slow, yet powerful rage of Therum.

Any who enter this sacred place directly defile the name of this goddess.

Fire Spire

The Spire of Agni is one of the sealing stones of the God/Goddess of Fire, Agni.

After the gods were sealed the spires served as seals forever trapping the gods in a different dimension. Mages of all beliefs worked tirelessly crafting each spire as one would simply not be enough to contain the powerful gods. They stand as grim reminders of the danger lurking from the past. Unfortunately after the gods were sealed magic dissipated from this dimension.

These magical structures cannot be repaired without the tools that created them and are all that holds the gods from returning to this land.

Floating Islands

The Spire of Therum is a sealing stone of the Goddess of Earth, Therum.

This spire has experienced significant damage on the protective later weakening the hold on the gods.

This spire is rather fitting to represent Therum, a slow moving but extremely deadly hunk of earth wavering through the Floating Islands.

Fort McHarlington

When the plague began spreading, an old military order was issued to seek refuge inside the fort.

Despite the harsh discipline and the preaching of the lord commander, soldiers defected one after another, either because of fear or hunger. The lack of men defending the gates soon caused the fort to fall apart.

It is said that the lord still roams inside the fort, to command his army of now dead soldiers.

Frostbain Catacombs

Once part of the warm and lovely town of Frostbain, this sanctuary of Agni has corrupted and crumbled without the presence of magic. Frozen over, these tainted halls now serve as a stark reminder of the fiery rage of Agni.

Ghost Fleet

Arrrr, Welcome to Davey Jones' Locker!

Have faith in your footing! But make haste, as your footing won't have faith in you!

Arrr, Welcome to Davey Jones' Oasis!


The once former capital of the human race served as the main resistance against the gods.

Humans tired with being used as pawns in the war of god against god they rallied together here. With iron and steel the humans forged weaponry to defend themselves with.

After the plague spread across the land The Thieves Guild fled from their home in Lost Castle to resume business below the now busy streets of Grimdale.

Necromancer Tower

Before you is the haven of the dark arts.

Secluded in the north, this tower once hold warlocks immersed in the darkest of magic. During the Great Banishment these dark forces banded with the human forces, to rid the world of the tyranny of the gods. Ironically, it is this very thing that became the necromancers' undoing.

Without any magic their arts no longer were effective and their tower crumbled.


This strange tree stands tall even in these cold times.

In the past, Paluster's frozen ice plains were calm, warm waters. The tree is a great representation of Pluvia. Able to spread it's roots far and wide, it gathers all it can.

But, if allowed to continue, it will spread chaotically and drown itself.

Path of Light

Welcome to the hall of light.

This place was the mage's most well kept secret. Before you is the physical representation of Hestril. Hestril and Dentril were sealed apart from each other to avoid a possible resurgence. Hestril's actual place of sealing has been forgotten. When the forces of Dentril stormed this city, the mages knew they would scour and defile it. In a final act of defiance, the mages sealed this place, and erased any memories of here.

Ironically, the key to access this sacred place was thrown into the Shrine of the Dusk.


Romero was the largest coastal town.

It's large stone walls made it a superb haven for refugees during the original outbreak. As more people flooded the city, the possibility of infection grew. Isolated cases arose, but were swiftly dealt with.

Unfortunately the bodies were stored underground, and the virus spread to the water system.

Shrine of the Dusk

This mysterious cathedral has been here for a long as anyone can remember...

The cathedral's symbol of the moon means represents the God Hestril, and his split personality.

Beyond that, much has been lost. Only Legend remains.

Miner's Log: During the Construction of this church, we found...something. The Rock here, it's not...it's different. We will go deeper.

Miner's Log: We've ventured deeper into this cave. It's becoming harder to continue We've had disappearances as well.

One of the miner's is becoming obsessed.... with something.

He mutters endlessly... "The hands of him, they draw me closer, pull me towards him."

He's decided to sleep in the dark....

That miner, he went crazy saying we should never have entered this cave.

He tried to kill us, before taking his own life...

