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SMASH is inspired by Sethbling's Super SMASH Brother's redstone map, SMASH brings the unique and exciting gameplay of Super SMASH Brothers into the world of Minecraft. The goal in SMASH is to hit and knock down all players from the map and be the last person standing.

Double jump, use a special SMASH attack, wield a variety of deadly weapons, and destroy the map with crazy explosives or by smashing your opponents through walls. But beware, even though custom items and special abilities will spawn around the map to aid you in battle, it won't be easy to survive.

SMASH also features a full ranking and matchmaking system, allowing you to climb a competitive ladder and boast about your hard-earned rank.

Informational Pages
Getting Started
New to SMASH? Check out the tutorial here.
Information about the various items obtainable in SMASH and their functions.
Ranked Matches
Learn everything about Ranked Matches and your ELO!
Want to know everything about each map? It can be found here.
Fancy up your SMASH gameplay? Read everything about Perks here.