Lost Thieves Guild

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A picture taken in the dungeon

Lost Thieves Guild is a complex dungeon hidden under The Lost Castle. There are 12 dungeon chests at the end, and a legendary weapon. The dungeon is mainly puzzle based, with some parkour and zombie fighting. It's considered difficult because the puzzles are complex, and the dungeon is timed.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (-1865, -570)
Difficulty: 5.4/10
Number of Chests: 18
Dungeon Type: Tier 3
Zombie Content: Very High - Zombie and Zombie Pigmen Spawners
Parkour Content: Medium
Puzzle/Trap Content: Unbelievably High
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: Bow and Arrows

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table

New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Wooden chest.png Dungeon Chests 18
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 2
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Dungeon Chest Loot

Name Image Spawn Rate
Pristine Chain Helmet Enchanted Chain Helmet HD.gif 6.0%
Pristine Chain Chestplate Enchanted Chain Chestplate HD.gif 6.0%
Pristine Chain Leggings Enchanted Chain Leggings HD.gif 6.0%
Pristine Chain Boots Enchanted Chain Boots HD.gif 6.0%
Iron Helmet Iron helmet.png 4.0%
Iron Chestplate Iron chestplate.png 4.0%
Iron Leggings Iron leggings.png 4.0%
Iron Boots Iron boots.png 4.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 5.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite I, Knockback I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 5.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite II)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 3.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite II, Knockback I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 3.0%
Grenade Ender pearl.png 2.0%
(Power I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 6.0%
(Power I, Punch I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 5.0%
7 Arrows Arrow7.png 7.0%
Potion of Healing II Potion Drink Health.gif 5.0%
Splash Potion of Healing I Potion Splash Health.gif 5.0%
Sugar Sugar.png 12.0%

Loot Chests

  • Alcove after piston room
    • 1 dungeon_tier_2
  • Trial room alcove
    • 1 dungeon_tier_2
  • Alcove before meeting room (Longest trial)
    • 1 dungeon_tier_2
  • Alcove after parkour room
    • 1 dungeon_tier_2
  • Button Room
    • 1 dungeon_tier_2
  • Barracks
    • 1 dungeon_tier_2
  • Loot Room
    • 12 dungeon_tier_3

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Robber's Blade Wooden sword.png Deals no damage, but when the user hits a player, the sword is replaced by an item randomly removed from the target's inventory. If there are no items in the player hit's inventory, the message "You failed to steal from (player hit)" will be displayed to the user. Breaks after use, does not steal Soulbound items or equipped armor and does not work on PvE.
Ninja Sandals Enchanted Chain Boots HD.gif Gives the wearer Speed II for 5 seconds when hit.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Part One

Note: There are multiple zombie pigman spawners throughout this dungeon. Most of them are inside dirt holes on the walls with a skeleton skull and redstone coming out of them. Try to stay at a considerate distance of this to avoid spawning zombie pigmen.

Overgrown Caverns (Difficulty: 2/10):

  • In the main courtyard of The Lost Castle, there is a 1x1 hole with a ladder and a cave below it. Descend into the cave and fill up on water, if necessary.
  • Go straight and parkour on top of the leaves that are layed out staircase-like.
  • Go to the top western corner of the cave and press the button on the wall surrounded by stone bricks. This will temporarily activate a waterfall near the start of the parkour, north of the cave.
  • Swim up the waterfall and go to the small cavern dense with vines.

Sewer System (Difficulty: 4/10):

  • Descend into the sewer system and head to the right. There are several zombie spawners in the ceiling, so be quick.
  • Fight off incoming zombies and stick to the right all the way to the end of the sewer.
  • Press the button on the mossy stone brick and head back to the pit with two paths on the sides.

Piston Room (Difficulty: 5/10):

  • To get across, traverse on either side of the exit, littered with dispenser blocks and disappearing walls. Avoid stepping on the dispensers and time the jumps correctly.
  • One can either jump across the path or jump diagonally and alternate between the two. Be mindful of the zombie spawners in the previous section, as they will be making this part a lot harder by attacking and pushing the player off.
  • Stepping on the dispensers will teleport the player to the center of the room, falling to the water below with zombie spawners. To get out, go back to the start and press a button on the wall that will shoot the player back up.

