SMASH Atrium

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Players: 8
Spawnpoints: 8
Size: Medium
Space: Closed
Dimensions: L 134 W 127 H 179

Atrium is considered one of the best maps by many people, it is not only architecturally sound, but also a very good map in itself. The center of attention for this map is the massive building in the middle, characterized by a large hole plummeting down into the void. There are three rings to this building, each on different levels, connected by two islands in the center that you'll have to jump on in order to get up or down. There are other ways, like going on the outer ring for example, however this is quite dangerous. Matches can sometimes last the full ten minutes, and at other times just four or five, making this one of the most interesting and well built maps available to you.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red (top) and blue (middle) dots.


  • Try to break the blocks under the water stream to make a waterfall, it can help you get up when falling to the void. Other players can off course also make use of this advantage.
  • Placing proximity mines on the center platforms is a good way to get rid of your opponents.


  • Atrium is one of the original six maps.
  • Since the May 2014 update it has 5 floating islands instead of the original 6.