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This once sacred house now serves as an arena.
Players: 4
Spawnpoints: 4
Size: Small
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 25 W 70 H 54

By far and away the smallest and most open map, Temple can be quite the annoyance. Known for both its size and the incredibly small matches because of that, it has many mixed opinions. The spawn box is also quite close, meaning that one good hit in that direction could mean the end of days for you, even with a jetpack. Fire flowers are also quite effective on this map, as there is a relatively large amount of wool. Despite its size in terms of width, it is actually quite a lengthy map, meaning that on occasion, matches can last longer than some larger maps, especially at the highest levels. Overall, if you want a fast paced and open map, look no further.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • Temple is an open area, if you are high on damage try to get down to the lowest level and create a hole in the wall to prevent getting knocked of the map.
  • Lure players to the edge and SMASH or throw them off, Temple is very narrow and it is hard to get back on.


  • Before the May 2014 update it was possible to get to an unknown map by flying northwest.
  • Temple is a replica of the Super SMASH Bros stage called Hyrule Castle.
  • Temple is one of the original six maps.