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Inside the Wizard Tower

The Wizard Tower is a large tower in the northern canyons which houses a puzzle-based Tier 3 dungeon. The only way to get in is to parkour up the broken blocks surrounding the tower. Inside the tower, a bridge gives access to a series of chambers built into the cliffside which comprise the dungeon. Atop the tower, there are a few crafting tables, 3 mil_mythics, and a Zombie Pigman spawner. This dungeon was updated in the MineZ Pre-Origins Update and also received minor changes in post-origins.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (215, -3165)
Difficulty: 5.8/10
Number of Chests: 23
Dungeon Type: Tier 3
Zombie Content: Unbelievably High - Zombie Pigmen Spawners
Parkour Content: High
Puzzle/Trap Content: Low
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: None

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table
New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Wooden chest.png Dungeon Chests 15
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 1
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Food Loot
Beetroot.png Common Chests

Wheat.png Uncommon Chests

Pumpkin pie.png Rare Chests

Potion Loot
Potion Drink Health.gif Common Chests

Potion Splash Health.gif Uncommon Chests

Glowstone dust.png Rare Chests

Military Loot
Arrow.png Common Chests

Sugar.png Uncommon Chests

Ender pearl.png Rare Chests 3
Gunpowder.png Epic Chests 3
Diamond axe.png Mythic Chests 3

Dungeon Chest Loot

Name Image Spawn Rate
3 Arrows of Fire Resistance (22s)   6.0%
3 Arrows of Slowness II (11s)   6.0%
3 Arrows of Leaping II (11s)   6.0%
Ectoplasm Gel   3.0%
Pristine Chain Helmet   5.0%
Pristine Chain Chestplate   5.0%
Pristine Chain Leggings   5.0%
Pristine Chain Boots   5.0%
Iron Helmet   3.0%
Iron Chestplate   3.0%
Iron Leggings   3.0%
Iron Boots   3.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite II)
Iron Sword
(Smite II, Knockback I)
Grenade   2.0%
(Power I, Punch I)
(Power II)
Potion of Healing II   8.0%
Splash Potion of Healing I   8.0%
Splash Potion of Healing II   4.0%
Lingering Potion of Healing I   3.0%
Potion of Swiftness II   1.5%
Glowstone Dust   1.5%

Loot Chests

  • Tower
    • Code Room (2nd Floor)
      • 3 mil_rare
    • Third Floor
      • 3 mil_epic
    • Top Floor Balcony
      • 3 mil_mythic
  • Dungeon
    • Overgrown Room
      • 2 dungeon_tier_2
    • Cauldron Room
      • 1 dungeon_tier_2
    • Loot Room
      • 10 dungeon_tier_3
      • 2 dungeon_tier_4

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Muramasa   Has a chance to take away one hunger bar from any player you're attacking. If successful, it displays to them the message "Hungry?" in pink letters in the chat.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Entrance (Difficulty: 6/10)

  • Go to the floor of the canyon and find the spot where the tower debris has hit the floor.
  • Parkour upwards. You have to get high enough to jump through a hole in the tower's wall, reaching the Code Room.
    • Above y=39, missing a jump will be fatal to an unprotected player. Look before you leap!
  • Input the Code: Life, Death, Rebirth and the iron door on western side of the tower should have opened.
  • If you want, you can loot the three mil_rares in this room to get a small refill on supplies, climb higher to reach three mil_epics, or climb yet higher to find three mil_mythics next to an extremely active Zombie Pigman spawner.
  • Walk through the iron door and over the bridge.
  • Once you load into the dungeon instance, you're in a rather pretty room with a fountain and rooms at the back to the left and right. Though you must complete both rooms, it is recommended to go left first for a variety of reasons.

Overgrown Parkour (Difficulty: 4/10)

  • In this room, there are four buttons on the upper alcoves you need to press - one for each cardinal direction. To get to them, you'll need to beat some of MineZ's hardest parkour.
  • Start in the back-right corner. Parkour clockwise to reach the alcove with the western button. From here, you must make your way to the northern and eastern buttons without falling. If you do, the only way back up is to finish the back-right section again.
    • The northern button must be pressed twice. There is no reason for this.
  • The southern button is more forgiving, and can be accessed from the back-left side without parkouring around the whole room.
  • Once all buttons are pressed, you will receive a message in chat. If you've already done the Cauldron Room, a staircase will open up in the main room's floor If not, go there now.

