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Inside the town

Portsmouth is a fishing town located on the Southern ocean, near the western side of the map. It is on the south coast and is often populated with freshly spawned players. The town consists of many small buildings along with a church, a barn, a large manor, a graveyard, and a crypt. The church contains four pot common chests which spawn low-tier health potions. Many food items such as apples and carrots can be found in chests located throughout the town. The graveyard crypt of the town also contains five chests that can be looted for low-level military gear. Portsmouth offers little protection from the many zombies that are commonly found roaming the town, but surviving here is relatively easy due to the abundance of potion and food chests.

General Information
Coordinates: (-70, 500)
Location Message: Harbor of Trade
Number of Buildings: 12
Zombie Threat: Medium
Number of Chests: 32
Lootable Graves: 7
Risk of Bandits: None (Below PvE Line)

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table
New FarmHD2.png Farm 5 Melons
2 Beetroots
Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common Chests 8
Yellow dye.png Uncommon Chests

Antidote flask.png Rare Chests

Tool Loot
Wooden hoe.png Common Chests 3
Stone Button (S) JE5 BE2.png Uncommon Chests

Stone hoe.png Rare Chests

Food Loot
Beetroot.png Common Chests 7
Wheat.png Uncommon Chests

Pumpkin pie.png Rare Chests

Potion Loot
Potion Drink Health.gif Common Chests 4
Potion Splash Health.gif Uncommon Chests

Glowstone dust.png Rare Chests

Military Loot
Arrow.png Common Chests 9
Sugar.png Uncommon Chests 1
Ender pearl.png Rare Chests

Gunpowder.png Epic Chests

Diamond axe.png Mythic Chests

Room Loot
Gold apple.png High Chests

Cooked cod.png Low Chests

Loot Chests

Note: List goes from North to South.

  • Graveyard Crypt
    • 1 civ_common
    • 5 mil_common
  • Hill Bunker
    • 1 food_common
  • othergamers Family Manor
    • 1 mil_common
  • Unowned House With Furnace
    • 1 civ_common
  • ReikoTenshi's Portsmouth Holy Church
    • 4 pot_common
  • klandaika Family Manor
    • Hedge Maze
      • 1 food_common
    • Bottom Floor
      • 2 civ_common
      • 1 food_common
    • Roof
      • 1 mil_common
  • Unowned House With Bookshelves
    • 1 civ_common
  • nafire Family Manor
    • 1 civ_common
  • Western Dock
    • 1 civ_common
  • TheDeadDragon's Iron Forge
    • 1 tool_common
  • Grillerdude Family Manor
    • 1 food_common
  • michaelchap Family Manor
    • 1 mil_common
  • Barn
    • 2 tool_common
    • 3 food_common
  • Muffynator Royal Shipping Company
    • 1 mil_common
    • 1 civ_common
  • MauPlatinumTrap Family Manor
    • 1 mil_common
  • Southern Dock
    • 1 civ_common

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • The barn contains a crafting table at (4, 65, 532) as well as 3 food_common chests, making it an ideal place to craft beetroot soup.
  • Health potions can be found in the church. This is one of the best towns for potions in the south due to their easy accessibility and large amounts.
  • Diving in the water and fighting zombies from below them is a viable strategy to dispatch large hordes.
  • Looting the crypt 1-2 times can yield full leather armor.
  • Since there are several civilian chests, this is an ideal place to find healing supplies. It is not uncommon for other players to team up here to heal each other while fighting off zombies together.
  • One of the ships to return to the Meridian is located here, at the southern dock.


  • Portsmouth received a re-skin for Halloween 2017 and had a mini-quest at the graveyard. It was added back for Halloween 2018.
  • It was also rebuilt for Halloween 2021, in which it had a cauldron you could brew unique items in.
  • The blacksmith shop has the Southernmost source of lava, although unobtainable.