On a side note, the air. It's different here.

The other miner went crazy. He ran into the darkness. I'm hearing whispers. They're oddly comforting.

His Hands draw me closer.

They pull me closer to him. ... He...Ordered me to do it. ...

I... Didn't want to, but he told me to.

....There....is ONLY darkness now. I go willingly into the Heart of Darkness.

It started a few days ago.

A massive eruption that ripped the continent into pieces. Then, the sky crumbled

The stars fell from the heavens to join us, and finally, the earth swallowed us whole.

Some of the refugees have fled to the cathedral, hoping it would give them solace. We are all doomed.

As the sky crumbles, I can only hope some of us will make it.

These books all seem to be written in ancient runes. Does anyone here read runes?

The History of Canada

Chapter 1

The Beaver

You can't seem to make out the text on any of these books. They seem to be very old!

These books contain a wonderful recipe for pumpkin pie. I'll save this for later.

Construction of the Shrine of the Dusk was started 15 years after the foundation of Al Hasa. Massive quantities of stone was pulled from the Al Hasa Quarry.

Documentation of similar findings were recovered from multiple mines.

Similar to rocks accumulating over time, there appears to be large scale ruins everywhere.

Some books were even recovered from these mines.

A Beginner's Guide to Necromancy.

Step 1: Acquire multiple dead bodies. Step 2: Put in the eggs. Ahhhh, you can smell it already.

You decide to put the book down...

This Book seems to be recovered from a town called Helia.

You flip the pages. The book seems to be in bad condition. Yet, you make out the name Hestril.

Look into this.

Recovery of skeletons from multiple excavation sites have yielded odd findings.

Bite marks on ancient skeletons dating thousands of years old, and....very odd skeletons as well. Nothing like we've ever seen.

For a further analysis, flip to page 44.

A Beginners guide to Goats

Goats are social animals. Goats are very intelligent and curious animals. Goats have excellent coordination.

Goats are the natural enemy of little ponies.

This book seems to be a guide to building better trees. You know they won't be good though.

Concerning Hestril

It is said, that before all else, he existed. Bound by nothing, Hestril, presided over the infinite expanse. From the darkness, he created the infinite cosmos. From himself, he created the stars. From himself, have gave life to 4 others: Gods of all elements. Agni, God and Goddess over the flames of life. Simoon, God of the wind. Therum, Goddess of earth.

Pluvia, God of water and wisdom.

Concerning Hestril - Continued

Together, they created the Earth, and all of it's wonders. However, in doing this Hestril became corrupted. By creating the 4, he himself developed a split personality. Wherever there is light, there must always be darkness. And so Dentril became the God of darkness. The two personalities became rampant and unpredictable.

Because of this, the 4 had to seal the two personalities away.

Concerning Hestril - The Conclusion

Once the two were sealed, the balance of light and darkness reached an equilibrium. The entities were sealed in separate location, The mind and body of both, split. Never to return. Should either be unsealed without the other, the fragile balance will be broken...

*Throw an item through the frame to the left*

This is the Hall of Shadows.

If you let your gaze drift upwards you will see it. The petrified Claws of Dentril, God of Darkness. You will need to find 3 sealing skulls if you are to proceed. But be warned!

By doing so, you may unleash a terrifying evil upon the land.

The four Gods sealed Hestril's alter ego, Dentril here with a four pronged seal.

If the seal is broken the balance of light and darkness will be disrupted... However, to progress, you might have to remove the seal!

To undo the seal, their the 3 remaining sealing skulls into the hopper.


Looks like each major dungeon is dedicated to a specific God.

There's a chance to get a sealing stone from each of those. Each stone must be brought, then, to the Lady.


Statue of Agni

Before you is the physical form of Agni the god/goddess of fire.

Agni switches between genders at will when communicating with the races of this land. His/her temper is unmatched and is well known for their wrath.

After being sealed Agni now remains frozen in stasis awaiting to walk the land once more.


Welcome to Tristitia, home of the "Forbidden Arts".

