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Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, MineZ introduces different mechanics that make it considerably more difficult to survive. To survive in the world of MineZ, you will not only need to fight zombies and other players, you will also need to take care of yourself, Health and hunger are carried over from Vanilla Minecraft, but unlike Vanilla Minecraft, mobs will do more damage, mining and block breaking is removed, and the mobs that are present in the game deal significantly more damage than normal. See the page MineZ Mobs for more information.

Several new mechanics are added into the game, such as bleeding, which is a debuff that deals damage over time but does not kill you, infection, a debuff that lie bleeding, also does damage over time, and thirst, which is a constant you must regulate or you will dehydrate and die. All of the new mechanics in the game that are not found in Vanilla Minecraft can be found below:

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