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You are the Sword.

You do +1 damage with any melee weapon and an additional +1 when you go into a Frenzy.

Use Frenzy to run into battle and heal yourself.

Class Information

Unlock: Reach Silver-I Rank (2,000p)

The Warrior will start out with a Wooden Sword, a Potion of Instant Health I, and blaze powder to activate Frenzy. The Warrior deals +1 ( ) melee damage. Right-click Frenzy to activate for 12 second.

  • The Warrior will deal +1 additional damage, adding on to the +1 damage passive ability.
  • The Warrior will gain Speed I.
  • Every 4 seconds, the Warrior will heal 2 HP ( ), up to 6 HP total (   ).


  • +1 ( ) damage with any melee weapon.
  • Another +1 ( ) damage while in a frenzy.
  • Instant healing every 4 seconds while in a frenzy.
  • Use Speed to catch up to enemies, or engage.
  • One of only 4 classes that spawn with a health potion.


  • No advantages in ranged battle.
  • The bonus melee damage is NOT true damage, and will be reduced by armor and such.
  • Only gives you a melee advantage, while armor is completely vulnerable. Effective in the short run.

Tips & Tactics

  • The bonus damage is not affected by Critical hits or Strength.
  • Upgrade to an iron sword as fast as you can, since it will essentially do the damage of a diamond sword.
  • Use the time in between battles to drink your instant health potion and be prepared for your next fight.
  • Activate Frenzy when you really need to deal large amounts of damage (e.g. to heavily armored people).

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