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Inside the dungeon

Zerbia Depths is the most difficult dungeon to exist in the history of MineZ. This dungeon is located under Zerbia. The entrance is located at the lighthouse. It was released for Halloween 2018 and it was removed a month later due to the dungeon being extremely difficult, unpolished and extremely long to the point it was almost impossible to beat. It has since returned in the Origins Update.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (2520, -3530)
Difficulty: 10/10
Number of Chests: 105
Dungeon Type: Tier 5
Zombie Content: Very High - Zombie and Zombie Pigman Spawners
Parkour Content: Unbelievably High
Puzzle/Trap Content: Very High
Minimum Players: 1 (Almost impossible)
Other Requirements: Junk Items, Bow and Arrows

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table
New FarmHD2.png Farm
Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Arrow.png Zerbia Depths Refill 42
Gunpowder.png Zerbia Depths Normal 43
Powder keg.png Zerbia Depths Swag 14
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 2
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Dungeon Chest Loot

Zerbia Depths Refill
Name Image Spawn Rate
Iron Helmet   7.0%
Iron Chestplate   7.0%
Iron Leggings   7.0%
Iron Boots   7.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite III)
Iron Sword
(Smite III, Knockback I)
(Power II)
15 Arrows   15.0%
Potion of Healing II   8.0%
Splash Potion of Healing II   6.0%
Lingering Potion of Healing II   5.0%
Golden Apple   3.0%
Pumpkin Pie   7.0%
Zerbia Depths Normal
Name Image Spawn Rate
Iron Helmet   7.0%
Iron Chestplate   7.0%
Iron Leggings   7.0%
Iron Boots   7.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite III, Knockback I)
(Full Durability)
Bow (Power II, Punch I)   5.0%
15 Arrows   7.0%
Weak Grapple
(Full Durability)
Potion of Healing II   8.0%
Splash Potion of Healing II   8.0%
Lingering Potion of Healing II   8.0%
Golden Apple   6.0%
Glowstone Dust   8.0%
Gunpowder   6.0%
Golden Carrot   5.0%
Zerbia Depths Swag
Name Image Spawn Rate
Small Powder Keg   9.0%
Medium Powder Keg   5.0%
Large Powder Keg   1.0%
Cannon Round   15.0%
Cooked Rabbit   3.0%
Quiver   3.0%
Grenade   15.0%
Diamond Axe
(Half Durability)
Golden Apple   15.0%
Golden Carrot   10.0%
Gunpowder   17.0%

Loot Chests

  • Dungeon
    • 42 dungeon_tier_4
  • Wave Rooms
    • 6 pot_rare
  • Loot Room
    • 43 dungeon_tier_5
    • 14 dungeon_tier_6

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Blunderbuss   Can be loaded with up to 3 grenades. When fired, deals six hearts true damage (two hearts per grenade loaded).
Grapeshot   Fires a volley (4) of grenades. Requires 8 arrows, consumes 3 durability.

Text Walkthrough

Entering the Lighthouse (3/10)

  • You must first get any type of fish. You can easily obtain a fishing rod in one of the 5 civ chests at the bottom part of Zerbia.
  • Go to the fountain next to the Zerbia Info-Board (x2510 y114 -z3475). Gather your team and drop the fish in the fountain. You will get 3 minutes of water breathing.
  • Now you must go to the lighthouse's entrance. There are different ways to get to it: You can choose between grappling from the bottom of the ladder, which is the quickest option, or parkour through the eastern tree branch.
    • Try to find the way you will use to climb up before you drop the fish.
  • When you get close to the lighthouse door, the gate will automatically open and the instance will load.
  • You will see some water below. Jump down.

Flooded Tunnel (4/10)

  • The flooded tunnel has 3 intersections, but only 1 leads to the dungeon: First intersection, take a right, second intersection, go right, and third intersection, go left.
  • Once you are at the waterfall in the dungeon, you will end up in the first room of the dungeon.

