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The many mobs and other dangers the MineZ world has to offer often pale in comparison to the most fearsome of all: other players. The unpredictability and natural intelligence of your fellow players make them far more dangerous than a trapped chest or dungeon parkour course. Today's trusted ally could become tomorrow's bitter enemy. Other players may not even pose a threat to you on purpose. A mistimed swing of a sword could grievously wound your ally, greatly decreasing odds of survival and even leading them to suspect betrayal and retaliate. Trustworthy or not, it is strongly advised that you be on your guard at all times when in the company of other survivors.

There are two main types of players: Bandits and Healers. You can generally differentiate between them with the red (Bandit) or green (Healer) tags next to their names, though not all bandits or healers will have these. This article contains information on the types of players in MineZ that you might encounter in the world, as well as their general behaviors.


Minez bandit.png

Broadly speaking, a Bandit is any player who kills other players. Though their reasons for this vary, most bandits kill simply because they find PVP combat to be fun. If you kill six people in a single life, you will receive the red Bandit tag (pictured). This serves as a very rough indicator of how willing a player may be to kill you. Because the Bandit tag overwrites the Healer tag, if you see a player with the Healer tag, you know that they've killed less than six people on their current life.

If -- for whatever reason -- you want to become a bandit, it is strongly advised that you head to locations like Grandfather's Curse to stock up on healing potions. (Portsmouth and Grimdale are also viable options due to their being below the PvE line and having an abundance of food and healing supplies. Other valuable stops include Yawpton, Yongton Abbey and Ridgevale. These towns have Military Chests with moderate odds of containing chainmail armour and stone weapons to better equip yourself. Always have a bow on your person so you can shoot players who try to run away from you. Acquiring a Diamond Sword and Infinity Bow from a Giant can make you an extraordinarily dangerous individual, and will give you a tremendous edge in any fights.

Bandit Strategies

There are many ways that bandits will attack you:

  • Follow you, and then wait until you are either in a secluded area, far from others, or wait until you are weakened by a zombie attack.
  • Well-equipped bandits may patrol supply-rich towns to kill anyone who comes looking for food or potions.
  • Particularly clever bandits may attract a horde of zombies, and then use a snowball to make them attack their targets. This is common on PvE servers, although it is technically against the rules.
  • Some will throw valuable items on the ground to draw in unsuspecting prey, then kill them when they come to pick it up.
  • Bandits have been known to engage in conversation with their victims, and then kill them when they're typing a response.
  • Bandits may manipulate you into healing them, only to kill you immediately afterwards using whatever buffs you just gave them with ointments.
  • Some of the most malicious bandits (or members of massacre groups who help their fellows kill others) will pose as healers to draw victims into a false sense of security, only to brandish a sword instead of shears once you've lowered your guard. This is an extremely rare tactic, but it is well within the realm of possibility.

Fighting/Avoiding Bandits

  • By nature of their playstyle, bandits usually carry a lot of potions. This means that if you have more than a few stacks of food in your inventory, you probably have more food than they do. This serves both as an incentive for them to kill you and a distinct advantage on your part - if you can run for long enough, the bandit will be forced to give up the chase and find a place to restock on food.
    • Experienced bandits will carry several sugars and grapples, or spawn with 1-2 full-durability grapples. They have learned, over the years, to abuse these items to obtain and edge while chasing. Spawn Grapples are far more common among premium bandits.
    • They may also be carrying Phantom Blades from Body Offload, Stompers from the Elite Giant, or any other one of the myriad of items that makes running more difficult for you.
  • Most bandits are bad at parkour or don't even try to. Try to outsmart them by taking parkour-only routes. If they don't have a bow or grenades you'll be safe.
  • As soon as you see a local death message involving PVP, immediately try to band together in a group, or get to a secluded area.
  • It is also very important to note that most bandits are very prone to flanking attacks.
    • Use this by sending one of your people to distract them, then advance from all sides.
  • If you are in the North, be aware of server hopping bandits, and always have a powerful weapon close at hand, such as grenades.
  • Always keep a friend by your side when going into a town populated by players (who might be bandits).
  • If you are not scared of PVP, whenever somebody flashes a team signal say "back off" or "stop or you're dead" or something to that degree. Most players will turn to their heels and flee the town. However, if the player continues to advance kill them or warn them (warning them again is a bad idea due to the fact that by this time that they are much closer to you). But, if they stop and don't move assume that they are typing, look out for their potential teammates. If it's been a while (30 Seconds to a 1 minute) either flee the town, or kill them.
  • If you see someone wearing iron armor, while there is a good chance they are bandits, they might not be. Healer clans will often wear iron just to fend off zombies and bandits. Be careful, but if they make it known they are friendly, more likely than not they are. They may even take you with them.
  • As a last resort method of surviving a bandit attack, jumping off of an otherwise fatal height with a cobweb in hand and placing it just before you hit the ground is plausible. Though this is very difficult, and should only be used when no other option is available.
  • Placing a cake in a doorway with a 2 high 1 wide entrance makes it impossible for bandits to get inside -- Log out immediately if you do this, because the bandit(s) may try to run around and eat the cake. Do note, however, that the rarity of cakes makes this strategy hard to perform.
  • If you find yourself in the South, with high tier military gear, iron or chain specifically, take caution, as most players will automatically begin attacking you for a chance to steal your gear. Be ready for a fight at all times.
  • Easily the best way to avoid bandits is to just play the game during times of day when player counts are low(such as the morning or late evening). This negates the risk of encountering hostile players significantly.


Minez healer.png

Healers are players who often go out of their way to heal others. They are generally well-meaning, and can be seen as kind souls in a relatively unforgiving land. Unlike bandits -- who often kill other players for loot or out of bloodlust -- healers prefer to aid fellow survivors to earn their trust or travel with them for safety in numbers. They can often be found patrolling towns south of the PvE line such as Pravus or Geuten, helping freshly spawned players find their footing. Experienced healers will often have ventured north to acquire powerful armor such as chainmail or iron. Don't mistake these veterans for bandits, but don't assume them to be slouches in a fight either. Though they are dedicated to helping others, a healer whose hand has been forced will fight to survive if it means living to heal another day.

Becoming A Healer

To become a healer, a player must use a bandage and shears, optionally with one of the five ointments, on another player to restore their health or cure them of infection. After a player has performed 16 unique player heals, their name will gain a green "[Healer]" suffix, signifying that they are a healer. It is recommended that you acquire stronger armor -- chainmail or better -- to ensure your longevity before heading north so you don't lose your hard-earned healer tag to zombies or bandits. Most healers will build up their reputation in the southern areas of the map below the PvE line. You won't have to worry about freshly spawned players mistaking you for a bandit, as you'll be incapable of harming them even with powerful equipment.

Be warned that while being a healer may be seen as respectable by some, it will not ensure your survival in a confrontation. Bandits often kill indiscriminately, and veteran healers with good gear can easily become priority targets for bandits or massacre groups looking to strengthen themselves or heal their fellows. If you encounter a bandit during your travels as a healer, it is strongly advised that you refrain from healing them. Doing so will only make them a harder opponent to beat in the likely scenario that they attack you once you have outlived your usefulness.

Healing a player in Meridian will not count towards the suffix.