It is here in the deep jungle of Tristitia a new species was born. Those who witnessed it's creation only know it in the necromancer tongue as "ghost". Much like a chameleon the ghost blended with it's environment, becoming unseen to the naked eye. It quickly grew out of control scaling the trees murdering everyone involved with vicious stabs from behind and a fearsome scream that echoed through the night.

All records of its existence and the ritual used to create it were destroyed and the ghost was never seen again.

Wind Spire

The Spire of Simoon is long abandoned and forgotten much like the former great air temple Anemos Sanctum.

Earthquakes over the years has begun to rip the spire to pieces weakening the hold on the gods. This spire carries the decoration of the symbol of air representing Simoon.

The God of Wind known for being a trickster among the gods and the races of this world.

Water Spire

The Spire of Pluvia is one of the sealing stones of the God of Water.

Pluvia kept to himself deep below the ocean too involved in his own knowledge and wisdom to care about the matters of this world. Much like the prayers of the citizens of Al Hasa for water for their crops.

This spire is a monument frigid as Pluvia himself drowning in his own thoughts.

Wizard Tower

Here lies the remains of the once great tower of the wizards.

In the time before the Great Banishment this was a place of knowledge and learning. The wizards, kind and knowledgeable helped the people of the world. Their terrestrial magic was paralleled only by that of the Necromancers. During the Great Banishment the wizards formed an alliance with those of the dark arts to free all from the tyranny of the once generous gods.

Without any magic, the field surrounding the tower collapsed and caused this explosion.

Lore Books


City Log - Alexander

Day 44:
Thank goodness! The zombies seem to have left us alone after hearing a cannon to the west after we saw a passing ship. Note to self: It seems that zombies are able to walk on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Agni Ignis

Survivor Log - Rick

Day 3:
If you're reading this then it means my defenses didn't stand a chance. The Virus is spreading!

Day 10:
Agni Ignis has been overwhelmed.

Day 16:
It's quiet here. Only the moans of the dead.

Day 25:
Supplies have run out. Blood should suffice.

Day 30:
This meat is quite tasty! This meat is quite tasty! This meat is quite tasty! This mea-


Letters - Armoni

We hope your travels to the Goddess' shrine are well. It must be different to travel so far away from home, I don't know how you do it! In turn though, we miss you greatly. It's not home without you. -Blessings,

Asindia Ruins

Old Rock Report - Eclipsed

Excavation Report
We arrived at this site earlier than expected. Upon inspection of the surrounding rock layer, I believe this area to not be from our time.
This is the 2nd known area like this. What could it mean?


Ripped Paper - Joseph

Day 34:
Daisy isn't back yet!
I'm going out with the patrol to find her!
I know I should have been the one to go to look for apples this morning!
I hope that we can find her.


Aurora Hermit - Joe

Day 1:
This is the day that I have always planned for!
I knew that one day the fools above would end up messing something up.
It's a good thing that I have always worked to horde all of the materials I need down here.
Now I just have to wait.

Day 17:
I have 20 bowls of delicious mushroom stew standing by in case they are ever needed.
And if those ever run out I am working on getting an endless supply of bread.....more research is needed.

Day 28:
I've finished my work on the underwater storage facility, no one will ever find my work.
My work may get wet but it will be safe.

Day 47:
58 Golden apples and counting.
Not sure what I could use these for, however I'm sure if I wanted to run anywhere without getting hungry I would be able to do so.
I have no fear of dying of dehydration as there is fresh water all around me.

Day 123:
A man came down into the cave today to search for food.
It was a fatal error to enter my cave.
I tricked him into following me down a passage today and when he took a wrong turn...
I let him fall into lava
Oh well, more food for me.

Day 285:
I have spent the last month making spreadsheets by hand cataloging all of the materials that I have.
I am prepared for whatever comes next!

Day 464:
I'm going to stop documenting what is going on for a while, quite a bit of entertainment down here.

Day 973:
I've spent some time thinking, I think I might try going outside later, I will make a plan to do so.

