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You are the Hammer.

Once every 45 seconds, unleash the power of the heavens upon your enemies, dealing 4 true damage.

Your hammer additionally is a great weapon in combat, send your enemies flying with your knockback hammer!

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

  • Thor comes with a wooden sword, wooden tools and a Hammer (gold axe).
  • Right click with your Hammer to lightning strike enemies up to 10 blocks away for 5 magic damage.
  • You will gain Resistance 1 for 20 seconds alongside a 40 second cooldown.
  • 5 magic damage is 2.5 hearts (   ) of health, it will get reduced by the protection enchant value.
  • The Hammer is also enchanted with Unbreaking 10, Knockback 1 so you can knock enemies away if need be.


  • Multi-target, magic damage lightning strikes.
  • Resistance from ability helps to tank mid-fights.
  • Able to knock enemies away when running away.


  • None.

Tips & Tactics

  • Use the lightning strike in an area well populated by enemies. Mid is a good place.
  • Combined with a Swapper near the void, you are able to knock almost anyone down into the void. Although, this is usually done as a last-ditch tactic.

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