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When you are present in this Wiki and interacting with it, we expect you to follow a set of rules and guidelines. Refusing to follow these rules/guidelines will be met with punishment.

General Rules

  1. Do not vandalize any article.
  2. Do not spam anywhere on the Wiki.
  3. Do not delete or falsify vital information or files.
  4. Keep pages unbiased/neutral. Avoid inserting personal opinions/views in articles and be professional about it.
  5. NSFW content, excessive swearing, and general hate/disrespect are not allowed on any pages.
  6. Do not keep reverting edits or get in edit wars. If you have an issue with another user on this matter, bring it up with an admin. If the user removing your edits IS an admin, you probably shouldn't be undoing them.
  7. Help users when needed and try to work together towards a common goal.

Editing Guidelines

  1. Read each article in its entirety before editing.
  2. Always verify any information you add. Do not add rumors/misinformation into articles.
  3. Remain objective - use "the player", not "you".
  4. Keep an informative tone - do not write as if you are talking to someone.
  5. Avoid linking the same thing more than once on a page.
  6. If you see a link with a color like this, it means it is broken. Fix it or ask for an admin to do it if the page is locked.
  7. Report any issues you find on locked pages to the bureaucrats/admins.
  8. Highlight the term a page is about by marking it as bold in the first paragraph.
  9. If you don't understand where or how to start editing a page (or creating a new one), you should probably look at how other pages are structured.
  10. Make sure to use the appropriate templates and formatting, depending on the gamemode the page is going to be about.
  11. If there's a page that is talking about currently removed content (such as a removed MineZ location or a garage'd gamemode), use Template:Warning and write down said warning.
  12. Make sure to use the Sandbox to test out things before putting them on a page.
  13. To create a page, type the name of the page you want to create and click on "Create the page "NAMEPAGE" on this wiki!".

File Uploading

  1. Item images should be exactly 160x160px or 32x32px and in .png format.
  2. Please check for the image you're looking to use, as it could have been uploaded already.
  3. To know which files haven't been used/could be reported for deletion see here.
  4. Images intended to replace another should be uploaded as a new version of the file as opposed to a new file. An exception to this would be the old image of a MineZ Location that just got rebuilt. The old screenshot should be moved to the Gallery section of that page, for example.
  5. When taking screenshots set the absolute highest graphical options possible (far render distance, fancy graphics, smooth lighting).


  1. All pages should be part of at least one descriptive category.
  2. To add a page to a category, simply add the text, "[[Category:Name]]" to the bottom of the article, replacing "Name" with the name of the desired category.
  3. A list of all existing categories can be found at Special:Categories.
  4. If you feel like improving site categorization, you can find a list of all uncategorized pages at Special:UncategorizedPages.

Pages Needing Work

Depending on how thorough you have been, a page may still be missing some information. Alert other users to what is missing by putting the following at the top of the page.

{{needsinfo|comment= Your comment(s) here}}

Leave a comment so future editors know what needs to be added/fixed and so they know when to remove the template. Any page using this template will also be automatically added to :Category:Needs Information.

Example Pages

Here's a small list of example pages you can quickly copy-paste to create a gamemode-specific page:

  • Anni Classes - Simple Anni Class page format.
    • Anni Maps - For Annihilation map pages, of course.
  • MineZ Locations - It has all the templates needed for a Location page. Some headers might have to be deleted depending on the page.
    • For an in-depth explanation on how to set up a page, look here for location page format and here for dungeon page format.
  • SMASH Map - The template and headers needed for a SMASH Map page.
  • Slaughter Map - Slaughter Map format. Self-explanatory.


For a basic guide about translation for both editors and translators, see here.