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A Waygate found near Carrot Farm.

Waygates are portals that act as fast travel across Valar. There are two types of Waygates - major and minor: major travel in cardinal directions across larger areas while minor travel within specific locations.

Major Waygates

Major Waygates require Gate Stones to use. Activated Waygates create selectable runes with directional symbols (N, S, E, W) that correspond to travel in cardinal directions. Once a rune is chosen entering the portal accesses The Tether briefly before arriving at the next major Waygate in the chosen direction.

Minor Waygates

Unlike major Waygates, minor Waygates don't require any items to use. Groups of 3 are found within Shacklepoint Ruins, Anchorpoint Ruins, Bindpoint Ridge and Trammelpoint Ridge. Each group are interlinked and are denoted by 1-block tall portals instead of 2. Stand on the chiseled stone brick emitting smoke particles and wait until runes are created. While each rune is a greek letter, they merely correspond to the general direction the portal will travel. Choose a direction and enter the portal to travel across the location to another minor Waygate.

Waygate Locations

Note: Every major Waygate is found in one of the Mysterious Ruins.

Major Waygates
Location X, Y, Z
South of Somnia -2712, 78, -3
Northeast of Maze of the Tenth -491, 120, -530
South of Carrot Farm 1349, 80, -284
South of Anvalia 3175, 110, -263
Northwest of Stillwater Motte -2901, 83, -1564
West of Paluster -783, 76, -1627
Northeast of Sirus 1213, 149, -1642
North of Tristitia 2902, 91, -1850
Shacklepoint Ruins -2921, 130, -2516
Anchorpoint Ruins -580, 156, -2443
Bindpoint Ridge 1315, 38, -2628
Trammelpoint Ridge 2924, 150, -2489
West of Outpost Adera -3029, 76, -3576
East of Root Hut -607, 113, -3155
North of Fort Kharj 1145, 51, -3502
West of Metigal Temple 3082, 131, -3478
Minor Waygates
Location Symbol X, Y, Z
Shacklepoint Ruins α -3043, 103, -2441
β -2779, 123, -2505
Γ -2728, 150, -2583
Anchorpoint Ruins α -659, 84, -2409
β -409, 92, -2437
Γ -517, 152, -2757
Bindpoint Ridge α 1203, 20, -2621
β 1342, 77, -2493
Γ 1296, 77, -2710
Trammelpoint Ridge α 2930, 72, -2487
β 3113, 127, -2563
Γ 3155, 86, -2706

Travel Advisory/Warnings


  • Contrary to the vanilla mechanic of throwing ender pearls into an end gateway to teleport to a different part of the End, throwing a grenade into a Waygate will do nothing.
  • Waygates were originally used to find the Eclipsed Watchtowers. One would throw an item below them to get a Whisper and some coordinates, which lead to the Eclipsed Watchtowers. Their purpose was then changed with the introduction of Gate Stones at Path of Light and a teleporting ability. Their function was later adjusted with the release of the Road Less Traveled update.