First Cavern (9/10)

  • Slowly descend down the waterfall. Below there is going to be an entrance to a cave on your right.
    • Falling into the water in this dungeon will teleport you into a water box. If you do not swim and sink to the bottom, it will teleport you safely out of the dungeon.
    • Be careful of the stone pressure plates in this dungeon. They give hunger, wither, and blindness for few seconds.
  • In the cave there is an extensive amount of parkour, some of which will teleport you out of the dungeon if you fail.
  • To get to the second cave, light fire atop the magma block by dropping any item onto it, then shoot through the fire with an arrow to explode the TNT.
  • Once you get to the top of the cave, a box will break and spawn about 20 silverfish (named Bilge Rat) that deal around 1 damage to full iron players. Near this box, there is a chiseled stone brick with a button on it. Press it to open the main door.
  • Parkour above the water to get back to the main cavern.
  • Make your way to the coast and try to get onto the stone pillars quickly because a lot of zombie and pigmen can spawn behind you and either knock you into the water or activate one of the wither plates.
  • The stone pillar parkour is rather difficult. There will be stalactites on the ceiling, and you will need to shoot their polished andesite blocks. Doing so will cause them to collapse, making the jumps possible.
    • The whole group has to beat the southern side (unless the TNT cave challenge has been completed in the second cavern) while another player can beat the northern side.
  • The northern side has a magma block torch at the end identical to the first, which can be lit up by throwing an item on it. When it is lit, shoot an arrow through it at some TNT on the other side. This will open up a cave with another torch to light up. Lighting up this torch will allow you to open the gate into the next room.
  • The southern side parkour has a lot of hard jumps and pressure plates that inflict different debuffs such as wither or blindness when stepped on.
  • There is also a stalactite near the end of the parkour. Shoot the polished andesite block to break the stalactite and complete the parkour.

Second Cavern (7/10)

  • Press the button on the chiseled stone brick in front of the gate. This will slowly open the gate. Four Cursed Crew skeletons with a stone sword and one Cursed Crew skeleton with a Punch X bow will spawn. Kill them and proceed.
  • Same as before, this area contains traps and spawners. Tread carefully.
  • You have to complete 5 challenges to collect 5 items (Cannon, Mast, Sail, Flag, Rudder) in order to repair the boat and progress further into the dungeon.

Mast - TNT Cave Challenge (8/10)

  • A path blocked by granite is located near the entrance to the second cavern.
    • Shoot the stalactite above the acacia box.
    • This will destroy the box and launch a TNT next to the granite.
    • Light up the torch nearby and shoot through the fire at the TNT to open the path. This will spawn 2 Melee Cursed Crew and one ranged with a Punch X bow.
  • You will have to repeat the same process of lighting up torches and shooting TNT through them then kill 3 skeletons two more times to progress.
  • There will be a ship at the end of the cave. This is a wave room.
  • Press the button on the chiseled block to start it. The ship will become surrounded by green stained glass.
  • Five crew skeletons will spawn from the skeleton skulls and, a few moments later, a Cursed Corsair which runs much faster and has more HP.
  • After defeating the skeletons, the mast needed for the main boat will spawn in a small room and also 3 chests that can contain armor, potions, or food.
  • A golden pressure plate will appear on a chiseled stone brick at the front of the ship. Step on it to unlock some parkour in the first cavern that will lead you to another challenge.
    • A waterfall will also appear, allowing your team to access the second cavern without having to do the stone pillar parkour.
  • Go back the way you came.

Flag - Head Challenge (7/10)

  • Go to the new parkour you just unlocked. You will go into a cave with nine trapped chests with TNT blocks in the center.
  • There is a head at the entrance of the room. The direction the head is facing shows the chest you have to open. Picking the wrong chest will deal 4 true damage to the nearest player.
  • If the right chest is opened, the TNT in the center will explode and a hole will open below, leading to yet another wave room.
  • Defeat the wave room, walk over the bridge that just appeared, and grab the Flag and the 3 chests here.
  • Exit this room through the small waterfall found in the room with the torch needed to open the gate in the first cavern. There is a cobweb so bring a grenade to have a chance to get rid of it. There are zombie spawners so move quickly.

