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File:Feather.pngPotion Splash Health.gifPotion Splash Slowness.gifPotion Splash Leaping.gifPotion Splash Fire Resistance.gif

Use your arsenal of potions to turn the tide of battle.

Double jump with ease, thanks to your featherlight potion you accidently spilled on yourself in your lab.

Class Information

The Alchemist, like the Acrobat from Annihilation, can double jump every 10 seconds.
The Alchemist can also throw many potions, such as:

  • An Instant Health potion that will heal the player and damage undead monsters.
  • A Slowness potion that can slow down enemies.
  • A Frost potion to freeze enemies in place while dealing some damage, but will be immediately unfrozen if the frozen enemy is damaged.
  • A Flame potion to set your enemies on fire and have them run wild.

Ability breakdown

File:Feather.png The Double Jump ability is unlocked by default.
Using the Double Jump is as easy as pressing the spacebar twice in succession.
After a Double Jump, you will have a 10 second cooldown before you are able to use the Double Jump again.
Unlike most abilities, this one uses no mana.

Potion Splash Health.gif The Vial of Health is as advertised: It's a potion that gives you health.
It can also be used to damage undead monsters.
The values for the potion are as follows:

Vial of Health Unlock
Mana Cost 5
Cooldown 7s
Cost 20

Potion Splash Slowness.gif The Vial of Force can be used to slow enemies for over 1 minute.
The values are as follows:

Vial of Force Unlock
Mana Cost 5
Cooldown 7s
Pull Force 1.0x
Push Force 1.0x
Cost 40

Potion Splash Leaping.gif The Vial of Frost can be used to freeze enemies in place.
Enemies frozen in place cannot deal damage, but will be immediately unfrozen if damaged by any source.
The values for this ability are as follows:

Vial of Frost Unlock - - - Beat


- Beat


Deeper Freeze - I II III IV V
Duration 5.0s 8.0s ??? ??? 14.0s ???
Sharp Ice - - - I - -
Damage 0.25/s - - ??? - -
Cost 200 500 ???? 5000 ???? ????
Mana Cost 5
Cooldown 7s

Potion Splash Fire Resistance.gif The Vial of Flame will set enemies aflame.
When on fire, enemies will take consistent damage. They will also run like wild.
The values for this ability are as follows:

Vial of Flame Unlock
Mana Cost 5
Cooldown 7s
Initial Damage 2.0
Burn Duration 3.0s
Cost 200

Tips & Strategies

  • None so far