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The current Spawn Kit in MineZ includes 3 items by default. More items can be added to the spawn kit for those that have achievements, though some items earned through achievements are temporary, whereas others are permanent. Note that currently, following the Recode update, achievements have been disabled, and Spawn kit items can only be obtained through XP purchases.

Default Spawn Kit
Image Name
Wooden sword.png Wooden Sword
Paper.png Bandage
Water bottle.png Water Bottle
Leather chestplate.png Leather Chestplate
Shotbow XP Purchased Items
Image Name XP Price
Arrow.png 15 Arrows 60,000 XP
Cookie.png 4 Cookies 50,000 XP
Lime dye.png Antibiotics 25,000 XP
Paper.png Bandage 25,000 XP
Bow.png Bow 75,000 XP
Gold sword.png Golden Sword 10,000 XP
Ender pearl.png Grenade 125,000 XP
Red dye.png Healing Ointment 50,000 XP
Shears.png Shears 75,000 XP
Potion Drink Swiftness.gif Speed Potion 150,000 XP
Stone axe.png Stone Axe 50,000 XP
Stone sword.png Stone Sword 75,000 XP
Water bottle.png Water Bottle 40,000 XP
Fishing rod.png Weak Grapple 150,000 XP


  • All items obtained through the spawn kit are Soulbound.
  • Soulbound means when the player tries to drop the item it will instead be destroyed. Soulbound items are also destroyed upon player death, and as a result player zombies will not drop Soulbound items.
  • Soulbound items can't be stacked with normal items. A stack of 5 Soulbound arrows will not stack with arrows from a loot chest.
  • When a Soulbound Water Bottle is drunk, the empty bottle will no longer be Soulbound.
  • Repairing a Soulbound item will not remove its Soulbound property.


  • Armor used to be part of the Spawn Kit. In the early days of MineZ, players started with a leather tunic (Coloured tunic if they were premium members). For the Secret Project Update, it was changed to a full leather armor set. Finally, on the Re-Code Update, it was removed entirely. It was reintroduced in the 3.7.16 update, again recolored for premium players.
  • The ender eye (Radio) is one of the most unique and kind of useful items, allowing to communicate with players globally. It has changed many times through various updates. At one point the ender eye allowed players to chat through multiple channels, depending where they put the ender eye on their hotbar. It was later changed to be able to select a specific radio channel to chat in. Currently, global messages are sent by sending a message while holding the ender eye, and it can be toggled on and off, showing or hiding global messages.
  • As achievements are currently broken, the only way to obtain items for the Spawn Kit is by purchasing them with Shotbow XP.