Slaughter Items

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Name Image Cost Damage Notes
Splintered Stick File:Wooden_sword.png Free 4 Granted when you spawn.
Trusty File:Stone_sword.png 10 Gold 5 None
Sharpened Sword File:Iron_sword.png 20 Gold 6 None
Gleaming Blade File:Diamond_sword.png 50 Gold 7 None
Forsaken Edge File:Netherite_sword.png 100 Gold 8 None


Name Image Cost Effect Notes
Tattered Armor File:Leather_chestplate.png 10 Gold +1 Damage reduction When bought, it discounts the player's next armor purchase by 10 gold.
Mail Armor File:Chain_chestplate.png 20 Gold +2 Damage reduction When bought, it discounts the player's next armor purchase by 20 gold.
Steel Armor File:Iron_chestplate.png 40 Gold +3 Damage reduction When bought, it discounts the player's next armor purchase by 40 gold.
Gleaming Armor File:Diamond_chestplate.png 100 Gold +4 Damage reduction When bought, it discounts the player's next armor purchase by 100 gold.
Otherworldly Armor File:Netherite_chestplate.png 200 Gold +5 Damage reduction, along with 40% knockback resistance None

Alternate Weapons

Name Image Cost Effect Cooldown Notes
Large Hammer File:Stone_axe.png 5 Gold Deals 3 damage in a 3 block radius. 1 second None
Skull Cracker File:Iron_axe.png 25 Gold Deals 8 damage in a 3 block radius. 3 seconds None
Skull Crusher File:Netherite_axe.png 80 Gold Deals 20 damage in a 5 block radius. 10 seconds None
Notched Bow Bow.png 20 Gold Deals 20 damage at full charge. Its arrows will pierce through mobs until they hit a block. No cooldown None
Blunderbuss Enchanted Bow HD.gif 50 Gold Deals 0-20 damage based on how far the impact point of the shot is from the mob. No cooldown None


Name Image Cost Effect Cooldown Notes
Void Tether File:Heart_of_the_sea.png 10 Gold Pulls all enemies in an 8 block radius into a singularity for 3 seconds. 10 seconds None
Wormhole Generator File:Conduit.png 20 Gold Creates an instant link between 2 points. 1 second Hold crouch to use
Good Point File:Trident.png 40 Gold When thrown, it stuns enemies for 4 seconds in a 3 block radius. Each mob hit has
the ability to diffuse the stun effect to 10 other mobs nearby.
12 seconds Deals no melee damage
Elixir of Turbulence File:Dragon_breath.png 50 Gold Player receives 2x damage and health, knockback resistance, and infinite sprint for 10 seconds. 30 seconds Once the boosts have run out, there is a 1/5 chance
to lose 1/10 of the player's health, speed, and damage permanately
Plasmic Shield File:Phantom_membrane.png 50 Gold When activated, the player becomes invincible for 3 hits. Each hit will grant 1/3 of a second of invincibility. 10 seconds None


Name Image Cost Notes
Fletched Arrow File:Arrow.png 2 Gold Stored in a dedicated inventory slot. Stacks to 64.
Bow costs 1 arrow per shot, while Blunderbuss costs 4 arrows per shot.
Weak Healing Draught File:Potion_Drink_Health.gif 2 Gold Instant health I potion, heals 2 hearts.
Healing Draught File:Potion_Drink_Health.gif 5 Gold Instant health II potion, heals 4 hearts.
Weak Swiftness Draught File:Potion_Drink_Swiftness 5 Gold Speed I potion, lasts 3 minutes.
Swiftness Draught File:Potion_Drink_Swiftness.gif 20 Gold Speed II potion, lasts 1 minute.
Restorative Draught File:Potion_Drink_Fire_Resistance.gif 8 Gold Regeneration III potion, lasts 10 seconds.
Sweet Nectar File:Honey_bottle.png 10 Gold Allows for infinite sprint, lasts 20 seconds.
Fruit of Fortitude File:Gold_apple.png 25 Gold +3 Damage resistance, lasts 10 seconds.
Molotov File:Blaze_rod.png 10 Gold When used, it will be thrown on the ground. All mobs within a 5 block radius of it will be set on fire for 10 seconds.
The Molotov will stay on the ground for 8 seconds.
Grenade File:Ender_pearl.png 15 Gold When used, it will be thrown in the air. Direct hits will result in 20 damage, but the farther
the grenade's impact point from the mob is, the less damage it will do.
Forbidden Knowledge Enchanted Book.gif 20 Gold Instantly clears all cooldowns inside the player's inventory.


Name Image Cost Notes
Cyrstalline Spikes File:Nether_quartz.png 30 Gold When a player is hit, all mobs within a 2 block radius will be harmed. The amount of damage dealt increases the higher tier of armor the player has.
Aspect of Cinder File:Blaze_powder.png 20 Gold Every enemy the player hits will be set on fire for 5 seconds
Blood Money File:Prismarine_crystals.png 50 Gold Every time the player hits an enemy, 1 gold is awarded to the players' "wallet." If the player gets hit, 25% of their wallet and gold
in their inventory will be removed. At the end of the wave, the player's wallet will be awarded.
Obsidian Shard File:Flint.png 78 Gold The player receives 1/2 health but deals double damage