Cannon - Crate Puzzle Challenge (7/10)

  • There is a gate on the southern side of this room. Light up four torches in order to open it, which are located in the hot sand parkour to the north of the cavern. It is fence parkour and falling on the sand will deal knockback and 1 to 1.5 hearts of true damage.
  • Once all are lit, go to the gate and press the button next to it. It will open and two crew skeletons will spawn. There is parkour here that takes you to the crate room.
  • There is a crate in the middle of the room covered by leaves and four unlit torches in the corners of it. Light them up and shoot through them to get rid of the leaves.
  • There is also a dark oak box containing a cannonball. You must shoot an arrow at a stalactite above it to break it open. This cannonball can be used to open the path to the Arrow Bridge Challenge.
  • After burning down the leaves, the crate can be pushed around. Move it to the northern grey wool patch. This will open up the iron bars in front of it, leading to a parkour section.
  • There are zombie pigman spawners below the parkour. At the end of the parkour, there is a stone button, press and it will get rid of the parkour, allowing you to push the crate found here while also lighting up a redstone lamp on the gate leading to the wave room in here.
  • Use both crates to unlock the other iron bars room on the other side of the room.
  • There are three sets of iron bar rooms. Shoot the wooden buttons in them to open the next room. This also spawns about 20 zombies/pigmen.
  • Press the stone button at the end, this should open the gate to the wave room. Use the third crate found here and line them up to make a way to get to the gate's platform.
  • Press the button on the chiseled block to start the wave room. The doors will close and five crew skeletons will spawn from the skeleton skulls and, a few moments later, a Cursed Corsair, which runs much faster and has more health.
  • After defeating the skeletons, the Cannon needed for the ship will drop and also 3 chests.
  • Go back the way you came.

Sail - Arrow Bridge Challenge (8/10)

  • Obtain the cannonball from the crate puzzle room and bring it to the cannon located at the entrance of the second cavern. Drop it into the cannon and it will then shoot the mast in front of it, creating the path to the arrow bridge challenge.
  • For this challenge, you will have to walk over a 2 block wide bridge with cobwebs which is constantly being shot from the sides by dispensers. The arrows inflict hunger and wither.
    • Some cobwebs on the bridge can negate some of the knockback from the arrows.
    • There is sand and water below. The water doesn't kill if you go into it, so try using it to not get fall damages if you fall.
  • After this, there will be some parkour with ladders and stalactites with pigmen spawners. Complete it and get to the wave room.
  • Complete the wave room, composed of 5 Cursed Crew skeletons and 1 Cursed Corsair, and drop down. Go to the anvil and get the Sail and also 3 chests. (1 in the room with the Sail and 2 on the ship).
  • You will exit this room through one of the ships in the arrow bridge room, jump into the water to avoid fall damage.

Rudder - Hunger Bridge Challenge (7/10)

  • Go to the western side of the second cavern. You will see an iron pressure plate in front of a long bridge with large lit torches. Step on the plate to start the puzzle.
  • You must go through the bridge only when the torches are lit. Otherwise, you will get wither and hunger X.
  • Get to the other side. You will see a sign next to a small door. Break through it by sprint-jumping into it.
  • After this, there will be a short but extremely hard parkour jump needed to get into the wave room. Take your time.
  • Complete the wave room, use the piston to get up the ladder, and get the Rudder plus 3 chests.
  • You will exit this room by pressing a wooden button that will open a door to the waterfall close to the start of this challenge.

Once you get the 5 ship parts, go to the table next to the boat on the west side of the cavern, stand on the golden plate and throw the ship parts one by one on the right order to build the ship.

Gather all your mates on the ship, then right-click on the fence gate to move the ship forward.

Before each ship stop, there will be some ranged Cursed Crew skeletons with a Punch X bow standing on some logs on the sides of the cavern. Try to shoot them before you get near them so they don't have the range to shoot you out of the ship.

