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ようこそAnnihilationへ! Annihilationは陣営に分かれて行うPvPゲームです。




Annihilationは赤(Red), 青(Blue), 黄色(Yellow), and 緑(Green)の4チームに分かれて対戦するPvPゲームです。あなたのチームの目的は、自チームのネクサスを防衛しながら、他の3チームのネクサスを破壊することです。マップ全体はおおよそ4分の1ずつに4つの区画に分かれて、各チームはそれぞれの区画で資材を回収したり、防衛線を築いたり、いろんなことができます。 ネクサスが最後まで残ったチームが1位になります。

When you first join a game you are sent to the pre-game lobby. This is where you queue up for teams, vote on the map and pick your starting class. You can also manage your preferences using /pref (You can disable/enable shields, team helmet color and kill particle effects, as well as change the starting location of items on your hotbar). You can join the queue for any team as long as you are in the pre-game lobby during the voting phase, phase 1 or phase 2 by typing /team join [color]. You won't be able to join a queue for a team when the game hits phase 3, so make sure to be queued before the start of Phase 3. You will not be removed from the queue and can still enter the game in phase 3 and afterward.



The Nexus
The Nexus is the most important block in the game. Each Nexus only starts with 75 hit points, and when mined it will lose 1 HP each time. When mined it makes a very loud anvil sound at the base, or a light note block sound if you aren't close enough, to alert the team their nexus is being hit.

Once a team's Nexus is destroyed, that team will no longer re-spawn. The remaining members of the team will remain in the game until they die, meaning they can still attack and destroy your nexus.

In order to win, your team must be the last one with a nexus.



  • PHASE 1: ゲーム開始とともにフェーズ1がスタートします。全プレイヤーはそれぞれの拠点地点にスポーンします。また、このフェーズではネクサスにダメージを与えることはできません。
  • PHASE 2: ネクサスにダメージを入れられるようになります。
  • PHASE 3: ダイヤモンドをマップの中央にて採掘できるようになります。また、ウィッチがそれぞれのチームの区画のどこかにスポーンするようになります。
  • PHASE 4: ボスポータル(The Boss Portal)が出現し、ボスのMobに攻撃できるようになります。ボスに最後の一撃を与えたチーム全員に特別なアイテムが支給されます。また、ショップにてブレイズパウダーを購入できるようになります。
  • PHASE 5: このフェーズに入ると、ネクサスは継続してダメージを受けるようになります。ネクサスは45秒毎に1ダメージを受け続けます。 一度いずれかのチームのネクサスのHPが5以下になると全チームへの継続ダメージは中断され、また5HP以下だったチームがゲームに敗北すると、またダメージを受け始めます。



There are several classes to play - some grant special attacks, whilst some allow you to fly through the air! Check the classes page <here!> for more information. Go through the Nether Portal whilst ingame to change your class.


  • Enderfurnace - The Ender Furnace is a furnace that only you can access and is located in your base. It has particles around it similar to an Enderchest along with a message when you open it up. Each team has only one, other team's Ender Furnaces act normally excluding said team. It also smelts 20% faster.
  • Boss Buff - Earn this by killing the Boss Mob. Everyone on your team will earn one, giving you access to a special shop. This shop contains unique PvP items such as armour, swords and bows.
  • Nether portals - Used as class changers. One or two of these portals are located in every base.
  • Combat NPC - Respawn where you Logout. When leaving a game with /hub, /al or /logout, at rejoin, you will spawn exactly where you logged out. If you do not use /logout, an NPC will spawn for 15 seconds that enemies can kill and take your loot. You will be respawned at your base.

Block Breaking

The game places every player in adventure mode, meaning you will need proper tools to harvest blocks. There are only two exceptions. The nexus, which can be broken by anything, but pickaxes are most effective since it is made of End Stone. And the nexus protected land, which cannot be broken at all. Bedrock as always cannot be destroyed.

File:wooden_shovel.png --> File:Dirt.png File:Sand.png File:Gravel.png

File:wooden_pickaxe.png for most blocks.

File:wooden_axe.png --> File:Wood_planks.gif File:Wood_log.png File:Melon_block.png

File:Shears.png --> File:Wool.png File:Leaves.png File:Cobweb.png

File:wooden_sword.png --> File:Melon_block.png File:Leaves.png File:Cobweb.png

Launch Pad.png

Launch Pads
You can create boost pads with iron, gold or diamond blocks, or redstone lamps by placing a stone pressure plate on top of them. When stepped on, it will launch you in the direction you are facing about 21 blocks on flat ground, ~26 if you sprint. For up to 5 seconds after launching, you will not take fall damage. It will not activate if the pressure plate is already being pressed by another player.