Cauldron Room (Difficulty: 4/10)

  • On the first floor in this room, there are four buttons. Each gives a unique item - Rotten Flesh, a slimeball, a Potato, and a Red Mushroom.
  • Once you gather each item, parkour from the second floor onto the huge hanging cauldron.
  • Throw the four items you have gathered in the cauldron in this order: Mushroom, Flesh, Slimeball, Potato
  • If you did it correctly, many zombies will spawn. If not, many pigmen will spawn on top of you.
  • A correct combination will flag the room as complete, and open the staircase in the main room if the overgrown section has been finished as well. You now must deal with the zombies however you see fit, and return to the main room.

Repairing the Orbs (Difficulty: 7/10)

NOTE: This room is fast-paced, and it is difficult to do it justice with words. We recommend that you watch the video guide for a good idea of what is going on here.

  • Once you enter, there will be a button in front of you. Pressing this will close the room and permanently bridge the gap in front of you.
  • Above you are six banners made of colored wool. When shot, they spawn a splattering of glass blocks over the 30-plus-block drop to the floor below. Although waterfalls soak part of the floor, most of the floor is not safe to land on. Your task is to shoot the banners, parkour across the glass, and press a button inside each of the three floating orbs.
    • The button near the center of the room will shoot arrows at the banners, but this is only sufficient to reach one of the orbs. You must use a bow and arrow to activate the banners as you need them, and the parkour they spawn will despawn slightly less than fifteen seconds after being activated.
    • There are many zombie spawners in this room. Don't look away from your game for too long...

Each banner is essential to completing at least one of the parkour sections. Ordered from West to East (from the shooting button to the room's entrance), there is first a light blue, second cyan, third dark blue, fourth black, fifth dark gray, and sixth a light gray banner. These will be respectively referred to as 1 through 6 from now on (e.g. the Black banner is #4)

Southwest Orb (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • To start out, run to the south side of the room and shoot #1 with your bow & arrows. You can also use the shooting button - you have enough time here.
  • Work your way south across the glass bridge at a brisk pace. Once possible, jump to the lower of the two orbs on this side and press the button within.

North Orb (Difficulty: 4/10)

  • The next-hardest task is on the north side of the room. Go there, and shoot #2.
  • Jump to the glass blocks from the right side of the southmost waterfall of the three waterfalls on the north side. Continue this parkour until you jump to the floating ruins of an orb (with no button), where you can rest.
  • Now, shoot #4, #5, and #6 in quick succession. This will spawn the rest of the parkour to the orb. Finish it and press the button.

Southeast Orb (Difficulty: 8/10)

NOTE: Read this whole section before attempting the final orb. You do not have time to look at the wiki while completing the parkour.

  • This is the deadliest challenge. Return to the south side and shoot #1 - do NOT use the shooting button.
  • You must parkour to the highest block of the glass blocks on the south side of the parkour bridge, near the southwest orb. The final jump to get there is hard, and completely fatal to an unprotected player.
  • Once on here, quickly shoot #4 and jump to one of the glass blocks it created. Even with perfect play, you will only make this jump by a few seconds.
  • Now, shoot #2 and #3. This will complete the parkour bridge to the Southeast Orb. Make the jumps and press the last button.

Loot Room (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • Completing all three orbs opens the door to the loot room. You can reach this door through the portal at the back of the room, or by carefully dropping down to the platform below the shooting button.
  • Quickly pick up your legendary from the back of the loot room. A glitch may cause you to teleport out of the room at random, so you want to be sure you have acquired this item.
  • Now, loot your 10 tier 3 and 2 tier 4 dungeon chests. The T4s are the ones arranged back-to-back on the center table.
    • The loot room also has brewing stands, with which you may use any gunpowder you've found in the chests.
  • To exit, jump through the end gates in the back corners of the loot room. You will be placed in front of the sealed entrance at the bottom of the tower.
  • Congratulations, you've beaten Wizard Tower!

