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This map no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

They never saw it coming.
Players: 6
Spawnpoints: 6
Size: Medium
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 133 W 256 H 34

If you are good at doing parkour, this map is yours! FTL is a bit different than all the other maps, it takes some skill to maneuver to each island without falling into the void. Because of the height limit and style a lot of people differ in opinions about this map. If you have not played this map before, you should definitelly try it out soon! This map is based on the game "Faster Than Light" by Subset Games, it was created by Articulated and makes it one of the first community maps in SMASH.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • FTL is based on the strategy-game FTL by Subset Games. More information about the game can be found [[1]].
  • This is a community map created by Articulated.
  • Certain pressure plates on both ships activate the dispensers on the front side, unfortunately the dispensers are empty.
  • In the past it was possible to set the TNT on fire with a fire flower, this has since been disabled.
  • This map was introduced with the October 2013 update but got removed with the May 2014 update due to some serious lag problems.