Day 1462:
Sorry I haven't made a log in a while, I made some friends on the surface that I could share my stuff with.
As it turns out friends are okay.
As long as they don't take my health potions or sugar.

Day 2152:
It's time for me to leave this log behind.
To the person that finds this log, this cave provides everything that a person may need, except for other people.
Make some friends.

Byesford Labs

Note - Bavel

To anyone it may concern. The doors in the lab have malfunctioned, they've gotten loose. Anyway, you need to take it slow, or your friends may get locked on the wrong side of the door with those... Things.

Research Report - Dr.Hudson

A new vaccine is ready for testing, unfortunately, cattle numbers have become thin.
We will need to locate a new animal type for testing. Baxter has gone in search of pigs.
Testing of the new vaccine should commence in the coming weeks, if all goes as planned.

Document MI-LK13 - Dr.Hudson

Milk has been proven to cure infection when given to human who hasn't turned.
The undead have shown no signs of regaining human traits when given vaccines with milk.
Our research has failed to provide information as to exactly why it only works with living subjects.
More testing is needed.

Document Z-87-C - Dr.Preston

Subject: Z-87
Vaccine A-12 was administered to Subject Z-87 under close observation.
Subject entered an enraged state and attempted to break containment.
This continued for 3 hours before subject fell over unconscious.
Dr. Philips has forbidden any further testing with A-12.
"These vaccines are not helping with its behavior. We need to start from scratch."

Research Report - Dr.Davis

While conducting an autopsy on a recently deceased pig, I noticed something strange.
Its decaying skin began to regenerate when it came in accidental contact with Aurum.
After some further experimentation, I've discovered that Aurum will also regenerate the cells of an infected subject, although the effects are only temporary.
I will forward these results to Dr. Hudson.

Document CC-03 - Mr.Darche

Name: Containment Cannon
Version 3.1.1
Description: Defensive measures against potential containment breaches.
Rapid Fire.

Burnt Report - Dr.Kennedy

We've learnt a great deal from this mysterious new dimension accessed through this portal.
Our excavation team has brought back a considerable amount of an unknown white crystal found within the hot surfaces of the cliff sides.
Mining and extracting these new materials has been quite difficult given the unusual terrain of the dimension.
Even, there is so much we can learn from this dimension and so much we can do with these new materials.
Creating and combining...

Instruction Book - ???

There are several wooden buttons hidden around the room, shoot them.
Once all the correct buttons are pressed, the torch above this shelf will light up.
You can then proceed.

Repair Req No.67 - Management

Sector D-10 Door has broken.
You will need to:
Go to the boiler room over by Incubation and fix the fuses.
Then head over to Water Control at the Workshop and reconnect the pump line.
Then the board will need to be reconnected to the main grid at the storage area below.
This should fix the door, good luck.

Security Code - ???

Security Code: 582

P-47 Observation - Dr.Tucker

Subject: P-47
1 day after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject displays signs of of notable anxiety to its surroundings.

2 days after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject shows loss of pigment in head and lower regions.

4 days after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject shows increased hostility and has attempted to break down cell door.

5 days after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject has started to develop a snout and skin has started to gain a pinkish hue

8 days after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject has grown more violent and resists sedation.
Footnote: Door has received several dents, door will need to be replaced.

9 days after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject now looks more pig than human, a noticeable snout now covers the face, and skin is almost entirely pink, although the body still shows signs of decay.

11 days after initial vaccination of T-92:
Subject continuously rams his door.
Footnote: The new door has still not arriv-

Camp Azara

Field Report 22 - Lieutenant McDaniel

Day 17:
Food is running low, Jason isn't looking good and is becoming dangerous. We've stashed some military gear where he can no longer reach it and we may abandon this base later this week.


Sarah's Diary - Sarah

We've just gotten word that south of here there are strange reports of people dying and then coming back to life... what a silly thing to say!