Pillar Room (Difficulty: 5/10):

  • Upon exiting the Piston Room, you will enter another part of the sewer system with two exits. Go to the left and you will enter a large room with four big pillars. There's a pigman spawner to the right.
  • Start by walking straight across to the other side of the the path and you will enter a small section with a fifth pillar that requires parkour to complete. Be quick, as there is a zombie pigman spawner here. Parkour up the pillar/leaves to the top, then head through the door.
  • Parkour across the four big pillars to the other side of the room. Try not to fall, because the path is quite far down, and you'll take a lot of fall damage if you land on it. If you miss the path, you'll land in a water pool filled with zombies. You can make it back to the path by swimming up a waterfall west from this room.
  • Here there is another room with a button. Once you press the button, go back to the parkour and descend. Then go to the southern room and step on the pressure plate. Step on it and proceed to the next step.
    • Stepping on the wrong pressure plate will give you Weakness status effect.

Guild Entrance (Difficulty: 3/10):

  • Once you've stepped on the pressure plate in the southern room, drop into the water below and go to the north side. If you do this quickly, the zombies will not follow you.
  • Follow the exit tunnel until you reach a rectangular room with a button high up on one wall.
  • Shoot the wooden button, then go through the doorway that is now opened.

Part Two


  • This entire section is quite confusing. You must know precisely what to do before you attempt it, as it is timed and you won't be able to complete it in time if you're figuring it out as you go along.
  • Rooms six through nine can be done in any order, they are all accessible after the end of Room five.
  • Each of the next four rooms have a button on a gold block at the end. The timer begins once the first button on a gold block is pressed. Because of this, you'll want to complete the room that will take you the longest to complete first.
  • The timer starts as soon as you hit the first button/beat the first challenge. You have five minutes to complete the rest of the challenges. Otherwise the dungeon will reset and you'll have to do them again.

Main Room

  • Three of the four challenges are on the left as you enter the main room. The last challenge is on the right. The path that goes straight is used in one of the four challenges, which will be explained later.
  • Do not fall down below the center of the main room; a pit of lava awaits.
  • Watch out for zombies while on the stairs.
  • The four rows of redstone lamps indicate which rooms you've finished. Once all four are lit up at once, you have completed the dungeon.

First Challenge/Sixth Room (Difficulty: 6/10):

  • Start out by taking a right when you enter the center of the room. At the end of the hallway, take a left to where a small grass hill is.
  • Enter the room and by pressing the button next to the iron door. Be fast, because there is a pigman spawner next to the door. Four sets of four pressure plates are scattered around the floor.
  • Go to the third set from the door and shoot or leave an item on the wooden pressure plate nearest to the jungle wood stair. Stepping on the wrong pressure plate will spawn four zombies at the beginning of the room.
  • Exit the room with the grassy hill, go back into the hallway, and turn left. Go down the spiral staircase that drops down a few blocks and open the iron door at the bottom.
  • Several pressure plates litter the room, with each one having a different color of wool under it: Red or Green. Avoid the red and green ones, or potions of harming and poison await you.
    • It is easier to avoid them by jumping diagonally.
  • At the center of the room, two wooden buttons on gold blocks await to be shot. Shoot them and continue through the pressure plate maze. Exit the room through another iron door and climb up the stone slab staircase that leads you back to the main room.

Second Challenge/Seventh Room (Difficulty: 5/10):

  • Go to the other side of the main room, to the far end of the wing with four exits. The exit on the far right is the next challenge.
  • There's a wooden button hidden under stone brick stairs upon entry, shoot it and enter the tunnel that opens on the left. Follow it until you find a stone button. Press it and fall down the opening into some water; refill your bottle(s) if you have to.
  • This room has five rows of pressure plates, and stone slabs in between each line. Jump over all the pressure plates to the end.
    • For every pressure plate you step on, six zombies spawn at the end of the tunnel, which will step on more plates, which will snowball very, very quickly. This can potentially ruin a second attempt at the challenges.
    • It is possible for zombies to naturally spawn in this room, occasionally rendering attempts impossible.
    • It is also recommended to jump diagonally through them as there's less of a chance that you will step on them.
  • Once through, press the button on the gold block, open the iron door, and ascend the staircase back into the main room.

