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Strategies, Tips.
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Overview of Villages, with its markers.

The map Villages is a map added in 2014. This map is nearly flat as it is a representation of a medieval village, and the most efficient ways to gain a vertical advantage is to use Scout to grapple between rooftops, another class that is frequently used is Acrobat to jump from rooftop to rooftop. In 2015 the Ender Furnace was moved to the enchanting room.

The mines are placed all over the map, the coal mine is next to the right side of the Nexus, and next to the coal mine there is the first iron mine, these mines are shaped as little buildings representing a blacksmith. The second iron mine is slightly to the left of the base near the small fountain that is facing the large tree in your base.

Gold mine is located at the center of your base (not the whole map), you can find it easily by tracking the large fountain that's in front of the mine. The entrance to the mine is through a house where you can find some ores as well as in the actual mine. The Redstone mine is deep mine located almost behind the gold mine, near the park that leads to mid. Emeralds can be found to the far left in a building designed as an Emerald shop, you can find it next to the river separating the bases. Diamonds are found in the middle of the map in a bazaar that has a fountain.

Markers on the map detail the location of the mines (see the appropriate icon), Ender Furnace (furnace), Nexus (Colored Star) and wither arenas (wither head).


  • The Nexus building has a tower that provides an access to the roof, use that as a safe escape after you attack the enemy's Nexus.
  • Strategy 2
  • Strategy 3


  • While this map may seem confusing at first, there are some signs that point to where the mines are
  • Losing people is easy if you put a little distance between you and them and sneak
  • Tip 3


  • Vectole