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Step 1ː Don't speak of Banditing.}}
Step 1ː Don't speak of Banditing.}}
===Lore Book=== <!--T:14-->
===Lore Book=== <!--T:14-->
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The tether was woven into our world, its influence apparent, but never being seen. It existed in a sub-reality and was said to be highly unstable if it was stayed in for too long.}}
The tether was woven into our world, its influence apparent, but never being seen. It existed in a sub-reality and was said to be highly unstable if it was stayed in for too long.}}
===External Lore=== <!--T:17-->
===External Lore=== <!--T:17-->

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This page contains major spoilers of end-game MineZ content and lore.

Inside The Library of Axis Mundi.

The Library of Axis Mundi is a massive underground location boasting expansive knowledge about the MineZ world. It was added with the Secret Project Update and it holds some very special loot. In order to access the library the Dusk Fragment from Shrine of the Dusk, the Dawn Fragment from Path of Light and the Rod of Reclamation from Overgrown Tomb have to be obtained in advance. The Library of Axis Mundi is generally regarded as the current end-game location of MineZ.

General Information
Coordinates: (800, -3835)
Location Message: N/A
Number of Buildings: 1
Zombie Threat: Low
Number of Chests: 14
Lootable Graves: None
Risk of Bandits: Very Low

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting table.png Crafting Table
Farm.png Farm
Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Axis Mundi Loot
Enchanted Regular Book.gif Axis Mundi Chests 14
Path of the Eclipsed
Bone.png Old Gnawed Bone
Map.png Eclipsed Map
Eyeofdarkness.png Eye of Darkness
Firework Star.png Dusk Fragment
Nether Star.gif Dawn Fragment
Stick.png Rod of Reclamation
Map.png Eclipsed Seal

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • After throwing the three keys into the three hoppers, the door to Axis Mundi will open and the entrance will only stay open for 30 seconds.
  • Upon opening the Library of Axis Mundi the Emerald Shard will spawn in the hand of the corpse outside the exit door. This will disappear upon reboot, so make sure you pick it up as soon as you enter. Note that there is no button on the other side of the door so you will need a friend to let you back into the Library.
  • To obtain the Eclipsed Seal you must step on the emerald block by the dispenser on the west side of the Library.
  • Unless you have the three keys, it will be a wasted trip here, as all the loot spawns inside the Library.
    • Note that the Dusk Fragment must be exalted by completing Path of Light and the Dawn Fragment must also be exalted by completing Overgrown Tomb.
  • This location contains no food, so be sure to bring enough.
  • While there are water fountains inside, you cannot refill your water inside the library. Make sure to bring plenty of water bottles.
    • You can stay as long as you want inside the library, as long as you have food and water.
    • On average you will most likely obtain one Sharpness V or Smite V book per water bottle.
  • Natural zombie spawns are rare inside, but be careful of trapped chests.
  • To exit, go through a hole in the bookshelves in the north side of the ground floor, and press a stone button on the wall to open the exit door. Drop down onto carpet-covered slime blocks, then follow the tunnel to the surface.
  • Whenever players enter the Library of Axis Mundi they typically bring large groups of up to twenty players on average. Be wary of looting the Library of Axis Mundi on public servers if you know that another group has recently visited.
  • Players you encounter here will typically be non-aggressive, but be careful of bandits that may be camping the exit of the location.


  • Upon the release of the Tome Update, there was a bug where you could use the Seal of Space to teleport inside the Library of Axis Mundi without needing any of the keys. This is why the button door was added to the exit of the Library.
  • The Library of Axis Mundi is the only place to get books enchanted with Smite and Sharpness. These essentially serve as swords without a durability bar, and cannot be used to enchant other weapons with Sharpness or Smite.
  • The Secret Project iteration of this location required at least 7 players to step on pressure plates simultaneously for the Eclipsed Seal.
  • The Library of Axis Mundi was closed for an extensive period of time between the Pre-Origins Update and the Origins Update.
  • This location was widely considered the "lore endgame" by players before the release of Origins.
  • Axis Mundi is believed to be the world center or the connection between Heaven and Earth in certain beliefs and philosophies, which ties into the Lore of MineZ where Axis Mundi served as the connection between the human world and Hestril's domain. It can also be found in cultures with technically advanced "urban centers".
  • The strange symbols on the walls in the library correspond to the runic alphabet.
  • You can see the ruins of Axis Mundi on the surface, and look down a glass skylight into the library.


Lore Block

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (477, 131, -3873).
How to tie your shoes

You wanna learn how to tie your shoes?
It's a very easy thing to do.
Just sit down and I'll give you the scoop...
What's that, you think to yourself?
It's called the loop-de-loop.
You put a lace in each hand.
You go over and under again, take your loop-de-loop and pull and your shoes are looking coolǃ

  • The lore block is located at the easternmost point of the second floor at (626, 139, -3837).
Escape Rooms ̥ Youː A Guide

You've done it again, you're stuck in a roomǃ
No worries. Keep an ear to the wall from start to finish.
The light ahead of you will lead you to the endǃ

  • The lore block is located by the dinosaur statues on the east side of the second floor at (589, 139, -3837).
These creatures are unlike any you have seen before.

Creatures larger than you've ever seen before...

  • The lore block is located at the westernmost point of the second floor at (455, 139, -3837).
Here, buried beneath layers of time, lies the great library of Axis Mundi, the ancient city created by Hestril.