Death Mansion

Scribbled Notes - Professor Markov

Sheet 1
At last, I've discovered the secrets to the cosmos! A portable hole that leads to a pocket dimension. Does Consilio even know what this could mean? Endless energy, instant travel, limitless wealth! Sure, there's a bit of interdimensional leaking (some of my walls might be turning a nasty shade of maroon), but it's a small price to pay for such power!

Sheet 2
I've actually come to like the new bricks in my abode. For awhile I thought the red would look tacky, but now the entire place is red and it befits the hue of the portal. I should start inviting more people to see the project.

Sheet 3
MuSt geT More MEat eAt More BUIld WalL NEeds MORe HEat tO STOp ATTACK

Scrawled Letter - Professor Sukesh

Professor Markov has gone completely mad. He invited me over to show off his newest discovery, but when I arrived, Markov barely looked human. I managed to knock him unconscious, but his entire genetic structure looks different, alien. I'm ordering a quarantine of his manor (or what's left of it), and transporting him to Castle Byesford. The labs over there could find a way to reverse this... transformation.

Eclipsed Ruins

Buried - Eclipsed

Just keep running.
That's all we can do now.
We thought we'd be helping, but all we did was repeat history. Now we will be buried, and forgotten.

Artifact - Main

Where darkness abides.
Sunlight Provides.
Beneath a gate of purple, marked by the sun.
Return the eye and a shard will be your guerdon...

Eclipse Watchtowers

One of Five - Eclipsed

This place...
It is different.
Hopefully our other outposts have faired better. I haven't checked the other four...

Odd Discovery - Eclipsed

Shortly after the discovery of Dentril's location, odd pillars with an almost outworldly gleam appeared.

Something seems to be keeping them here. Upon investigation of these pillars, a harmonic whisper can be heard, but it seems to be leading us to...

*The page seems to have decayed and the ink faded. You can't make anything else out.*

Odd Discovery 2 - Eclipsed

This location seems to be much older than we anticipated. We're not sure how stable this structure is.
This language seems to be something far more archaic than anything recorded in the great library.
Too many anomalies have surfaced since Dentril was uncovered. I have a hard time believing any of this happened by chance.
Based on our research, the pillars draw their power from a location called the Origin.
Throughout our testing, any item returns only a whisper.
Is this from the origin? How can we access it...
We're running out of time.


Rumors - Perch

I've done my best to unseal the caverns as quietly as possible. It's been difficult, though it should be worth it... The town has been growing more and more suspicious, with the rumor of war getting even greater...

Actions - Perch

The mages struck a great attack on my group and myself. They've tried to come to a compromise: I give over my tower and all of my research, and they will stop fighting. I lied to them, agreeing to their trade, and attacked them while their guard was down. They've since been unrelenting on my group, and don't want to stop until I've been well beyond destroyed...

Cave Travel - Perch

Under no circumstance one should venture down in the caverns below. They were sealed off for a reason... it's far too dangerous for anyone down there. Even with my group, many of us didn't make it... I've noted to bring more than two people in the future...

Final Regrets - Perch

I've made a mistake.
I should have been more open to the town with my work...
This war has ruined us all, and it's all my fault...
These caverns shouldn't have ever been touched again...

Caverns - Perch

Upon going deeper into the caverns, we discovered more about the native mushrooms that grow around here. There seems to be a lot of new species we've never seen before... Some of them have magical properties, like makng the world expand around you...

Behemoth - Perch

It arrived at the [OBFUSCATED] around mid[OBFUSCATED]. Moonlight bathed its form as it came [OBFUSCATED] through buildings, ripping people [OBFUSCATED] good, and bad... Everyone gathered away from the [OBFUSCATED] all were back together... for now...

Exolesco Tunnels

Torn Pages - Perch

The end is a "d" note... It's the [OBFUSCATED] yellow mushroom in the cluster, looking at them from the north.
I've come so far in deciphering it all... I can't stop now.

The song... I cannot seem to understand how the mushrooms can create a tune like it.. it brings forward a storm somehow.. I know for certain the first note is a "D"..or the blue mushroom.. More notes are to follow...

