Slaughter Isolation

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Isolated is a map created by ar4bidplatypus, Death_Tr00per and ProfessorPhil. It has eleven rooms. The map is currently inactive, due to it currently being in the process of rebuilding.

Room Name Cost Items Doors Buttons/Levers
Starting Area You Start Here Tattered HatTattered ShoesWeak Healing Draught Bridge None
Bridge 15 Gold Large HammerTattered ShirtTattered PantsWeak Swiftness Draught Ore Refinery None
Ore Refinery 25 Gold TrustyMail HelmetMail Boots Mine, Village None
Mine 35 Gold Skull CrusherMail ChestplateMail Leggings Magmatic Cavity None
Magmatic Cavity 45 Gold Notched BowFletched ArrowPlasmic ShieldSweet Nectar None File:Button.png - to starting area
Village 55 Gold Gleaming HelmetGleaming BootsSwiftness Draught Magical Cavern, Graveyard File:Button.png - to Bridge
Magical Cavern 80 Gold Sharpened SwordGleaming AegisGleaming Greaves Sanctuary File:Button.png - Mine to Magmatic Cavity
Sanctuary 60 Gold Soul of Slaughter None File:Button.pngFile:Button.png - nonfunctional
Graveyard 125 Gold Otherworldly VisorOtherworldly SabatonsHealing Draught Farm, Crypt File:Button.png - plays a spooky message
Farm 150 Gold Gleaming BladeGood PointFruit of Fortitude None None
Crypt 200 Gold Otherworldly AegisOtherworldly GreavesWeak Restorative Draught None None

Tips & Tricks

  • Ore Refinery is a good spot for combat because of the available space and ore piles that can be used to block arrows.
  • Mine is worth opening as early as possible because it contains the Skull Crusher, as well as leads to the Notched Bow, both of which are excellent for managing hordes.
  • Magical Cavern can be skipped if the player is confident that they will survive until they can open Crypt and Farm.
  • Farm is best opened after Crypt, because the Fruit of Fortitude is not much stronger than the Healing Draught, and the Weak Restorative Draught is also found in Crypt.
  • Magmatic Cavity has no monster spawns, making it a possible camp spot mid- to late-game.


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