This mythical city was the focal point of the world, through which all magic flowed. Under Hestril's careful tenure life blossomed from this point, and it was here that sages and oracles alike communed with the gods.
Yet, when Hestril was sealed his tether and his influence was cut. His magic that once wove an elaborate tapestry through the land was now lost, and this great city went with it - crumbling into the earth.
As the world grew more chaotic, this library alone was spared, its knowledge being preserved.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf on the second floor at (565, 144, -3803).
The Art of Banditing.

Step 1ː Don't speak of Banditing.

Lore Book

  • The lore block is located by the exit door at (523, 116, -3882).

The Library - Saros

Tales go deeep as time itself.

The oldest of these sits in Axis Mundi.
No longer is it lost.

We have spent months looking for this city.
When Hestril was sealed, it sank into the Earth, but as recent discoveries point to - nothing is lost forever.

As we suspected the story that is told here opposes the story that was found in those dark depths of Helia.
This great library does not even mention Helia. Surely a city so grand and so old would hold some place in this library.

Hestril was not omniscient, yet he was truthful.
What dark games are being played here and who is Dentril?

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (562, 121, -3866).

Creation - Scribe of Hestril

In the beginning there was one, and he was known as Hestril; his brilliance shining forward into the empty void. Light rushed forward, pockmarking the black nothingness and at last the universe and its host of stars came to be.

Yet this creation was empty - merely a blank slate with no authors.
From himself, he gave life to four others - gods of all elements.

Agni, God and Goddess over the flames of life.
Simoon, God of the wind.
Therum, Goddess of water.
Pluvia, God of water and wisdom.

Together they created the Earth and all of its wonders.
However, this creation weakened Hestril, who had lost a portion of his brilliance.
Yet, the new earth beckoned, cooling from its creation. All would be made right through Hestril.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (536, 131, -3805).

Humanity - Scribe of Hestril

Formed by Therum and given life to be Agni, humanity rose from the fresh earth.

Humanity was created and placed upon it - to rule over all other earthly creations.

These first humans were brought to Axis Mundi to be shown to Hestril, so that he could bless them with knowledge of the arcane arts.
To the gods dismay, only a few of these humans were chosen by Hestril to inherit this power.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (520, 131, -3866).

Blessed - Scribe of Hestril

Those blessed with Hestril's grace took this gift and fashioned for themselves a city larger than any man-made city yet, isolated in the jungles of thee east - Agni Ignis.

On each cardinal direction, a statue to the gods that had given us life and, in the center, to hold us all - Hestril.
However, Hestril grew wary of what humanity could do with this gift, and watched carefully from his domain.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (497, 131, -3808).

Sight - Scribe of Hestril

As humanity flourished under the guidance of the elemental gods, they expanded to all corners of the world.

Great settlements took hold in all places but the northern lake. Hestril had reserved this space for his great city, Axis Mundi.

No human could be allowed into the city without gaining his approval, and no other settlements were permitted here.
Hestril made certain that throughout his world, no human abused his gifts. His magic was pure, and represented the truth.

Yet, as all powerful as he was, he was not omniscient.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (477, 121, -3801).

Cleansed - Scribe of Hestril

As the sun rises, so does it set. Darkness creeps in where light can not touch.

Humans in the darkest areas of the world twisted their gift and utilized dark magic for the first time.
Revolting magic, it could not be allowed.

When at last, these fallen mages were revealed, Hestril sought them out with impunity.
He scorched their settlements and those surrounding them to the ground and erased those who had wielded this perversion of his gift.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf at (458, 121, -3808).

Regret - Scribe of Hestril

Hestril regretted this decision to gift this power to mankind.

Those that had been erased in the east would just be the beginning.
Hestril pondered the possibility of resetting it all.

His power had limits. It would not let him destroy this world, but he could create a new one.
One where humans had no control over this magic.

The elemental gods knew their children were not safe.
All they had done, all they had created, could be nullified by Hestril, should he choose to seek a final judgement on this infant world.

There was no choice for the elemental gods. To protect their creations, they would seal away that which had given them life.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf on the second floor at (484, 144, -3795).

Dangerous Tool - Scribe of Hestril

All magic leaves traces on this world.

While the magic of the Gods is woven perfectly without flaw or emotion, human mages are inherently flawed.
Their emotions guide their use of magic, leaving room for imperfections.

Whether it is a great source of volatile magic or a location of magical importance, each action has consequences on the fabric of our reality if harnessed improperly.

It is impossible to know what these consequences could be beforehand.
Magic is wild and unpredictable. If not guided correctly, a mage could become corrupted.

While bending space is a simple process, easily reversible and healable, time is a fickle construct.
We all serve it, and none can escape it. We can not bend, mutate or mutilate it.

Those who Hestril smited had caused small tears in the fabric of spacetime utilizing impure magic.
These rifts that can form aree highly dangerous and unstable.

The ability to gaze back, through the silver curtain of time to events that have happened is an ability no mortal should possess.
Why see an event that you have no control over or no ability to interact with?

What could you possibly gain from this interaction besides endangering our world?
What they saw; it was not a power they should have learned. These are dangerous tools we have been given.

  • The lore block is located on a bookshelf on the second floor at (495, 144, -3878).

The Gift - Scribe of Hestril

Those who Hestril graced could tap into the vast, flowing magic that existed in our world. In time these mages would do great and terrible things with this gift.

Described as a connective web that held our world together, these mages could even travel near-instantly across large distances, using what they called the Tether.

The tether was woven into our world, its influence apparent, but never being seen. It existed in a sub-reality and was said to be highly unstable if it was stayed in for too long.

External Lore

Source of the Lore

In this section you will be quoting lore from external sources not found in-game, for example MineZː Our Story.

Use breaks as you see fit for this section.