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Getting Started

To begin your Slaughter game, move over to the Slaughter villager, right click him and choose the server. Alternatively, you can open your inventory and choose the gamemode through there.

When spawned in, you will instantly see a plethora of signs in front of you. To create a game, right click an empty sign and choose a map. If you wish to join an existing game, right-click a sign with information on it (information will be wave number, map, player count and mob count). If you want to see which players are in any of the existing games, left-click the sign and you will receive that game's player list in your chat log. After choosing your map, or choosing an existing game, you will spawn in with a countdown to the next wave and what wave it is (provided it is between waves).

Game Mechanics

This picture shows the default interface while playing Slaughter.


When a wave starts, you will be shown how many mobs are left above your hotbar. Killing mobs will reduce that number. Reduce it to zero and you will complete that wave. Die and you will be kicked back to the Slaughter Lobby. You are, however, able to have up to 7 other players in your game, meaning that everyone must die before the game ends. If you do end up dying, you must wait until the wave is successfully completed before you are able to rejoin. You will resurrect if the wave is completed successfully.


Gold Gold nugget.png is the currency of Slaughter, which is extremely important. Upon a mob dying, if a player is identified as getting the last hit required to kill a mob then they are directly credited the gold. If a mob is not killed by anyone then the mob will drop 1 gold on the spot. In order to pick up gold lying on the ground, you must have an extra slot open on your hotbar even though you have a dedicated gold slot. The more gold you have, the more or better items you can buy. Upon death, all unspent gold and all the equipment and items you posses will be dropped on the ground, waiting for someone to pick them back up. If you stay in the game, when you respawn upon a successful wave completion you will start with the same spawn loadout that you started with when you join: A single Wooden Sword (Splintered Stick).


The health Full heart.png of your teammates and yours is shown on the scoreboard, on the right side of the screen alongside the amount of gold your teammates and you have. Your name will change color accordingly to the amount of HP you have left:

  • Green: 20 to 19 HP
  • Yellow: 18 to 13 HP
  • Orange: 12 to 7 HP
  • Red: 6 to 0 HP

Shotbow XP

Successfully completing a wave will net you some Shotbow XP. XP is based on the wave count (currently it is 3 x Wave Count, so beating wave 13 will net you 39 XP multiplied by your multiplier). Dying will stop you from earning that wave's XP and joining a game with a low mob count will stop you from earning that wave's XP. This will continue up until the game's final wave, the 23rd wave. Upon completion, you will see a countdown to the 24th wave which is simply a congratulatory message before getting kicked back to the Slaughter Lobby in 10 seconds.