SMASH Cathedral

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This map no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

Players: 12
Spawnpoints: 12
Size: Extra Large
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 121 W 121 H 90

Cathedral is the largest map available in SMASH, it can hold up to 12 people. Battles can be very thrilling while fighting against 11 other players, it really is an experience to witness. These battles often last very long when fought inside. If the time is right, try to lure other players outside which makes it easy to SMASH or throw them into the void. Cathedral also belongs to the first community created maps, it took at least 4 people to create it.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • Try to throw your opponents through the glass into the void.
  • The upper area inside the tower is a good rest spot, items will spawn there.


  • Cathedral is one of the biggest maps in SMASH.
  • This was a community map created by cujo69, EarDoll, Cards1126 and ace5000.