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Every day at 12:00 midnight PST/PDT, a new daily course is generated for all to complete. The server randomly generates a new level, made out of random parts in a random fashion, and even given a generated name. Every level name is generated from a pool of nouns, adjectives, game items, or even mobs.

The daily course can be accessed by jumping into the portal located behind Mrs. Void in the DBV lobby.

The Level

The Level, time and progress are all displayed at the bottom of your screen. There is text above your hotbar displaying the level name and your current time. Your XP levels represent how many more platforms you have left. Every course starts with 25 platforms.

Every course has an assortment of parkour pieces you must pass through, although in some levels it is not necessary to go through every piece itself. Due to the random generation sometimes pieces are placed in a way that would let you skip entire sections of a level.

The start and finish are both represented by obsidian platforms, the finish including an Ender Crystal. You will not finish a level until your feet have landed on the finish platform. Your course time will not start until you jump off the starting platform.

TNT/Void Hazard

In every level includes a Hazard of TNT. Touching TNT from any side, excluding the sides of your feet, will result in death and will send you back to the last block you were standing on. If you are new to a level be sure to stop on blocks as often as possible. TNT is included in many pieces, and while the bottom of the world has none, falling into the void will kill you like TNT does, and it will cost you precious time.


Of course, there are rewards for the fastest players every day. At the end of the day, when a new level is rolled out, the top 50% of all players to complete the course that day are given medals.

  • The top 10% get a GOLD medal worth 100 XP.
  • The top 11-25% are given SILVER medal worth 75 XP.
  • The top 26-50% are given BRONZE medal worth 50 XP.
  • Everybody that completes the course for that day gets a consolation 25 XP.

You will also earn 25 Infinite platforms for completing it the first time and then 12 platforms every time after.

This XP is NOT multiplied by any premium multipliers, but it can be increased by playing on the infinite world! Your infinite world tier will be used as a multiplier. If you achieve tier 5 (the highest) you will get a 5x multiplier on any medal you earn for that day only, so be sure to play it often!