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There are a handful of Watchtowers located around the map, with most being in the South. The towers usually have only a single chest, which contains military loot.

Name Water bottle.png Crafting TableHD.png Brewing stand.png Lit Furnace HD.png Chests Coords
Consilio Watchtower (East) 1 food_common
1 mil_uncommon
(215, 165)
Consilio Watchtower (Northeast) 1 mil_uncommon (210, 5)
Huntsgrove Watchtower (North) 1 mil_uncommon (1005, -220)
Huntsgrove Watchtower (South) 1 mil_common (1025, 185)
Igloos Watchtower 1 mil_rare (-462, -682)
Stonehenge Watchtower 1 mil_uncommon
1 mil_rare
(1500, -615)
Logging Camp Watchtower 1 mil_rare (-1186, -1057)
Eillom Vantage Point 1 mil_rare (1643, -2302)

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Other bandits or players might be stopping at a watchtower on their way to a nearby location. Keep an eye out for other players while looting.
  • There was a tower south of Crowmure for a while, however it was removed shortly after its addition.


  • The Watchtower East of Consilio University is owned by ILoveRigbyALot.
  • The Watchtower Northeast of Consilio University is owned by SaigyouAyakashi.
  • Vantage Point is owned by ElLoboAlfa.