Third Challenge/Eighth Room (Difficulty: 4/10):

  • Go back to the wing with four exits. The exit on the near right is the next challenge.
  • Shoot the button hidden under the stone brick stair, then enter the tunnel on the right.
  • Walk to the end where you will see a stone button; press it. As you will see through the window, the button will make a bridge across a lava pool.
  • Go back the way you came; the tunnel will have closed by now because the arrow you shot the button with will have despawned. Press the button on the stone brick to open the tunnel again, then jump out. Be quick, because it closes quickly and you can get trapped in the gate.
  • Take a left and follow the path over the lava, then go down the broken staircase. There is a pigman spawner right at the end of the staircase. Be careful. Enter the large room with the table in the middle.
  • Throw an item on the wooden pressure plate in the center of the table. Shoot the button that is hidden behind some leaves above the entrance to the room.
  • A small hole will open to a harmless drop. Click the button on the gold block, then go through the iron door and back up.

Fourth Challenge/Ninth Room (Difficulty: 5/10):

  • Enter the small room on the opposite side from the room you just did and shoot the hidden button under the stair. This will open up a similar tunnel to the last two rooms but this one will require you to click a button near the gate.
  • This will teleport you to a room with water and every few seconds fire charges will be shot from various dispensers.
  • Run to the end of the narrow hallway and try not to get shot. Go up the waterfall near the end.
    • It is advised to ignore the fire charges and run through this room.
  • Run to the opposite end and press the stone button on the wall and run back and up the waterfall again. Stepping on the plate in front of you will stop the zombies/arrows.
  • Click the button on the gold block, drop down to the end of the waterfall, and exit through the iron door on the other end of the hallway.

Remember: It does not matter what order you do the four challenges in, as long as you complete them in under 5 minutes.

Loot Room/Exit (Difficulty: 3/10):

  • After completing all four paths, a waterfall will start flowing down the center of the main room.
  • You can now head down it until you get to the bottom of the pit. Keep going down until you are in the small room with the iron door. Do not go too far down or you risk being stuck forever if the water stops flowing.
  • Go through the iron door and step on the pressure plate when falling into the room, as this will start the timer for the legendary item.
  • While waiting, quickly loot the 8 dungeon chests. Right after, the legendary item will drop from the dispenser at the back center of the room. Damage potions will spit out of the dispensers if you stay here for too long. Make haste. You have exactly two minutes to collect your loot.
    • Potions fall once after 2 minutes.
  • Drop down into the water, walk along the hallway, and right click on the button to teleport you into the center of the The Lost Castle.
  • Congratulations! You have completed the Lost Thieves Guild.

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Water is readily available throughout the entire dungeon, so there is no need to stock up on bottles.
  • There are some military chests scattered throughout the dungeon, but most of them are not worth it, as there are pigman spawners next to them.
  • Bringing a high durability bow with 3+ stacks of arrows or a bow enchanted to infinity I is suggested, as you will need to shoot at a lot of wood buttons.
  • Gearing up on some splash potions can be good to get rid of pigmen and zombies while traversing through some areas.
  • You can solo this dungeon, but it is difficult.
  • The zombie spawn rate is high in some areas. Bringing a high durability iron sword is recommended.
  • It is recommended to run for most of the dungeon due to the zombie pigman spawners that can easily block off some trials if they spawn in quantity.
  • When you get to the part with four rooms, it is recommended to do the path with the lava bridge first. This is because it is the longest taking path and you only have 5 minutes to do the other three paths.


  • This is the old Thieves Guild, it was abandoned for whatever reason, left to be taken over by overgrowth and zombies, and replaced by the new Thieves Guild in Grimdale.
  • The zombie pigman spawners were added to this dungeon to make it harder on August 15th 2015, on the Secret Project Update. A sign reading "A new threat haunts this place" inside the Overgrown Caverns to warn newcomers of this dungeon.
  • There are some dormitories located here that have gone unused due to some dungeon loot changes. Two of them contain multiple bunk beds and another one at the other side of the wing has a single double bed and is locked behind an iron door that has a button both on the outside and inside of the room. These are located near the Sixth Room.