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Rifts is a map added to the Annihilation map rotation in December 2017.

The map is a woodland with spruce trees and water rivers. The base is a small building with the Nexus placed 2 floors underground, there's also a melon farm along with some hay bales for wheat and also two towers connected to the nexus building.

After going to the right of your base and leaving it, follow the wooden path then you'll go past a small stone hut which is the iron mine, in front of it is the coal mine which is made by some coal ores on the surface.

If you're looking for redstone, keep following the wooden path, past the bridge, you'll see a high stone hill with a deep pit, this is where you'll find redstone and to get gold you need to walk a few steps towards mid. Gold mine has it's own island near mid with gold ores exposed on the surface.

Emerald mines are located between every two bases, there are four in total, to get to one of them simply go either ways until you see a very large quarry with minecarts and rails, this quarry also has some iron and coal ores that you can mine along with emeralds.

The diamond mine, or mid, has four bridges that connect to each other, with a cavity underneath. There are diamonds on the bridges and in the mine under them. In mid you can also find lapis, to find it, you need to take the stairs down into a small shaft where you can find a few ores of lapis lazuli.