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A list of maps available in Slaughter. There are currently 21 maps in Slaughter.
All of the maps but Catacombs go up until the 24th Wave, whereas Catacombs goes up to 32 Waves.
To play on one of the maps listed, you must join the Slaughter lobby and right click a sign.

Click on the map name to go to that map's information.

Amazon Apocalypse Blizzard Buried Burrows Castle Catacombs Clolk Glade Darkness Districts Elna
File:Jungle_sapling.png File:Zombie_head.png File:Snowball.png File:Gray_banner.png File:Stone_pickaxe.png File:Mossy_cobblestone_wall.png File:Mossy_stone_brick.png File:Health_potion.png File:Torch.png File:Cobblestone.png File:Skeleton_skull.png
Extinct Forgotten Frost Garden Holes Mines Moria Mystical Overgrown Thermal Pointe
File:Bone.png File:Large_fern.png File:Packed_ice.png File:Rose_bush.png File:Emerald_block.png File:Minecart.png File:Rail.png File:Nether_star.png File:Vines.png File:Lava_bucket.png