If I am correct each of the mushrooms connects to a musical note. The bottom yellow mushroom is an "F" note, which comes after th[OBFUSCATED]pte. See page 7 for reference...

It's a pattern... It's a pattern... Just repeat every key... A and G and [OBFUSCATED] and back, [OBFUSCATED] and [OBFUSCATED] and [OBFUSCATED] and ra[OBFUSCATED] to form...

Specimen #14 - Perch

Specimen #14
Familial Mycelium
The mushrooms connect through a localized underground root system. They respond very well to water, and share it to one another when added at the base. They also seem to take on more water even after they've fully grown, storing it at the base with a noticeable drip once it's full. However, the mushrooms stop accepting water when there is weight on top of any of them.

The Monster - F'arii

The humans managed to stop fighting long enough to banish the monster down to the tunnels. What were the mages thinking... using magic on a wart toad?! These tunnels couldn't have been unsealed at a better time!

Evergreen Manor

Over the Hill - Evergreen

I've often wondered what those mages wanted over those hills.
I used to see them so often. Always talking about an expansive labyrinth with a grand secret.
But the world is large and full of wonder...

These Walls - Evergreen

As long as these walls remain strong, no one.....
or should I say... nothing, can get in here.
I knew that this would happen, and I knew that Consilio wasn't the haven they all said it would be.
I can still hear them...begging to be let in.... until their screams turned into moans. All of them.....
Now it's just me...
[JUST ME is written onto several pages]


Mayor's Log - Mayor Limbus

It was quite an interesting day in Kaocho.
A small rowboat came from the east. The man in the boat seemed quite peculiar, raving about the longlasting benefits of mushroom farming.
He said he came from an island where fungus enveloped the entire landscape.
We'll plant a few of these mushrooms in the ground in the hopes that he'll leave us alone.....


Buried - Eclipsed

I have buried the last of our great hideouts.
Our discoveries, our secrets. No one should know what could be.
I will head for it. The only place that can help...

Lorfaul Mines

Activity Log - Miner Jim

Day 13:
Here at the bottom we've hidden from the dead that are on a rampage to destroy the world above.
We can only hope our food lasts...

Mining Town

Tattered Diary - Miner Douglas

Day 5
The overseer is certainly getting antsy. Ain't seen him this wound up since that job down in Lorfaul. Something ain't right here in this town, and I'm not excited about the next few weeks.

Day 23
The amount of diamonds in that cave is a sign. We shouldn't be anywhere close to here, especially after that lava leaking everywhere. This is Therum's domain, and she don't like outsiders.

Day 28
If we get this last vein of diamond from beyond that crevice, we get to go home. Lordram called for volunteers. Hopefully I can get out before Therum even knows I've been disturbing her.

Mining Report - Overseer Lordram

Week 1
We've been blasting for weeks, but this rock is harder than we initially expected. Our explosives are having a hard time piercing the cave walls. I'm starting to get a bit suspicious of this "motherlode". The plan must have been miscalculated, but it's not my job to deal with lost profit.

Week 3
I've never seen so much diamond before in all my days. Even with this smaller vein my men and I could live comfortably the rest of our lives. No one would be able to touch us if we ran off with these... but there's more, just beyond a small rocky crevice. More blasting supplies are needed

Week 4
It was a mistake to come here. A third of my men, trapped behind that collapsed wall, First, we'd have sprung into a lava chamber, then the rock composition, and now this? My remaining men are gathering as I write to send a tribute to Therum. May gods have mercy on those poor miners.

Mount Longton

Captain's Log - Captain Willis

Captain's Log, Day 12
Lord Longton has still not recovered from his illness, yet we've heard reports of the dead rampaging across the region. We've held so far, but I've ordered my men to set up a makeshift barricade at the gate, should we need to defend this place further. I fear we may be in for a seige...

Captain's Log, Day 18
We've lost the main gate to the fortress, alongside several guards inside the watchtowers. Their screams will haunt me 'till the end of my days. Longton has demanded we raise the drawbridge, but that would mean cutting off the rest of the garrison. Those poor men will have to survive on their own.

