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You are the edge.

Use your hook to quickly reach allies by pulling yourself to them, or use it on enemies to pull the enemy to you.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Scorpio comes with a Stone Sword and a hook (Nether Star). Throw your star with right/left -click to throw it like a snowball, the star will last for 3 seconds and the cooldown between throws is also 3 seconds.

Left click will only activate on teammates, right click will only activate on enemies.

When hooked, an enemy will be dropped about 1/2 a block in front of you, facing away from you. A scorpio'd enemy will get 10 seconds of fall damage immunity and they cannot be pulled into a small space (causing suffocation damage). A small space is defined as having less than 3 vertical non-solid blocks directly in front of you.

After 3 successful hooks on enemies, the next hook will apply weakness for 2 seconds.

Alternatively, hooking a teammate will launch yourself toward that teammate, and grants you fall damage immunity for several seconds.


  • You can pull enemies you otherwise can't reach.
  • Hooking a teammate will launch you horizontally in their direction.


  • The fall damage immunity may let the enemy get away if you are near a high place (e.g. Canyon mid).
  • Scorpio can easily be beaten in the water with Acrobat or Archers.
  • Hooking teammates does not give you any vertical height.

Tips & Tactics

  • Hook archers out of their nests if you don't have a bow.
  • If enemies control mid, hook one that may hold diamonds.
  • Hook enemies that get close to the Nexus room away from it. Even if you die (strength rush maybe) setting the enemy back 10-20 blocks could get them killed easier.
  • Hook enemies and turn around quickly to further confuse them and have them face away from you.
  • Hooking a teammate is a great way to get a speed boost. Just be cautious around the void.
  • Use water as your advantage. Since players swim slowly in the water (except for Acrobat and Iceman) you can easily have a advantage.

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