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There are currently 36 different maps that can be played in SMASH, some are large and open, others are small and enclosed. Generally, the bigger the map the more players it can support. All maps can be accessed via the Lobby in unranked servers. There are also several maps that are unavailable and are not accessible for regular players. Below is a list of all the maps in order of how the appear in game. In addition, there are also currently 3 Media Maps that can be opened by Media Partners or Staff.

Icon Map Name Description Players Size
Leaves.png Aerial Travel between the islands in the skies. Beware of strong winds! 4 Medium
Nexus.png Altars 7 Small
Stone-slabs.png Arena Created by an ancient race to please their gods. 4 Small
Plains Grass Block.png Atrium This once tranquil haven now hosts brutal battles. 8 Medium
White Stained Glass.png Beatbox Time for a beatdown in this crazy beatbox. 4 Small
Block of Quartz.png Chessboard An ancient battleground restored to glory 7 Medium
Magenta Stained Glass.png Enchantment Enchanting! 8 Large
Sponge.png Fort Sponge It may not be a fort, but it's made of sponge. 8 Large
Glowstone.png Fortress People have fought over this for centuries, its purpose is unknown. 6 Medium
Poppy.png Garden This small garden has some of the rarest plants in the universe. 4 Small
Cookie.png Gingersnap It's time for everyone's favorite holiday treat! 6 Medium
Badlands Grass Block.png Highlands If you don't like high heights; be afraid. 4 Small
Cyan Stained Clay.png Highway 8 Medium
Cyan Stained Clay.png Hourglass You're running out of time! 8 Small
Ice.png Ice Watch your step and bring a coat! 8 Large
Red Stained Glass.png Lava Spire It might look really evil, well that's cause it is... 4 Large
Chiseled Stone Bricks.png Legacy Have a blast on the old, original, decayed SMASH lobby! 11 Small
Bookshelf.png Library SHHHHH, No fighting in The Library! 8 Large
Dirt.png Lormeadow A peaceful windmill soon to be in pieces 7 Medium
Leaves.png Maze Left or right? 16 Medium
Nether Brick Fence.png Netherfort Many seek fortresses such as this for potions, not today. 4 Small
Obsidian.png Oculus Over flowing with plant life! 6 Extra Large
Cobblestone.png Pathways 4 Medium
Block of Iron.png Research Lab Rumor has it this lab is for testing Lazers, it’s only a rumor though. 4 Large
Block of Diamond.png Ruins These beautiful Ruins were left by those of a far more advanced society. 5 Extra Large
Stone.png Sanctuary An ancient relic of beauty ready to be destroyed. 8 Small
Red mushroom.png Shroom Kingdom There is no better place in town to get a nice bowl of steaming mushroom soup. 8 Large
Andesite.png Sky Ruins A ruin to ruin people in 8 Extra Large
Saddle.png Reindeer Games 50 Large
Sea lantern.gif Snowflake 8 Medium
Chiseled Sandstone.png Stonehold This sandstone vault is made to keep things from getting out, not in. 4 Small
Lily pad.png Swamp You can smell it, and it’s not good. 4 Medium
Green Wool.png Temple This once sacred house now serves as an arena. 4 Small
Lava Bucket.png Volcano Researchers claim this volcano is dormant, do you want to find out for yourself? 4 Medium
Cobblestone Slab.png Walkway Do you dare cross the bridge? 8 Small
Blaze powder.png Yun Named for the Chinese word for "cloud", this close quarters map is both scenic and action packed! 4 Medium