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You are the deceiver.

Vanish into thin air when still and sneaking!

Use your flee ability to spawn a copy of yourself and distract the enemy!

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Spy starts off with a Golden Sword. Going invisible takes ~2 seconds and makes you completely invisible, including armor and particles. Moving too far, breaking a block, using a bow, eating or otherwise will cause you to unvanish instantly. Enemies can also unvanish a spy by hitting them in any way or right-clicking. Using the Flee ability will spawn a clone of the user and grant that user invisibility, including making armour invisible, for 6 seconds. The clone will help distract enemies by punching them.


  • Complete invisibility when sneaking, including armor and particles.
  • Can move up to 3 blocks while vanished before becoming visible.
  • Useful for defense and invis rushing.
  • The Flee ability is nice for escaping fights.
  • The Flee ability also hides your armor.
  • Attacking an enemy from behind grants you +1 attack damage.


  • Almost all actions will cause you to unvanish.
  • Holding down the sneak key for extended periods of time.
  • It is sometimes very easy to notice if someone used the Flee ability.

Tips & Tactics

  • Hiding in your Nexus room is a good way to get the jump on any enemies that make it in.
  • Alternatively, hiding in the enemy Nexus room is a good way to keep an eye on their defenses. Hit and run tactics on the nexus are also good.
  • Maps that have a lot of enemies rushing you at mid is a good way to use this class, if a player comes into your base you can go into vanish and save your life.
  • If your team is getting rushed by full diamonds, golden apples, etc, you can use Spy to save your life after your nexus has died and you can't escape your base in time.
  • You can move around in a radius of about one block horizontally from your initial cloaking point. This can be useful if enemies are checking for your presence.
  • The class can be used to escape Icemans by jumping under their ice and vanishing. Most of the time, an Iceman will try to drown you and look down to watch you drown. Vanishing can very easily confuse the Iceman into thinking you have drowned and move on, thus allowing you to escape, assuming you don't end up actually drowning.

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