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You can raise or lower your rank in public matches. If you look at the chat in SMASH you will notice that each player name has a number between brackets as a suffix. This number is their rank. Every player starts out with 1000 rank, or as it is mostly referred to, ELO. Winning public matches raises your ELO, and losing matches lowers it. The ELO rating system is a commonly used system to rank players.

Public Matches

To join a match, simply right-click on one of the two NPCs and click on a match. Alternatively, type /matchmaking to open the matchmaking menu, then click on a match. Only public matches will reward ELO. Party games will not reward ELO


When a public match is finished, the ELO difference for all players will be calculated. It will show everyone's new ELO and, between parentheses, how much they gained or lost. To calculate the final scores, the following formula is used to compare all players to each other: (5+((loser-winner)/25))

/elo (player) can be used to check the elo of any player, regardless of if they're in your lobby or not.

Click Here for the Calculation.

Click Here for the ELO Calculator.

ELO Colours

  • [1000] <Player>
  • [1101] <Player>
  • [1201] <Player>
  • [1301] <Player>
  • [1401] <Player>
  • [1501] <Player>
  • [1601] <Player>
  • [1701] <Player>

SMASH Leaderboards

The SMASH leaderboards show the top 20 players with the highest ELO. The leaderboards can be found here.

Every three months, the leaderboards will be reset, and a new season of SMASH begins, allowing everyone to compete for the top again. The first season of SMASH ended on October 15 2013. The second season ended on April 25 2014. The final season 1 and 2 scores have yet to be officially released by the developers but all season data has been kept.