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Getting Started

To begin your Slaughter game, move over to the Slaughter villager, right click him and choose the server. Alternatively, you can open your inventory and choose the gamemode through there.

To create a game, right click the emerald in your inventory. From here, you will have the option to join an existing game, create a new game, or manage your inventory settings. In the game creation menu, you can choose your difficulty and map. Once your settings have been chosen, you can start a map. During play, up to 7 other players can join for a total of 8 players.

If you choose to join an existing game, the left side of the Game Browser will show any joinable game. When hovering over a game, it will show information about who made it, what difficulty it is, the map, the wave and how many players are in said game.

Game Mechanics

This picture shows the default interface while playing Slaughter.


Before game creation, you can choose your difficulty. The current difficulties are Easy, Normal, and Hard.

  • Easy: Reduces enemy health and damage to 0.75x. Item ability cooldowns are reduced to 0.5x. All alive players are healed to full on wave completion.
  • Normal: Enemy health and damage is unchanged. Item ability cooldowns are unchanged. All alive players are healed by 3 hearts (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png) on wave completion.
  • Hard: Increases enemy health and damage to 1.5x. Item ability cooldowns are increased to 2x. No alive player receives any healing on wave completion.


When a wave starts, you will be shown how many mobs are left in the bossbar. When all mobs are defeated, the wave will end and the next will prepare to start. If you die, you will be placed in spectator mode until the wave is complete, or until everyone has died. If everyone in your lobby dies, you will all have failed and will be returned to the main lobby where you must start all over again.


Gold File:gold_nugget.png is the currency of Slaughter, which is extremely important. Upon a mob dying, the mob will drop 1 gold on the ground. The more gold you have, the more or better items you can buy. Upon death, all unspent gold you possess will be dropped on the ground, waiting for someone to pick them back up. If you stay in the game, on respawn, you will come back with the same items you died with. Just without any gold.


The health File:full_heart.png of your teammates and yours is shown on the scoreboard, on the right side of the screen alongside the amount of gold your teammates and you have. Your name will change color accordingly to the amount of HP you have left:

  • Green: 20 to 19 HP
  • Yellow: 18 to 13 HP
  • Orange: 12 to 7 HP
  • Red: 6 to 0 HP

Shotbow XP

Successfully completing a wave will net you some Shotbow XP. XP is based on the wave count, plus your 'score' at the end of each wave, multiplied by your rank multiplier.