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Below is a comprehensive list of Monsters the Monster Egg item can spawn in. These mobs can be target players, or be helpful to players.

Mob Name Effect
Charged Creeper Charged creepers work the same as in vanilla Minecraft. They will explode when a player gets too close and do massive damage to both the terrain and players. Will roam around the map following players until killed or exploded.
Enderman Endermen teleport to players and do 21 damage on contact. Will disappear after a few seconds.
Bee Bees will deal 34 damage and can poison players. Will disappear after a few seconds or damages a player.
Blaze Blazes shoot fireballs at players which sets them on fire. A single fireball does a total of 40 damage. The amount of damage can be reduced by jumping into water while burning. Will disappear after a few seconds.
Cave Spider Cave spiders deals 4 damage when they hit a player. Will disappear after a few seconds.
Ghast Ghasts will shoot fireballs at players. They do little damage, but high knockback. Will disappear after a few seconds.
Giant Giants will jump into the air, destroying all blocks in their path, dealing massive damage and knockback when landing. Will disappear after they've landed.
Iron Golem Iron Golems will chase players and hostile mobs. They can deal between 10%-25% damage. Will disappear after a few seconds.
Villager Villagers move around and, over the course of a few seconds, drop five items of varying rarity. Will disappear after a few seconds.

Holiday Mobs

These mobs are only available on special occasions.

Mob Name Holiday Effect
Polar Bear Christmas Polar Bear will go towards players and try to attack them.
Witch Halloween Witches will chase players and throw potions at them. Will disappear after a few seconds.
Spooky Villiger Halloween Spooky Villagers are Villagers that have a jack o'lantern on its head. They spawn 3 items then disappears, causing 3 explosions after a couple seconds.