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DELETE THIS NOTICE WHEN FINISHED. Next Class is Transporter. Summary of this Annihilation Class, popular uses, current meta regarding play style and any barriers to switching classes.


IMG IMG IMG IMG IMG IMG You are the innovator. The tinkerer has focused on improving technology in the battlefield and have developed PowerPads that buff themselves or their team when they walk over them.

Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

Class info

The tinkerer starts with a stone sword, a Speed I powerpad (redstone block), a Haste I powerpad (coal block) and 10 soulbound books.

To activate a powerpad, place it on the ground. When stepped on by you or a teammate, it will grant its respective buff for its respective duration. In the case of redstone/coal blocks, that is Speed I/Haste I for 45 seconds. Additional powerpads may be obtained in the form of their respective blocks; when they are placed, a pressure plate will automatically be generated and they will act as powerpads.

In addition to the two pads you spawn with, an additional three types of pads may be obtained, including a Speed II powerpad (diamond block), Haste II powerpad (gold block) and Absorption I powerpad (emerald block). Each will grant their respective effect for 20 seconds, except for the Aborption I powerpad (emerald block) whose buff lasts 15 seconds. You will receive a small amount of XP each time a player steps on a pad, granted they are receiving a fully new buff. Stepping on a pad at any time will fully refill its buff.

Stepping on a higher level powerpad and then stepping on a lower level powerpad of the same buff type will not replace the higher level buff until it expires.

All pads last until they are broken, which may be done by anyone. The pads are returned to your inventory with the exception of diamond power pads- they are fragmented into 8 diamonds, giving you and the person who broke it 4 diamonds each.

The 10 books at spawn can be used to disenchant items, except for armor, with full durability. Simply place the enchanted item and one book anywhere in the crafting grid. The enchant will then be moved to that book and can be used in an anvil to transfer to another item given an XP cost. Any items disenchanted will be lost and only the book with the enchant will remain.


Good support class by buffing teammates with speed, haste and absorption. Passive experience flow if you place your pads in high traffic areas. Can take good enchants off a bad item and put it on a good one if it's full durability.


Only starts with 2 powerpads, more must be mined. Tips & Tactics Place Speed pads at base and at mid, place Haste pads in mines and at mid for best results. Haste pads are also handy for Nexus breaking if your team is rushing the enemy. Use both power pads to help with teleporter rushes. If you got a bad enchant on a tool, you can take that enchant off of it and try again. Absorption pads are extremely powerful when used correctly- place them in your midbase to negate most damage from arrows.

Video Review

Slightly outdated. (But still relevant?)