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You are the temptation.

Once every minute the Succubus can attempt to suck the remaining life out of an enemy player. If the enemy player has 25% health or less, they are killed immediately and the remaining health is transferred to the Succubus. If by chance the player has more than 25% health, the Succubus will be dealt the remaining health of the enemy player in true damage. Succubus also has a chance to drain an enemy's health on hit.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

  • You have a 2% chance to drain health from an enemy, as well as the ability the see the health of enemy players.
  • You can attempt to drain the remaining health by right clicking an enemy only if they have 25% health (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Half_heart.png) - which translates to 5 health points out of 20 on top of the enemy player or less, or up to 10 health points out of 40 if the enemy has all 20 hearts on Berserker (also note that a Berserker starts with less than 10 hearts, so life-draining a Berserker can be risky). If the enemy player has more than 25% of his health remaining, the Succubus will be dealt the remainder in true damage.
  • The red dye will display how much remaining time is on the cool down (60 seconds cool down per use).
  • While immobilized, the Succubus can not use its passive ability to heal itself.


  • Can instantly kill a weak enemy and heal yourself.
  • Can see the health of enemy players.


  • Bad timing or poor judgement can lead to serious true damage, especially bad if in the middle of a fight.
  • Long cool down per use.

Tips & Tactics

  • Pay attention to the health points above the enemy player (it has to be at 5 or lower for a successful health drain).
  • Offhand the life drain and main hand the sword to increase efficiency.

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