Carmi Sewers

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The entrance of Carmi Sewers

Carmi Sewers is a dungeon located in the town of Carmi. It's a dungeon for beginners and has loot composed of basic military loot and food. The dungeon also has a special mob, Bilge Rats, which take the form of silverfish.

Carmi Sewers is one of the southernmost dungeons in the MineZ map. To enter, players have to find a sewer gate on the south side of Carmi. Swimming under the gate will teleport players into the dungeon instance. The dungeon is primarily composed of jumping between crates and features a final room with many silverfish to fight. The loot is nothing that can't be looted in the city above, though the dungeon might prove to give more gear if players are experienced with the dungeon.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (2543, 531)
Difficulty: 1.0/10
Number of Chests: 5
Dungeon Type: Easy
Zombie Content: Low
Parkour Content: Low
Puzzle/Trap Content: Low
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: None

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table

New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Wooden chest.png Dungeon Chests 5
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 1
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Dungeon Chest Loot

Name Image Spawn Rate
Studded Leather Cap Enchanted Leather Helmet HD.gif 7.0%
Studded Leather Chestplate Enchanted Leather Chestplate HD.gif 7.0%
Studded Leather Leggings Enchanted Leather Leggings HD.gif 7.0%
Studded Leather Boots Enchanted Leather Boots HD.gif 7.0%
Stone Sword
(Smite I)
Enchanted Stone Sword HD.gif 3.0%
Stone Sword Stone sword.png 7.0%
Bow Bow.png 7.0%
3 Arrows Arrow3.png 6.0%
Stone Axe Stone axe.png 10.0%
Stone Axe
(Smite I)
Enchanted Stone Axe HD.gif 7.0%
Potion of Healing I Potion Drink Health.gif 10.0%
Raw Fish Raw fish.png 10.0%
Carrot Carrot.png 6.0%
Apple Apple.png 6.0%

Loot Chests

  • Loot room
    • 5 dungeon_tier_1

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Entrance (2/10)

  • The dungeon entrance is in the south wall of Carmi.
  • Drop down the waterfall, turn right and jump between the platforms until at the end of the sewers, which is in the northeast of the dungeon.
  • Right-click the hoe on the table, which is a crowbar.

Silverfish Room (3/10)

  • Run back to the entrance intersection, and keep going west. Use the crowbar on the door by throwing it onto the smoke particles on the ground
  • Many silverfish will spawn in the next room. Kill them, then get to the loot room.

Loot Room (0/10)

  • Congratulations! Collect all the dungeon loot and then leave.


  • This dungeon was built by admin ACrispyTortilla, and released on May 30, 2020.
  • This dungeon is widely considered to be the easiest dungeon in MineZ.
  • In February 2021, the dungeon received minor build changes which made the dungeon easier for new players, such as the addition of lily pads.
  • Carmi Sewers is the most competitive dungeon in MineZ Speedrunning, judging by the number of runners.
  • The silverfish mob also appears in the dungeons Ghost Fleet and Zerbia Depths.