Carmi Lighthouses

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This location no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

Overview of the lighthouses

The Carmi Lighthouses surrounded Carmi, the closest being northeast of Carmi. They have been removed as of May 9, 2020, when the Origins Update was released.

General Information
Coordinates: (2578, 443)
Location Message: Coastal Watchtowers
Number of Buildings: 6
Zombie Threat: Low
Number of Chests: 7
Lootable Graves: None
Risk of Bandits: Low

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting table.png Crafting Table

Farm.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common Chests

Button.png Tool Chests 3
Food Loot
Apple.png Common Chests 2
Cake.png Uncommon Chests

Potion Loot
Potion Drink Health.gif Common Chests

Potion Splash Health.gif Uncommon Chests

Potion Lingering Health.gif Rare Chests

Military Loot
Arrow.png Common Chests 2
Chain chestplate.png Uncommon Chests

Iron sword.png Rare Chests

Ender pearl.png Epic Chests

Loot Chests

  • Southern Lighthouse
    • 1 mil_common
  • Southwestern Lighthouse
    • 1 food_common
  • Western Lighthouse
    • 1 civ_tool
  • Northwestern Lighthouse
    • 1 mil_common
  • Northern Lighthouse
    • 1 food_common
  • Northeastern Lighthouse
    • 2 civ_tool

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • It is not usually worth looting these chests unless you spawn near one or are looting the one closest to Carmi because the main town has better gear and loot.
  • Every Lighthouse has a chest located at the top, except for the Northeastern Lighthouse which also has a chest at the base of it.