Captain's Log, Day 20
The mission is fruitless. Longton is dying, and my men have all but taken arms against me. I refuse to order the rest of them to die. A few of us have taken turns digging through the northern watchtower, and we're nearly to the bottom of the cliff. Before we leave, I'm going to get those men out of the garrison, if it's the last thing I do.

Longton's Diary - Lord

Day 3
I just ordered Willis to send a word for a doctor. This cough won't let up, and I'm certainly not feeling up to moving. These men seem to want to abandon this place, but that's out of question.

Day 19
Willis needs to stop questioning my judgement, now more than ever! Sure, we just lost the garrison, but they're holding their own and diverting the horde. Once the doctor gets here, he'll see the situation and call for more soldiers from Worthington. We'll be out of this mess in a few days.

Day 32
<The page is covered in incoherent rambling about mutiny, along with blood spatters>

Overgrown Tomb

Mysterious Crypt - Astrid

I seem to have stumbled upon some kind of crypt!

Zombies were everywhere so I climbed to the top of this tower.
It was very tiring, but luckily this beacon seems to be keeping the undead at bay!

I've decided to rest here then go for a little tomb raid and see if there's any loot to be found here, hopefully some fancy swords, my scimitars seen better days!

Diary - Harvey

Gah! Looks like I've gotten myself stuck in this Tomb...
Maybe my friend Tom could let me out, there seems to be somewhere to place a button just outside, although he seems to have wandered off without me...

Wait, here engraved in the skull reads "Along the dining table in the great hall of Thannus, lies a keyhole to unlock the secrets of this town..."
Maybe this could lead me to discover the cause of all the disappearances at 665,-1003...
Now I just need to get out of this Tomb.


Thoughts of Hope- Amber

Our small town has defended itself by taking advantage of the extreme cold that freezes over our lakes and fishing for what we need.
The cold seems to be our largest enemy, we will have to move past this village in order to get somewhere with a more suitable environment. If only we had an impenetrable bunker to live in.


Diary - Harvey

Hmmm, nothing interesting to do with what I'm looking for here...
Perhaps I'll grab a friend and venture up to the Overgrown Tomb. There's bound to be something interesting on one of those skeletons...
People don't just disappear without a trace, where are they vanishing to?


Diary - Mary

Day 14:
We don't have much here, but what we do have we share among us all. Jeff got sick today and is staring at me with a hunger only the living dead can have.

Day 15:
We're taking a vote later tonight to decide what should be done with the outsiders that pass through the town.

Day 16:
Our guarded community is dying and we will likely have to turn the garden into a cemetery tomorrow assuming that we can put Jeff to...

St. Roseluck Island

Notes - Lauren

Day 47:
We have endured here even though the apocalypse seems to have come. Although we are surrounded by the undead the water that separates us from the continents is keeping us safe. We have elected to keep from venturing to the mainland in order to avoid contracting the disease that afflicts all that it encounters. On a lighter note, Gary says that while on his fishing trips he has seen what look to be huge shadows on the ocean floor and I predict are large group of fish on the bottom coming close to the island everyday! We should have a fresh supply of fish soon and we can stop rationing food!

Stillwater Motte

Caretaker's Log - Griffin

Day 77:
We've kept up practice in case we need to leave the island to procure supplies for any reason. Our garden supplemented by our accommodating climate have left prosperous compared to the rest of the world. We were always ones for seclusion and thankfully that has come to help us. As long as no one can find a way in over the walls we should be fine, someone would have to climb into a window in the tower in order to gain access to the gates keys!

Snow Cabin

Supplies - Occuni

Day 386
D'naam promised us a delivery of supplies in trade for our home in Frostbain. He keeps saying, "I'll come by in the next moon cycle!", but it's been so long... We may not make it...