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Because this dungeon is a reliable source of iron armor and its legendary is viable in PVP combat, some Al Hasa Bandits come here for gear. Be very careful of anybody you see here, especially those who have a rank or a Bandit tag.
  • Water is only present inside the dungeon. The Tower itself only contains 2 full cauldrons at the top.
  • If you cannot perform parkour well, it is recommended to feather falling boots from the Floating Islands before you come here.
  • There are many parts where you can take small amounts of damage by falling, so you may want to bring many potions.
  • There are many zombie spawners here, meaning you may need extra swords.
    • You will also want snowballs or a grenade to help clear out the cauldron room, or at least to distract the many zombies.
    • Conversely, although a bow and arrow are required for this dungeon, you needn't bring one here. You may easily get what you need from the nine chests in the tower and/or the three restock chests.
      • With perfect play, you need at least eight arrows to beat the dungeon as described above.
  • This is the best location in MineZ to acquire a lot of Mushroom Stew. Bring a high-durability wooden hoe, and as many bowls as you intend to fill with stew. Then, pick up some brown mushrooms from the floor of the Overgrown Room with your hoe, and craft them with red mushrooms from the Amanita Muscaria dispenser. The dispenser will spawn as many mushrooms as you want for free, and you can reload the instance to reset the brown mushroom spawns.
    • Amanita Muscaria has other weird behaviors. If you right-click it, it disappears, and you receive five seconds of Jump Boost II. This is the same effect as an identically-named item from Wonderland 2020's Travelling Snowman events.
      • Unfortunately, you cannot transfer this effect to other areas - the mushroom and other dungeon items are lost when you leave the instance. However, you are still able to make the stews.


  • There is a sign at the top of the tower that reads, "Remember the word 'happiness.' It may help," referring to the code at the end of Necromancer Tower.
    • Necromancer Tower also has such a sign on its roof, hinting at the code used to enter the bridge from the tower in turn.
  • Wizard Tower was opened on June 16th, 2013. There were far more pigman spawners on the parkour, and the only content after the bridge was a large, brutal wave room comparable in modern terms to the Zerbia Depths quartermaster waves.
    • The original design of the tower was brought back for April Fools 2018, along with the old wave room. The tower contained a single mil_rare chest and the Lore Block was located inside in the form of 2 Lore Books.
  • Like most other dungeons, Wizard Tower was stripped of its unique legendary in the Secret Update, making completing that wave room a rather pointless endeavour.
  • The Pre-Origins update overhauled the interior, with the cauldron puzzle, the challenging overgrown parkour, and the parkour-based boss room. There are minor differences between this Wizard Tower and the one we know today.
    • It was once possible to access the bottom of the main tower by using a hidden portal located behind the tree, where there is now a dungeon_tier_2.
    • The boss room consisted of plates to be stood on, rather than buttons to press. This incentivized the use of Zombie Bows from Devil's Respite to beat the dungeon easily.
    • There were still many more pigman spawners guarding the exterior parkour, and the bottom of the boss room was an instant-kill void. When the modern Dungeon Tier System was introduced, these features were removed to make the dungeon more fitting of its Tier 3 loot.
  • Obviously, Wizard Tower was not instanced until instances were introduced in the MineZ re-code. This was problematic because the boss room would lock up once started, forcing dungeoneers to wait for a server reboot to attempt the dungeon.
  • The Tower received a reskin for Halloween 2018, making it look like a piece of candy corn.


Before you, trapped in a timeless explosion, sits the once grand tower of Wizards.

Powerful wielders of long gone magic, the kind and knowledgeable wizards were welcomed by all. They sought to use their gifts to help better humanity and devoted their lives to the protection of humanity.

Their magic was only rivaled by that of the Necromancers, wielders of dark and potent magic from a source far fouler and devious than that of Hestril.

Though it went against everything they stood for, a pact was formed with necromancers when it became apparent the once benevolent elemental gods had become corrupt.

The wizards of this tower could not have known what awaited them once the elemental gods were removed from this plane. Magic ceased to flow, and the field surrounding this tower collapsed.


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