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Welcome to Annihilation - a team-based PvP game!


The objective of the game is to be the last team standing - by destroying the enemy team's Nexus whilst defending your own!


Annihilation is a team-based PvP gamemode with 4 teams, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Your team's objective is to destroy the other 3 team's nexuses while protecting your own. Each team has their own quadrant of the map where they can gather resources, build defenses, and more. Your team wins when it is the last one with a nexus.

When you first join a game you are sent to the pre-game lobby. This is where you queue up for teams, vote on the map, and pick your starting class. You can also manage your preferences using /pref (You can change kill particle effects, as well as change the starting location of items on your hotbar). You can join the queue for any team as long as you are in the pre-game lobby during the voting phase, Phase 1 or Phase 2, or Phase 3 for active premium members, by typing /team join [color], or by right-clicking the nether star in your inventory. You won't be able to join a queue for a team when the game hits Phase 3, except those with an active premium membership until Phase 4, so make sure to be queued before the start of Phase 3. You will not be removed from the queue and can still enter the game in Phase 3 and afterward.

The Nexus


The Nexus
The Nexus is the most important block in the game. Each Nexus only starts with 75 hit points, and when mined it will lose 1 HP each time. When mined it makes a very loud anvil sound at the base, or a light note block sound if you aren't close enough, to alert the team their nexus is being hit.

Once a team's Nexus is destroyed, that team's players will no longer respawn. The remaining members of the team will remain in the game until they die, meaning they can still attack and destroy your nexus.

In order to win, your team must be the last one with a nexus.


The game is split into 5 phases of play - each lasting 10 minutes.

  • PHASE 1: The game begins! Players spawn at their team's base. The Nexus cannot be damaged.
  • PHASE 2: The Nexus can now be damaged.
  • PHASE 3: Diamonds spawn at the middle of the map. Witches also spawn within each team quadrant.
  • PHASE 4: The Boss Portal spawns, allowing the Boss Mob to be slain for a special team reward! Blaze powder also becomes available in the shop.
  • PHASE 5: Each nexus will now take double the damage.

The game continues to be in Phase 5 until only one team is left!


There are several classes to play - some grant special attacks, whilst some allow you to fly through the air! Check the classes page here for more information. Go through the Nether Portal whilst in-game to change your class.


  • Ender Furnace - The Ender Furnace is a special furnace that only you can access and is located in your base. It has particles around it similar to an Ender Chest along with a message when you open it up. Each team has only one, but only your team's Ender Furnace works as an Ender Furnace. It also smelts items 20% faster than regular furnaces.
  • Boss Buff - Earned by killing the Boss Mob. Once claimed, everyone on your team receives one, giving them access to a special shop. This shop contains unique items such as armour, swords, bows, potions, and more.
  • Nether Portals - Used to change your class in-game. One or two of these portals are located in every base, however, only your team's portal can be used.
  • Combat NPC - Respawn where you log out. When leaving a game with /hub, /al, or /logout, you will rejoin in the same location where you logged out. If you do not use /logout, an NPC will spawn for 15 seconds that enemies can kill, take your loot, and cause you to respawn at your base.
  • The Void - Instead of having a world border or wall around the map, Annihilation has a void surrounding each map. Falling in the void will eventually result in you dying. Hitting your enemies in the void is a common strategy to kill them.
  • Enchanted Golden Apple - When consumed, provides Absorption IV (2:00), Regeneration III (0:30), Fire Resistance (5:00), and Resistance I (3:00). Limited to 3 Enchanted Golden Apples within 3 minutes, after which a 2 minute cooldown starts in which the player cannot eat another Enchanted Golden Apple.
  • Maximum Height - Annihilation has the maximum height capped at Y: 115.

Block Breaking

The game places every player in adventure mode, meaning you will need proper tools to harvest blocks. There are only two exceptions: The Nexus, which can be broken by anything, pickaxes being the most effective, and the Nexus' protected land, which cannot be broken at all. Bedrock, as always, cannot be destroyed.

Wooden shovel.png --> Dirt.png Sand.png Gravel.png

Wooden pickaxe.png for most blocks.

Wooden axe.png --> Wood planks.gif Wood log.png Melon block.png

Shears.png --> Wool.png Leaves.png Cobweb.png

Wooden sword.png --> Melon block.png Leaves.png Cobweb.png

Launch Pads

Launch Pad.png

You can create launch pads with iron, gold or diamond blocks, or redstone lamps by placing a stone pressure plate on top of them. When stepped on, it will launch you in the direction you are facing about 21 blocks on flat ground, ~26 if you sprint. For up to 5 seconds after launching, you will not take fall damage or be able to use another launch pad. Launch pads can come in very handy in combination with a skybridge, find out more about that here.


Fortune in Annihilation works differently to vanilla, but only towards the gathering of diamonds, affecting the chances of getting more than 1 diamond upon mining a diamond ore. The fortune rate for diamonds is:

  • Fortune 3 = 100% chance of getting 2 diamonds, 50% of 3 diamonds, 25% of 4 diamonds.
  • Fortune 2 = 50% chance of getting 2 diamonds, 25% of 3 diamonds, 10% of 4 diamonds.
  • Fortune 1 = 25% of getting 2 diamonds, 10% of 3 diamonds, 5% of 4 diamonds.