When you've killed the skeletons, move the boat all the way forward to the next dock.

When the boat stops, 2 Cursed Crew with stone swords will spawn and try to invade the ship. Kill them and proceed.

First Ship Stop (8/10)

  • Get to the top of the cave.
  • When you reach the end of the cave, look on the eastern side of the cavern, there will be a hidden wooden button behind the ferns. Shoot this button to open the gate to the tree room.
  • In this room, you're gonna have to parkour up a tree. The room has no zombie spawners.
  • Once you get on the top of the tree, get in the next room and restock using the chests here.

First Wave Room (9/10)

  • Once you press the button in the middle of the room, a wave room will start.
  • There are 9 waves. The further you go in the wave room, the more zombies and pigmen will spawn.
  • When the 9th wave spawns, a Cursed Quartermaster will spawn at the same time as the zombies. This skeleton is really fast, has a lot of health, and deal 2.5 hearts of damage to full-iron players.
  • After defeating the skeleton, a cannonball will drop in the middle of the room. Grab it.
  • Get back to the boat and use the cannonball on the cannon to clear the way for the boat.
  • Kill the Cursed Crew and get to the second ship stop.

Second Ship Stop (8/10)

  • Get to the top of the cave, there will be a piston aiming to the east side, with a wooden pressure plate below it.

Stand on the wooden plate and jump instantly, and you should be launched to the other side of the room. If you do it wrong, you will get launched in the water. Then you will get on the middle of the 4 pistons and press the wooden button to get launched on top of the room. To reach the wave room, you're gonna have to parkour across the lanterns on the west side, then go upstairs. Once you get in the wave room, you can collect the 6 supply chests.

Second Wave Room (9/10)

  • Once you press the button in the middle of the room, a wave room will start. Same circumstances as the first wave room apply here.
  • After defeating the Cursed Quartermaster, a cannonball will drop in the middle of the room. Grab it.
  • Get back in the room with the lanterns, but instead of going upstairs, go downstairs and drop into cobweb, then make your way to the ship.
  • Before you get to the third ship stop, there will be 2 Cursed Crew on the top, but also 2 Cursed Crew that you will only be able to shoot when close to them, which means that they will be able to shoot back.
    • Try to hide behind the mast, shoot them, and instantly hide, to avoid being knocked off the boat.

Third Ship Stop (10/10)

  • Get on the top of the cave to enter the next room.
  • In this room, you're gonna have to do some parkour while having blindness. The first jump is on the south side. Jump from the stone to the stair.
  • Once you get to the end of the blindness room, look at the back of the room on the south side, and shoot the wooden button to open the next room.
  • The next room is hard-timed parkour, but it has a water refill and no zombie spawners.
  • Every time you shoot the 2 wooden buttons on the same line, it spawns the parkour, but be careful, you're gonna have to parkour in the middle of cobblestone walls and fences.
  • Once you get in the wave room, you can restock on some chests.

Third Wave room (9/10)

  • Same as the last two wave rooms.
  • To get back to the ship, go back in the blindness room, and get on the fences on the left side of it. This leads you to a ladder to go back to the cave.

Mini-Boss Trial (8/10)

  • When you get to the last dock, 2 Cursed Crew will spawn.
  • There will be 2 doors, one on the east and one on the west, each containing a puzzle room and min-boss.
  • Once the 2 mini-bosses are defeated, press the button on the southside of the dock and enter the room.

Wither Bridge Challenge (8/10)

  • To open this room, look north from the boat, and on each side of the cavern, there will be a wooden button to shoot.
  • In this room, you need to get across the wooden bridge, but there will be 14 dispensers of wither skulls shooting at you. If you get hit by a wither skull, you get wither II for 20 seconds.
  • Every wave of wither skulls, 4 lights will be on, if you get on the line of those lights, you won't get hit by the wither effect.
  • Once you get to the other side of the bridge, walk on the andesite and it will automatically break.
  • You're now in another wave room with 6 chests that you can collect.