Sundawn Observatory

Science Log - Professor Sagittarius Alexander

Day 102:
As the only inhabitant of Sundawn Observatory I feel privileged to have a view this breathtaking as my wounds slowly turn me into a beast of nature... End of log 25

Torchbar Farm

A Bold Statement- Martil

Recently, we've been receiving more and more demand to move all harvests to Romero for refugees.
How will other towns fare, if they do not receive their shipments?
We can't turn a blind eye to the rest of the world.....

Captain Rat-rum Lore Books

Carmi - Captain's Log

Day 3:
As we have docked here in the city we have come to find it overrun with citizens who have contracted what seems to be a plague! We will ship out in the morning in order to locate a better port with more gold!

Grayvale - Captain's Log

Day 67:
We hit a northern wind and we found this glorious suspended city after spotting it from the ship! We approached the entrance and were turned around by it's inhabitance. As we see no other alternative we have decided to leave. We have no intention of leaving this city unscathed so we are firing a corpse over the walls to see how they feel about their choice as we continue north. Even though we have plenty of rations on board, I sure wish this city had some gold for us!

Ragtag's Cove - Captain's Log

Day Unknown:
We've struck land! The islands around here seem to be scattered like dots on a canvas. We are going to stay here and build a base that can get us started as we get back to full strength. There is a base north not far from here that seems to have deserting troops that we may try to coerce into joining out ranks.

North Pole Exclusive Lore Books

Artic Dock

The North is Bad - Frostbitten Fingers

Soo o ..oo C o l d
G e t
t ing h r
a d t o
w r it e.

Arctic Igloos

Expedition Diary - Frederick

Why did I ever think it was a good idea to explore this barren wasteland? The only thing we've gotten from coming here is frostbite, and that'll likely be the only thing we leave with, if we make it that far...
Supplies are low and we're too worn out to continue our journey, we'll set up a camp here and get some rest, maybe this blizzard will have calmed down by then

Research Camp

Sir Crawford - Sandstoner

I think Sir Geralds lost his mind. We can't continue researching like this.

Geralds - Sandstoner


Stranded Skiff

Survival - Michael

I'm surprised we made it on this little skiff. We got out of Grayvale just as it went down.
I've salvaged all I can from this, but I'll leave some behind for others...and there will be others.

The Christmas Town

The List and You - halowars91

You've been Naughty this year :(

The King of Red Lions

Stranded - Mysterious

You've crashed into an iceberg near the Arctic Circle.
The captain was thrown overboard and didn't make it, leaving you stranded with a frozen wasteland before you.
You'd better find a way out of here...


  • Agni is the name for the Hindu God of fire.
  • Simoon (Or Simoom) is actually the name for a strong local wind that blows in the Saharan desert.
  • Pluvia is the Latin for "Rain".
  • Anemos Sanctum means Sanctuary of Wind. Anemos is Greek for "Wind" and Sanctum is Latin for "Sanctuary".
  • The Ghost metioned in Tristitia's Lore block is the Ghost from Ghostcraft, a gamemode made by Shotbow Network.
  • Tristitia is Latin for "Sadness". It is also related to describe any kind of negative feeling, which perfectly depicts this location. It is involved with dark arts and haunted places have an aura of negativity surrounding them due to the horrible events that took place in them.
  • The lore block from Ghost Fleet references to a legendary pirate from sailor stories. Davy Jones' Locker is the "nickname" to the death in the sea.
  • The impenetrable bunker mentioned in the Paluster Lore Book is a reference to the Admin Bunker nearby.
  • The Lady mentioned in Sirus's Lore Block refers to Cave of the Dead Lady.
  • Most of the terminologies and events mentioned in Aurora's lore book reference the playstyle, common occurrences and game mechanics of the MineZ world from a player's perspective.
  • There's a skeleton skull sitting in the forest northwest from Aspermont, exact location being -2991, 70, -2290. This is a reference to the lore book found there.
  • The King of Red Lions is a reference to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • The professor mentioned in the Death Mansion lore book, Professor Markov, is Andrey Markov, a Russian mathematician who researched in probability theories, known mostly for his stochastic process theory. However the Death Mansion lore has been stated by the Build Team to be no longer canon.