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Since the launch of Annihilation 2.0, a ranking system has been implemented. This page will touch on the main points of that system.

How do I rank up?

Every rank requires a certain amount of points to reach. These points are earned by gaining Shotbow XP while playing Annihilation. The gain of rank points is 1:1 to the base Shotbow XP (before multiplier) earned.

What do I get for ranking up?

Each rank has unlocks to go along with it. These unlocks include Annihilation classes, a new pet, a lobby grapple, a new kill effect, and the ability to create your own clan! Note: most rewards (new classes, clan charter) can also be bought in the xp shop, whereas only the grapple can be bought with real money through a premium rank. The rest are only unlockable through the rank system.

How can I tell when I've ranked up?

When you reach the next rank, you will see (and hear) a promotion message being broadcast on the server you are currently playing on. This message will also inform you of any unlocks you may have obtained as a result of your promotion.

How can I view other information about my/other's rank?

To view information about your rank, simply type /rank in any Annihilation server (including the lobby). This will display your current rank, your current points, the next rank, how many points you need for the next rank, and the reward you will unlock. If you wish to view the same information about other players, type /rank (username), where (username) is the name of a player that is on the same server as you.

What are the current ranks?

This is a list of the current ranks and their unlocks. Note: these are subject to change at any time, including the addition of new ranks!

Rank Total Points Required Reward
Unranked 0 Civilian
Novice-I 250 Miner
Novice-II 500 Archer
Novice-III 1,000 None
Silver-I 2,000 Warrior
Silver-II 5,000 Alchemist
Silver-III 10,000 Healer
Gold-I 20,000 Mercenary
Gold-II 30,000 Clan Charter
Gold-III 40,000 Handyman
Master-I 50,000 Scout
Master-II 75,000 None
Master-III 125,000 None
Grand Master-I 250,000 None
Grand Master-II 500,000 Lobby Grapple
Grand Master-III 750,000 Nexus Pet
Annihilator 1,000,000 Kill Effect: Gold