Fourth Wave Room (7/10)

  • At the start of the wave room, 9 Cursed Crew will spawn.
  • 30 seconds after, a Cursed Firstmate will appear, stronger than the Cursed Quartermaster and deals 3 hearts of damage full-iron.
  • When you defeat the skeleton, a ladder will appear in the middle of the room. Use it to get back to the wither bridge room.
  • Drop on the sand and run to the ladder at the opposite side of the room, then head through the hallway back to the intersection.

Moving Boats Challenge (8/10)

  • To open the door to this room, step on the 3 note blocks with the wooden pressure plates close from the door.
  • In this room, there are 6 wooden buttons, 3 on each side. Whenever a wooden button is shot, a boat will spawn on the same line, and move to the other side.
  • You have to shoot each button one by one to spawn all the boats and parkour on them to get across the water.
    • The water in this area gives Poison I as long as you remain in it.

Fifth Wave Room (6/10)

  • Same rules as the fifth wave room.
  • After defeating the skeleton, go back to the previous room and make your way back to the trial by parkouring on the lanterns on the roof of the room.

Boss Room (10/10)

  • The boss room starts at the moment any player gets in the middle of the room. There are 10 waves of skeletons that will spawn in 5 different places.
  • The goal of this wave room is to protect the island in the middle. If any skeleton manages to get on the island, it will give wither, blindness, slowness, and nausea to everyone in the room for 3 seconds.
    • The estimated amount of enemies that spawn per wave are as follow:
      • Wave 1: 25 Scallywag (and other name variations) (5 per spawn point).
        • Scallywags are unarmored skeletons that can be easily killed.
      • Wave 2: 25 Scallywag
      • Wave 3: 25 Scallywag / 5 Cursed Crew
      • Wave 4: 25 Scallywag / 10 Cursed Crew
      • Wave 5: 25 Scallywag / 5 Cursed Crew / 5 Cursed Corsairs
      • Wave 6: 25 Scallywag / 10 Cursed Crew / 5 Cursed Corsairs
      • Wave 7: 25 Scallywag / 10 Cursed Crew / 5 Cursed Corsairs / 5 Cursed Firstmate
      • Wave 8: 25 Scallywag / 10 Cursed Crew / 5 Cursed Corsairs / 5 Cursed Quartermaster
      • Wave 9: 25 Scallywag / 10 Cursed Crew / 5 Cursed Corsairs / 5 Cursed Quartermaster / 5 Cursed Firstmate
      • Wave 10: 25 Scallywag / 15 Cursed Crew / 10 Cursed Corsairs / 5 Cursed Quartermaster / 5 Cursed Firstmate
  • When you are done with the 10 waves, a ladder appears on the south side and you can access the loot room and get the Blunderbuss and the 50 chests.


  • This dungeon is pirate-themed, hence why you obtain the Blunderbuss from this dungeon.
  • There are multiple cakes found throughout the dungeon. This will help battle the lack of food from spending time in the dungeon and also doubles as a small reward.
  • Originally, the torch bridge was completely RNG-based, and the first time it was attempted the effect radius when someone got close to it was broken, resulting in an entire server almost starving to death.
  • The dungeon was so long it had to be cut into two parts. The second one never released. It was re-released in MineZː Origins on May 9th, 2020.
  • Zerbia Depths is the most difficult dungeon to ever exist in MineZ due to its exceptionally difficult and lengthy trials. It was so difficult that the staff team held a competition - the "Zerbia Challenge" - in order to motivate groups to complete the dungeon. The Pirate's Rally cosmetic was awarded to members of the first three groups to beat the dungeon.
  • This dungeon is soloable - there are no puzzles or challenges that require more than one player to complete. However, the gear requirement to conquer every challenge in the dungeon without help is so great that few people have ever even tried, and only two people have ever done it.
  • The loot room of this dungeon has very unique loot, only found in Zerbia Depths.
  • The loot room used to be the only place on the map where Protection 1 iron chestplate and leggings could be found.