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Sneak up on mobs, stab them from behind, use your smoke bomb and escape.

Class Information

The Shadow can walk in shadows and backstab enemies for massive damage.
The Shadow can also backstab while out of the shadows, but will deal less damage.
The Shadow can also use their smoke bomb to stun enemies near where they throw it.

Ability breakdown

Skeleton skull.png Shadow Walk masks the player completely in shadow, confusing the enemy, making them unable to see you.
While in Shadow Walk, Backstab deals more damage.
The values for Shadow Walk are as follows:

Stealth Unlock I Beat


Invisibility Duration 5.0s 6.0s 7.0s 8.0s
Twinkle Toes Unlock I - II
Speed Boost 0% 20% - 40%
Cost 100 400 1000 2000
Mana Cost 5

Gold sword.png Backstab allows the player to deal more damage from behind an enemy, possibly one-shotting a strong enemy.
Backstab deals more damage while Shadow Walking.
The values for Backstab are as follows:

Sneak Attack Unlock I Beat


Damage Multiplier (Shadowwalk) 1.5x 1.75x 2x 2.25x
Opportunistic Strike Unlock I - II
Damage Multiplier (Visible) 1.0x 1.25x - 1.5x
Cost 100 400 1000 2000
Backstab Angle 30°

Firework Star.png Smoke Bomb, when thrown, clouds a group of enemies in darkness, stopping them from being able to move for a short time.
The values for Smoke Bomb are as follows:

Disorient Unlock I Beat


Duration 2.0s 2.5s 3.0s 3.5s
Powder Unlock I - II
Radius 2 3 - 4
Cost 100 400 1000 2000
Mana Cost 5
Throw Velocity 1.0x

Tips & Strategies

  • None so far