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The main purpose in SMASH is to eliminate other players by punching them off the map into the void. To begin playing, join a SMASH server from the Shotbow Hub. You will now be transported to the SMASH lobby. Here, the player can choose a map on which they want to play a match. These matches will affect your ranking.


The lobby of a SMASH server contains two NPCs to open Matchmaking. These NPCs, when right-clicked, allow the player to create a new game, join an existing game, join a random game, pr quit to the Main Hub.

Existing games will show the icon of the map and, when hovered over, will show the match creator, the match type, the map being played, how many players are in that match, whether it's running or not, and if it is, how long it has left, and if it's a party game. Joining a running match, the player is able to spectate the match through the sign in that match lobby.

Create a match

To create a match, click on the "Create New Game" option. Three game types will be given, Original (Un-ranked), Original (Ranked) where ELO will change, and Lifeless. Once a game type is selected, all available maps will appear. Once a map is chosen, the player will be transported to it automatically. A new match will start after 30 seconds if there are at least 2 players present. To leave a match, use /quit, or click on the sign in the spawnbox.

Join a match

To join a match, simply right-click on one of the two NPCs and click on a match, or type /matchmaking to open the matchmaking menu, then click on a match. The player may also click on "Join Random Game" to join any player's game.

Spectate a match

To spectate, click on the "Spectate match" sign inside the match lobby to spectate. While spectating, the player will be able to fly around the map. To re-join the match, the player can use the /join command, otherwise, they can leave the match entirely with /quit.


If the player is a premium member, or has purchased a SMASH party pass in the XP Shop/Shop, the player will have the ability to create parties. In a party, the player can choose to modify item spawn chances, number of lives, and rotate maps for their match.

The following commands are available for parties

  • /party create - Creates a new party.
  • /party join (player) - Joins the selected party if invited.
  • /party invite (player) - Invites the selected player to the party.
  • /party remove (player) - Removes the selected player from the party.
  • /party bring - Invites the party to join the server.
  • /party goto (player) - Invites the selected player to bring you to their server.
  • /party leave - Leaves the current party.

Damage and Knockback

In order to eliminate other players, the player has to damage them and then punch or throw them off the map into the void or into lava. A fist punch deals 4 damage towards other players. The more damage the enemy has, the more knockback they will receive with each hit. At 0 damage, the enemy receives 0 knockback. At 125 damage, they receive the maximum of 10 knockback with each hit. The opponent's damage can be seen under their name. The colours of their name will also change depending on the amount of damage received.

During a match, the player will find items which will benefit them in eliminating their enemies. At the moment, there are 34 items accessible that can spawn on the ground. These can be divided into Weapons, Traps, and Aids. The complete list with descriptions and details can be found in the items article.

This picture shows the default interface while playing SMASH. Click on the image to increase size.

Time bar

Since the 1.8 update, the time bar is above the XP Bar. It will count down from 10 minutes to indicate when the match will end.


All players start with 0 damage. This exact percentage can be seen under their nametag. As the amount of damage increases, the colour of the nametag will change. Below 50 damage it will be green, above 50 damage it will be yellow, and above 100 damage it will be red.

Xp level

The XP Level indicates the amount of damage the player has received. This damage will increase when being hit and can be decreased by eating food.

Health bar

The health bar shows the amount of lives the player has left. All players start with 3 lives. A player will lose a life every time they die by falling into the void, or by taking rapid damage (standing in lava, suffocation). A player can only increase their amount of lives with the Extra Life item, which has the lowest spawn chance.

Experience bar

This is the energy bar. It depletes when the player double jumps. It will recharge immediately by standing on a block, by being hit, or eating a Gilded Apple. The energy bar will also deplete when the player uses the SMASH ability. However, it will now take 10 seconds for the energy bar to recharge.


The hotbar displays the item the player is currently wielding. If the player picks up an item by walking over it, it will automatically appear in the first slot. Only one item can be held at a time. To pick up a different item, first drop the old one with the drop item hotkey, which by default is "Q".


The scoreboard displays the map name and all players that were active when the match started. Behind each player is a number which shows the amount of lives left for that player.


An example of the SMASH chat

It can be hard to keep track of everything that happens in SMASH. The chat will help with that.

As can be seen in the image, the chat shows several things. The number after each player states their ELO score which is gained by playing ranked matches. From top to bottom, an explanation of all messages.

  • This message will pop up each time someone is killed by another player during the match.
  • Same as above but the other way around.
  • Each time the player dies, the chat will show how many lives they have left. This shows the same as the player's health bar and the scoreboard.
  • This shows that a player died without being hit for a while.
  • Same as point 3.
  • If this message pops up in the chat, it means the player has been grabbed and are likely to be thrown away.
  • This message lets the player know that their energy bar is still recharging.

Double Jumping

While playing SMASH, the player has the ability to double jump. This can be performed by double tapping the spacebar, either on the ground or in the air. While having double jumped, the player will be unable to perform another double jump. The energy bar needs to be recharged. To recharge the energy bar, the player must stand on a block, be hit by another player, or eat a Gilded Apple. The player will also not be able to double jump when the SMASH ability (see below) has been used. When double jumping, the player will boost in the direction they are looking at. If looking up or down, the player will jump straight up, but if looking forward, the player will jump forward. The player's current speed does also affect their jump ability, so they will be able to jump farther while running, or when under the effect of the speed item.


Smashing is an ability that allows the player to ground pound, which will cause nearby players to take damage and a certain amount of knockback depending on their damage. To SMASH on the ground, the player will need to be in the air and use the sneak hotkey, which is "Left Shift" by default. Doing so will plummet the player towards the ground, giving off a particle effect. After which, the energy bar needs to be recharged, which will take 10 seconds, except in the case the player gets hit, which will allow a single double jump, after which they will have to wait whatever remaining time they still have left to recharge the energy bar for more double jumps, or get hit again.

Grabbing & Throwing

In SMASH, players can be grabbed and thrown away. This is performed by right-clicking on an enemy. When right-clicked, the enemy will sit above the player for 3 seconds. To throw a grabbed enemy away, player must left click. The distance they fly away will be affected by the amount of damage the grabbed enemy has. When grabbed, they are able to escape from a grab by pressing on the sneak hotkey, which is "Left Shift" by default.


SMASH features a lot of different maps for players to battle on. The player choose a map they like while creating a new match. Once the player starts or joins a match, they will be sent to the spawnbox of the map. Here, they can choose to spectate a match in progress, or wait for a new match to start. A detailed list with information about each map can be found in the maps article.


Final scores of a SMASH game

After each match, the scores, statistics, and ELO change (ranked only) for each player will show up in the chat. The statistics show the top killers, damagers, and item users. If the match finished because the 10-minute limit was reached, the winner will be based on the top killer, or, if it's a draw, the person with the current highest damage will win (not the top damager).