Past Water Spire

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Overview of Past Water Spire

Past Water Spire is a post-Paluster Shrine dungeon which is required to further the Sealing Stone quest. You can enter this location from Water Spire if you have Pluvia's Seal in your inventory.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (-2630, -3190)
Difficulty: 1.4/10
Number of Chests: 0
Dungeon Type: Tier 1
Zombie Content: None
Parkour Content: Very Low
Puzzle/Trap Content: Very Low
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: Pluvia's Seal

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting table.png Crafting Table
Farm.png Farm
Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 1
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items
Sealing Stone
Agnis seal.png Agni's Seal
Pluvias seal.png Pluvia's Seal
Simoons seal.png Simoon's Seal
Therums seal.png Therum's Seal
Enchanted Regular Book.gif Sealing Tome
Origin Stone.png Origin Stone

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Seal of Entropy Enchanted Regular Book.gif Creates a circle around the user when right clicked which causes all players except the user to move unpredictably while within the circle. Breaks after use.

Text Walkthrough

Entrance (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • When a player approaches Fire Spire with Agni's Seal, they will receive a message in chat to signal that the dungeon can be accessed. A pillar of flame particles will appear at the center of the bottom floor of the Spire.
  • In order to enter the dungeon, all players must stand close to the particles and the player carrying Agni's Seal must hold it in their hand slot. This will teleport all nearby players back in time.

Ground Floor (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • Once you have arrived in the past, head into the center of the Spire and stand on the elevator platform. Wait for the mages inside to place five smooth stone slabs on the elevator platform.
  • The elevator will eventually begin to rise up to the top floor of the Spire. You will need to jump to a ladder from the platform before it lowers back to the ground floor.

Top Floor (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • When your whole group has reached the top floor, head east and walk up the wooden stairs to meet with the Fire Sage Ambersol. Listen to his dialogue.
  • When the purple particles appear on his desk, throw Agni's Seal into the particles and Ambersol will continue his dialogue.
  • Right click with an empty hand to pick up Agni's Seal and the Seal of Entropy when he lays them on the table.
  • Once you have picked up both and Ambersol finishes his dialogue, you will be teleported back to the present day.
  • Congratulationsǃ

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Despite the fact that there is water surrounding the island, there are barrier blocks preventing you from getting a water refill here. Make sure to fill your water up before entering the dungeon.
  • Waiting for the elevator to stop moving when it reaches the top will maximise your chances of a successful jump to the ladder.
  • Do not worry about falling if you fail the ladder jump as you cannot take fall damage within the dungeon instance.
  • Do not spam right click when attempting to pick up the Seal of Entropy as you may use it by accident.
  • When you pick up Agni's Seal the bottom line of its lore will have changed from "It radiates a strong elemental aura..." to "It seems to have expended some of its power...", indicating that you cannot use the same Agni's Seal to enter Fire Spire Past again.


  • Past Fire Spire, like the name suggests, takes place in the past before the zombie plague started and when the humans were still constructing the Spires to seal away the gods.
  • This dungeon was initially teased in the forum post "MineZ Origins - Weekly Update #2" posted by halowars91 all the way back in 2017, before the Fire Spire rebuild was conceived.
  • The music played when you travel back in time is a note block cover of the Song of Time from the game Legends of Zeldaː Ocarina of Time.
    • A distorted version of this song plays when you return to the present after completing the dungeon.
  • The "cold, ominous presence" referenced as you return to the present day is most likely Dentril, the MineZ god of darkness.


Lore Dialogue

  • The following is broadcast to the player carrying Agni's Seal when they approach Fire Spire.
The seal you carry begins to tremble as you venture closer to the Spire...

  • The following is broadcast in local chat as you begin to travel back in time.
The veil of time begins to fold in on itself as images of the past begin to emerge.

  • The following is the dialogue spoken by Ambersol when you reach his desk at the top of Fire Spire Past.
???ː My gods...

???ː I only hope we can find a way to get back on track soon, we're so far behind...
???ː What now?
???ː Can't you see I'm working? Unless it's urgent, please be on your way.

???ː That certainly changes things...
???ː If I'd known I was in the presence of the Seal Bearer, things may have been a little different.
???ː Please excuse my impatience, I am a little stretched thin right now.
???ː I am Umbra Ambersol, I maintain the progress of the Fire Seal.
Ambersolː That is, I did until our supplies started to dwindle in recent weeks...
Ambersolː There's word of a recent drought in the north that may be the cause of it.
Ambersolː It's not unusual that the plains go through tougher weather conditions, but this incident sounds like a show of power by the gods themselves.
Ambersolː It only strengthens our need for the completion of the Seals.
Ambersolː I can share with you some of the knowledge we've collected on Agni, and what their powers hold.
Ambersolː Agni's power overlaps with probability and fate.
Ambersolː Their duality is a reflection of the control they hold over order and discord...
Ambersolː ...existing in a state where both sides can exist as equals.
Ambersolː In this tome you will find it possible to connect into this power.
Ambersolː You can access a superstate where you simultaneously exist and do not.
Ambersolː It's entirely possible to come into contact with places that blend into our world.
Ambersolː Realities that reflect the one we know, mirroring our own.
Ambersolː Now, you should be aware that this state has had some...
Ambersolː ...undesirable outcomes.
Ambersolː Tampering with existence as if it were your plaything has proved to be... fatal.
Ambersolː Now, please excuse me, I really must go back to planning...
Ambersolː Sealing a god away is a bit of a difficult task.

  • The following is broadcast in local chat as you return to the present.
The images of the past begin to collapse around you, as time and space fall together once again.

As you fall through this rift, you feel a cold, ominous presence lurking in the corner of your vision.

The way is clear...